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Looking for 5K in Malaga, Oct 7, 2017 
I am looking for a 5k race in, or very near, Malaga, Spain, on Saturday, October 7, 2017. Can anyone point me to a race, please? Thank you! …

Babysitter needed in Puerto Banus 
Hello, We are a Danish family spending 4 weeks in September-October in Puerto Banus. We are looking for a nanny who could take care of our 8month …

WANTED: Baby sitter - Puerto Banus 
Hello. I am looking for a baby sitter for daytime and sometimes night time. Children aged 5 and 7. Well behaved and calm kids. Any specific needs …

Where to find used baby bed and car seat please 
Where can I find a second hand bed and car seat in Marbella?

QUESTION: flamenco dancers at private villa 
Does anyone know where to hire flamenco dancers for a party? We are staying in a villa in Marbella next month. Family of 12 celebrating a 50th anniversary. …

I need a photographer as soon as possible. I need someone to take picture of a house from only the outside and some atmosphere pictures from the area and …

QUESTION: Motocross  
I'm looking for a motocross company for my 7 year old. He is desperate to drive a motorbike. Preferably within up to 30 minutes drive from Nueva …

QUESTION: Where can I buy English milk or butter in Marbella? 
Hi there. Does anywhere in Nueva Andalucía sell English Cows Milk and English butter? Bringing my daughter in May but she has very specific and serious …

QUESTION: Do you have a freezer for hire? 
looking to rent a freezer for a few weeks in august - in los flamingos club area. mark@hillmar.biz

QUESTION: Business ideas for Marbella? 
What sort of businesses do well in Marbella apart from cocktail bars and nightclubs? As I am looking at opening a business in Marbella preferably located …

Looking for package holiday  
Hello, I am looking for package holidays which would include the Estepona Equestrian Centre and nearby hotels(for example, Atalaya Park). I plan to …

Film times & listings 
When are you going to update this listing. Still showing in December!

What is product manufacturer name of this product? 
Hello, Can you let me know where can I buy this magnetic portable set with 2 discs ? What is product and manufacturer name? Thank you in advance …

Is STAR WARS playing in English in Fuengirola? 
The Cinesur Miramar in Fuengirola gives no indication that the films are in English. Indeed the trailers are in Spanish, please can you confirm if or not …

Ice Rink in Puerto Banus 
Hi:) I wonder if it will be an ice rink in Puerto Banus this December, like last year?

Times on Films. 
The times shown on this weeks viewings {CHILDRENS FILMS} are they the same times on Saturday 21st November?

The Sixth Annual International Folkloric Festival of Marbella Europealia 2016 
What date will the festival 2016 take Place? Are you interested in folklore Groups (musicians and dancers) from Gotehburg, Sweden? Best regards …

Where will the new Star Wars movie be playing in Marbella? 
Wondering if anyone knows if any of the movie theaters in Malaga region will be showing the new Star Wars movie when it is released in English? We will …

Unwanted furniture available  
We have recently purchased a furnished apartment in the Marbella area. There are a few large pieces of furniture that we would like to dispose of ie 2 …

How to answer comments on my post? 
Dear MarbellaFamilyFun.com, i would like to answer comments on my post for a job on your portal. I want to contact to see if the comments are serious. …

WANTED: Freezer hire in Marbella 
Hi - we are self catering in Puerto Duquesa for 18 days this August and would like to hire a freezer. Do you know anyone that could rent us a freezer …

Mercados de Abastos MERCADO CENTRAL 
Hello, i try to find some information about this market. Where is this market? Is it open every day? Thank you! Martina

Work situation 
Hello, I've been transferred with my job to Marbella and I start in September. I'm an English teacher (native) who can also speak Russian due to …

WANTED: Nanny for a 2 week holiday in Marbella - Special Needs 
Special needs nanny wanted for our 2 week holiday from the 14th-28th August 2015. We are staying in Marbella and have a spare bed should you wish to stay …

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Spanish Au Pair 
Hi, I am looking for some local au pair help for 7 weeks in the summer, based in San Pedro. I was wondering if anyone knew of an agency or company …

Half Marathon 2015 
The date of the 30th Marbella half marathon is urgently needed in order to book the flights and the hotels at the rignt prices. Could you release it …

How do I cancel receiving information from you?

Emergency phone number in Spain? 
Can the three digit emergency phone numbers be dialed from a non-Spanish phone, using the 34 prefix, for example + 34 112?

Removing an advert from 3yrs ago 
I advertised asking for some school uniform 3 years ago, & would like to remove it as now I have placed an advert selling all my sons school uniform. …

Marbella Half Marathon 2015 
Will there be a half-marathon in Marbella in September 2015?

Interested in Italian cooking classes in English in Mijas? 
Hello everyone. I would like to know from you if you think that giving Italian cookery classes in the Mijas area, could be successfull? I am not …

Schedule of events for Easter? 
Just wondering where I can access times of easter processions for both San Pedro and Marbella.

When will 50 Shades of Grey be showing in English?  
Please can you tell me which cinema will be playing this film in English thanks.

Seeking: Basketball Camp Summer 2015 
I am looking for summer. 2015 basketball camp for my nine year old son parents will accompany and will need lodging. Do you have program? Looking for …

Curso de fútbol para niños 
Me gustaria saber si hay cursillo de fútbol en Marbella, Nueva Andalucia o San Pedro para un niño de 10 anos, desde ya hasta el final de Feb 2015.

Heated Swimming Pools in Marbella 
Please can anybody tell us if there is a public heated pool that will be open in April. Preferably San Pedro area but near Marbella or Estepona would also …

Community service opportunities during Easter break? 
My 17 year old son needs to do community service for his International Baccalaureate diploma and would love to do it in the Mijas Costa area where he could …

Romanians in Marbella? 
I am intrested on contacting Romanian people living in Marbella. I want to know an opinion on how they feel there and how they got there. My husband …

Where is the nearest Repsol Depot to buy a gas bottle for a patio heater? I live near Puerto Banus.  
I'm failing to find an address for the depot from the Repsol website. The relevant page is always unavaiable. Thank you in anticipation. Best …

Three Kings San Pedro De Alcantara 
Does anybody know the time table for the "Kings" procession on 5th Jan 2015 in San Pedro de Alcantara. Where it starts, the route and the times. Thank …

Muscovado sugar 
Does anyone know where I can buy light and dark muscovado sugar and also while we are on the subject Dummerera in Marbella or Estepona area please

Activities for 2 kids 2yrs and 5yrs from 25th October Marbella/Puerto Banus area... 
Just wondering if anyone can give me some activities that our daughters 2yrs and 5yrs can do? Specifically the 5yr old as we have been here for the last …

half marathon 2015 
good afternoon plesae advise date for the 30th marbella half marathon to enable our group to book flights in advanced best regards craig email adress …

Heelys stockist on Costa del Sol 
Have been to the one in La Canada but does not have size, anywhere else?

Is the San Pedro market open this Thursday the 23 October?  
As there was a fair on last week is it now back on.

International Carol Concert Marbella 
Please can you give me the date and time of the International Carol Concert, in the church at the back of Orange Square?

Where can you buy DVDs and box sets in Marbella?

Am looking for an English speaking upholsterer  
For an occasional job for my small business. Traditional skills needed. I have trained but am a bit rusty! If anyone would like to give me some lessons …

What English films are showing where on thurs 11 sept 2014? 
Hi, just looking at English film showings for today and there aren't many.. Has this been updated or are there just not many showings today for some reason? …

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Anyone heard of Herb Walks or Foraging Tours in Marbella? 
Would love to learn about wild edible and medicinal plants in the area.

Any advice on Yoga studios? 
I am looking to practice yoga but would like somewhere that has plenty of different times on offer. A hot yoga studio would be fantastic!

Looking to buy used Kayaks and Paddle Boards 
I'm looking to buy a used, sit-on-top, sea kayak and paddle board after the summer is over. If you're interested in selling yours, let me know. Robert …

Does anyone know of any Antiques Dealer in Marbella? 
I would like to sell my Ivory coast engraved elephant tusks dating from the 1950's when my parents lived there ...and therefore I'd like to know if anyone …

Ballroom dancing 
Is there anywhere on the costa del sol where we can indulge in ballroom dancing Nancy nancyholdsworth@aol.com

Can I wear leggings and a t shirt in aquapark mijas 
I am Muslim and want to wear leggings and t shirt in the aquapark

Any supermarkets selling ready-made tapas dishes? 
We have been to the Estepona / Casares area a few times now and always shop in the big Carrefour. Although even Tesco in the UK now has a range of ready-made …

October family fun? 
We are going to marbella in October...specifically 20 October week. I have 3 kids ages 12,9, and 4. They like to be actives and to do things. What …

Q & A: Day trip to Ronda 
I'd like to visit Ronda. Is Marbella the best home base to do so or is there a better option? I'll be using Public Transportation so some idea about …

Costs of buying & selling a property in Marbella 
Hi, we currently own a property in Marbella and are just wondering what are the typical selling and buying costs relating to a property in Marbella - by …

Fees for moving 6 month old car to Spain 
Could someone please share with me what type of taxes and fees to expect if I move my Mercedez to Malaga. Is it less expensive to long term lease for …

Seeking cleaner / childcare help in August 
We will be staying in Marbella for 4 weeks in August and are looking for an English speaking home help to come and do cleaning, ironing etc for about 10 …

Petting zoos or farms 
I'm looking for an open farm to take my 4 year old daughter to. Bunnies, sheep, goats, pony rides, that sort of thing? We're in Marbella Centre but don't …

Kengan water machine 
Kengan water or similar machine. Where can I find a supplier ?

Photo's for a new passport 
Can anybody give me a adress in Marbella or Elviria where I can let make photo's for a passport? Thanks

Swimming lessons 
Please can you tell me a private swimming instructor for my grandson aged 5 for August., in Marbella .

Best beach in tarifa 
Can anybody recommend a great beach in Tarifa, I'm not going for surfing just to sunbath.

Flamenco show 
Hi my parents are coming on holiday and they would like to go and see a flamenco show with dinner. Can anybody recommend a really good one in Marbella …

Salsa Classes in Nueva Andalucia/Banus 
Hi i wonder if anybody can recommend salsa classes for beginners in nueva andalucia area??

Private Flamenco Class 
Hello, Looking for a private flamenco teacher for my 2 daughters. Any advice? Thanks, Alex

American supermarket 
Is there a supermarket in or near Marbella which sells American products such as whole wheat eggo waffles and muffins ? Geetasiersma@mac.com

Dolphin Experience at Selwo Marina 
Hi, Is the Dolphin Experience at Selwo Marina still available. I'm planning to go with my family there next month and wanted to know if we can go swimming …

Sport Nutrition in Marbella 
I need Protein and some Vitamins. Where can I buy Sport Nutrition with the best price in Marbella near Puerto Banus? DATE: 2014

Sugar-free Coffee Shops, Bakeries 
What are the best coffee shops, bakeries that offer sugar free desserts to take diabetic children?

Summer Camp 
Hi, I'm looking for a summer camp (preferably non-residential, but we will consider residential) for 1-2 girls aged 10 and 11. They are English and we'd …

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Looking for a Good Summer Spanish Language Course or Day Camp for Kids Ages 13, 11 and 9 in Marbella 
I want my kids to learn Spanish in a day camp or language course in Spain in August.

Hello! Has anyone had LASIK done here in Marbella?? Any recommendations on a good place to go? Thanks in advance!

Looking for a gym partner! 
I'm going to glow fitness and wellness in Puerto Banus, and I wonder if any women would like to start training with me in the mornings, maybe take some …

Swimming Lessons for 3 & 5 Year Olds 
Hi there, We'll be staying at Las Canas Beach from 27th June for 10 days. I saw Prince teach kids there some years back & wanted to book some private …

Does anyone know how much it costs to maintain a natural grass lawn over the winter?  
I want to get an idea what people spend on maintaining a natural grass lawn in Spain whilst properties are vacant during the winter months? I would …

Bus schedule 
Can you advise which bus to take from Marbella to the train station in Malaga to meet the train arriving from Madrid. What is the round trip fare, and …

live-in housekeeper 
I am looking for a live-in housekeeper. Where can I find this kind of job ads?

Elveria, Marbella 2014 Children's Summer Day Camps 
Please recommend children's (aged 3-9) sports/activities/spanish language day camps (from 14 July -1 August 2014) within walking distance of Don Carlos …

Flamenco Classes for a Group of visitors 
Hi , we are in Marbella for a week in July (4th-11th) with 10 adults and 9 kids (7-12 years) and we were wondering where we can take a flamenco group …

walking distance 
Can you walk from Puerto Banus to the Coral Beach?

House cleaner in Marbella (Nagueles) 
Hi We are a young family looking for a house cleaner to come once a week to help for 2/3 hours. The main things we are looking for help with are the …

One week tour guide 
Can you suggest a tour guide please. We are there for 10 days 22 July and have family between 8 and 17. We need ideas to help to entertain them. They …

When do the waterparks open for the season?

to swim with the dolphins 
hello. my son is ten years old, and his biggest dream is to swim With the dolphins. is this possible at selwo marina? and must we book a day and time in …

Is La Canada Open On Easter Monday? 
Is La Canada open on Easter Monday? rosemarylyons21@gmail.com

Is There An Easter Egg Hunt This Year??? 
is there an easter hunt this year???

Easter Procession Schedule on Good Friday in Marbella 
Can you advise me if there is an Easter procession in Marbella on Good Friday April 18th. As I am a visitor at that time.

Mobile Cocktail Maker Wanted 
Hi Do you know of any mobile cocktails makers who will visit a villa for a hen party? We already have the details of Christian but he is booked. …

Waggies Mobile Dog Grooming Wants To Move To Marbella Area 
Hello to you all. I have not been to Spain for over 20 years as always done the Egypt thing and everywhere else us Brits go. I am thinking about …

Music lessons for adults in Marbella or Estepona? 
I have recently moved to Spain and am also hoping to begin learning an instrument. I haven't played anything since I was about 12, so am pretty much a …

Soccer Camp in Aug 1 - Aug 14 2014 
We will be visiting Marbella from Aug 1st-14th. My son is 15 years old and would like to join a soccer camp. May I know the fees per week, timings, how …

Hello - I am coming out to Marbella at Easter and wondered if there were any Zumba classes?

Where to by Orijen, Acana or Nature Diet puppy food?  
I'm looking for quality food for my pup, but can't find it anywhere, only online from other parts of Europe where its very expensive. Right now I'm feeding …

Travel Agents in Marbella 
Hi do you know of a trave agents in Marbella? We want to take the kids to Disney LA. Not having much luck with flights etc online. edna.carson@hotmail.co.uk …

Are there any other electricity companies other than Endesa? 
Over the past few years my electricity bills have been going up and up, it would appear every month my bill is more than the previous month. We live in …

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Language course 
I'm interested in learning spanish in Marbella this summer. Can you recommend me some schools? I did some research and found Spanish language center. Any …

San Bernabe Festival 2014 
Do you know what the details are for this year's San Bernabe festival as I'd like to arrange my visit to coincide? I know the feast day is June 11 and …

Semana Blanca 2015 
Hola a tod@s, We realize it's early days yet, but we are planning a trip away during Semana Blanca 2015. Can anybody confirm the school holidays in and …

Laundry service in Marbella 
Is there laundry services or self serve laundries in Marbella ? If so what is the cost

what to do for a birthday 7 year old girl 
my daughter is 7 next 13 March and I dont know what to do except the Kids Kingdom and Galaxy Playcentre which is affordable to bring 10 kids, any ideas? …

Fiat garage in the Marbella area 
Please could you let me know of a Fiat service centre in the Marbella area

Looking for Acupuncturist 
Hello! Can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist here in Marbella?? Thank you in advance :)

Baby car seat for 1 year+ baby 
I am looking for second hand or place I can buy new car seat cheaply for my grandchildren 1year and older. Since it is just for vacation that they are …

My pup wants to meet other puppies 
I have a 4 month old puppy and my dog trainer wants us to go and spend time whit other pups and grown up dogs, I wonder if its some dog community or where …

Ice skating classes in Benalmadena 
I really want to start an ice skating class, the nearest ice rink to me is the one in benelmadena. Do you know if they have weekly classes for children, …

summer camp 
Dear Sirs, Im looking for a 3 week long summer camp for my 16 year old daughter in Marbella, where she can learn in English language. I found summer …

international schools help dyslexia - primary level 
we moved to Spain in august and enrolled our children in an international school. one of our children who is in year 5 has dyslexia and we were promised …

Mahjong on Facebook 
Hello, When I went on Google, I ended up on your site, so I'm totally new to it, and it surprised me with how many topics you cover! I'm seeking …

Schools in Las Chapas 
Hi We just moved from Germany to Marbesa and are looking for a school for our daughter. Back in DE she went to Kindergarten, but i heard that she must …

Looking for Jacuzzi/Spa Movers 
Hello, anyone know anybody legal and insured to move a hot tub? Must have a crane as it is on 3rd floor balcony. Thanks!

Pool cleaner in Marbella 
We have recently moved to the Marbella area. Can anybody recommend a reliable pool cleaner. Thanks

English speaking exercise classes Marbella? 
Hello, We are new to the area and currently living in Santa Clara (behind the hospital in Marbella) I have found a local Pilates class at the Royal …

Zoco del sol puerto banus 
Can anyone tell me if the Zoco del sol stalls in Puerto Banus square are open during February. Thanks in anticipation to gift.boxuk@yahoo.co.uk

U.S.passport renewal 
pleasd can you tell me how to renew a childs U.S. passport..without leaving Marbella?......she is 10 yrs old ...many thanks.

5 aside football 
I've just moved into the area, and i wondered if there are any friendly 5 aside football games going on? I would like to play primarily to keep fit, surely …

Classic car event 2014 
Do you know whether there will be a classic car event in Puerto Banus in 2014. We are thinking of staying in June this year and were hoping that the event …

We are looking for English speaking cleaner  
Hi, I am looking for one more cleaning lady to help out with rental change overs. It is five bed, five bathroom villa, sheets and towels have to be changed …

Fresh goat and sheep milk in Marbella 
Hi All! Does anyone know where to get FRESH Goat or Sheep's milk here... Tried few health stores and they can't even order it!!.. Seems crazy with …

Dog-walking person in Marbella area 
Hello! Can anyone advise any trust dog-walking person in Marbella area? We need him/her just for few days, when we are out. Thank you!

Bars open in old Marbella town on New Years Eve ? 
We would love to see in the New Year in the old town area of Marbella but many of the web sites I have visited (inc Trip Advisor) indicate that many of …

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Feeding fussy children 
I know it goes against the grain in every way. But can I buy fish fingers or chicken dippers (or similar) in Spain? I have a ridiculously fussy 4 year …

100% Human Hair Extensions?? 
Hello! Does anyone know of a shop here on the coast that specializes in hair extensions? A supplier for hairdressers?? Thanks in advance!

what natural attractions are there in marbella 
i was just wondering what natural attractions there is in marbella which are not man made. thankyou

Live-in Au Pair or Nanny 
Hello, We are a family with 2 young girls aged 5 and 6. We live between Casablanca, Marrakech and Marbella and are looking for a live-in nanny or au …

English air condition service 
Does anybody know a good English speaking air con guy that could come and look at my house! I feel I'm being taken advantage of with the man who has been …

Looking for Personal Trainers 
The Mission Personal Training Studios (London) is opening a new studio in the Marbella area in January 2014. We are looking for experienced, degree-level …

Sign Writing for Shop 
Can anyone recommend a sign writer to paint the name on the exterior of our new shop?

Christmas Is Approaching ! I need some help...  
Hi Marbella Family Fun, I have a couple of questions: 1) I am looking for entertainment on for December 26th for 1hr eg, Solo Guitarist 2) Someone …

Second hand household goods in Costa del sol?  
I have just moved to Ronda with my family, and don't want to buy everything new, but maintaining household in UK so need quite a bit of stuff here now, …

I have some white gold and silver jewelery that has either a broken lock or other minor things that need repairing. Where do I find a jeweler in Estepona? …

We have been refurbishing our new home, and it is time for the curtains to be sorted. I'm not keen on Ikea or Leory Merlyn for the project, yet the budget …

expat social clubs/events in puerto banus / san pedro area 
hi my father has recently moved to puerto banus / san pedro area, a young 67 year old, he is looking to meet english or other expats in the area, does …

English speaking travel agent  
Hi I live in puerto Banus and would like to find an English speaking travel agent . I would like to arrange a ski holiday for me and my daughter in Sierra …

40k+ cycling routes along the costa for 6 men in lycra 
We are looking for 3 or 4 cycling routes with Marbella/San Pedro as a base. The routes need to be at least 40km, do-able in a day each and preferably not …

Spanish language camp Summer 2014 
Hi, i am looking for a summer day camp for one or two weeks in the marbella / puerto banus area for a 10 and 13 year old boys to improve and use their …

Spanish speaking nanny 
Hello, We are looking for a Spanish-speaking nanny in Marbella for July and August 2014. She can be either live-in, or not, depending of what she …

Marbella gynecologist 
Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a good gynecologist in the Marbella/San Pedro area. English or Spanish speaking. Thank you.

Fully qualified upholsterer 
I have two "DURESTA" sofas which need to be completely reupholstered, including new seat and back cushions and new castors. In England they have a …

Looking for a second-hand family car 
I am looking for a second-hand family car. 5-door, wagon or small SUV. If anyone has something to offer, please let me know. ...Robert

Costa del Sol birth experiences 
Wondering if anyone can share any birth experiences at the Costa del Sol Hospital or USP (now Quiron) or St Bernards in Gibraltar. I am needing help deciding …

Clay Pigeon Shooting near Marbella 
Hello We are looking for Clay Pigeon Shooting Grounds around the Marbella area. We went to the Country Club in Monda but this has sadly closed down …

play equipment 
I am looking to install some childrens play equipment, slide, swings, climbing frame etc, in our urbanisation...Can you tell me where I could find out …

Hagus in Marbella 
Hello Marbella Famliy Fun, Wondering if anyone knows if I can buy HAGUS in Iceland ? Or if someone knows where I can buy it. Thank you

Flamenco shows 
Can you recommend a restaurant with flamenco shows in the Estepona or San Pedro area?

Architect and works 
Hello, looking for an architect and company to do some work in our apartment (addition of an extra bedroom and bathroom) in San Pedro. Any suggestions?? …

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Breakfast in Marbella 
My girlfriend and I are visiting Marbella in the last week of August. We are hoping to get some advice and suggestions on place to have good breakfast …

A home for Junior ? 
Junior, a 3 years-old Labrador is looking for a home. He is neutered and very kind to people. Due to the fact that we are living in an apartment and do …

Childcare Assistant 
Hello there, My names Maxine, im 21 years old and i am currently looking for work as a teachers assistant/Nanny/Tutoring etc.. i have over 5 years …

Want private Spanish lesson at home!! 
I will spend my holiday at Villa Padierna/ los flamingos from 10th sept. -21st.sept. I am looking for a qualified Spanish teacher who will visit us …

Moving away - Family cat needs good home 
Due to my son starting university in the UK we need to find a good home for our wonderful cat. We are certain the trauma of moving back would be too stressful. …

Lobster in Marbella 
We are staying in San Pedro in September where is the best place to have Lobster/ we always went to Robertos Puento Romano but so very sadly it has closed …

Pilates studios Marbella 
hello i am looking for pilates studio in marbella. could you please help thanks

Fish Factory 
Does anybody have the mobile number of the guy that used to have the Fish Factory in Cancelada as he is mobile but closed his shop?

Boot Camps in Marbella 
Has anyone any advice on day long boot camps running in Marbella or the surroudning area in August. I've seen a lot of reference to ones running on the …

Korean BBQ 
Hello! Does anyone out there know if there is a Korean BBQ Restaurant here on the coast?? Thanks in advance!

wrapping and packaging materials required 
I am looking for wrapping and packaging materials for a household move. Does anyone know where I can buy them at a reasonable price. I live in Marbella …

Drinking Water 
Is it ok to drink tap water in Marbella?? Do most people drink bottled water here?? Thanks

Best parking spots in Puerto Banus 
Can you please recommend reasonably priced parking spots in Puerto Banus?? Thanks Holly

Backpacks for School 
Hi there, I am looking to buy backpacks or school bags for my kids age 8 & 10 years. We are traveling here for couple of weeks, can you please recommend …

Double bed offered 
Hi, I just Marbella área and after organizing my new home, some of the furnitures do not fit. So I decided to sell them. Do you know someone interested …

takeaway boxes 
Where can I buy chicken takeaway boxes in Southern Spain

Family evenings in Puerto Banus 
This is the 2nd time we have been to Puerto Banus. The first time we found a nice bar to visit after eating out which was enjoyable to both us and the …

changing plates on car 
Have an english car with french plates, expired insurance and MOT as it has been garaged for a year. How to change to spanish plates

Russian, Polish and Ukrainian food shop 
is there any Polish, Russian or Ukrainian food shops in Alicante, La Zenia or Torrevieja Spain?

Wooden sandbox and playhouse 
Does anyone know where to find a wooden sandbox and perhaps a nice little playhouse also in wood?

Need english-speaking teen or young woman 
Hi! I need an english speaking teen or young lady to play and read, do activities around the house in english (no need to take her anywhere). it would …

Marbella Gym - open on Sundays? 
Hello - we are looking for a gym open on Sundays around Marbella/Estepona?

Marbella judo clubs 
We are looking for different judo clubs in the Marbella/San Pedro area. Do you have any information? Preferably a Spanish Club. We did find Club Judo …

Open Air Cinema in La Cala 
Apparently there used to an Open Air Cinema, in La Cala called Cine Las Palmeras. (I think?) Could anyone tell me a little bit more about the cinema …

Country Clubs in Marbella 
Hi, We'll be in Marbella with our two kids (4 and 8 years old) for the whole of June and July. We are looking to join a Country Club to have a place …

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Tai Chi classes 
Hi there, does anyone know where there are Tai Chi classes for adults Estepona - Marbella area. Many thanks

Profesional Cleaner 
Hello! We are looking for a part time professional cleaner to help us out at our B&B. We would love if someone came recommended to us as we need …

Playground for toddlers 
Hello, we will be in Marbella for a week in September and we are looking for parks with playground near the city center where to take the kids. I heard …

Ingredients for Asian food 
Does anyone know where I can find fresh herbs like cilantro and basil for cooking Vietnamese and Thai food? Have found an Asian grocery store in Marbella …

Artists Easel Wanted 
I am urgently looking for an artists easel. I need a wooden, sturdy, full sized easel. It can be previously used but needs to be in reasonable condition. …

Where to buy a barbeque in Marbella 
Hi I wish to buy a gas barbeque for my brother in law as a thankyou for letting us use his newly aquired flat. Can anyone please recommend somewhere …

Greek restaurant Marbella 
Anyone know a good Greek Restaurant that is reasonably priced? (In the San Pedro, Marbella area?)

Shirt printer 
Can anyone recommend a good shirt printer?

Saxophonist Costa del Sol 
Looking for a saxophonist or band to play at a wedding in Marbella in June. Got recommendations?

kitten wanted 
Hi, it's my daughters birthday at the end of may and she would like a kitten, does anyone know of any that are available? thanks

Horse Riding Benahavis 
Can anyone recommend a horse riding stable that does trekking around Benahavis? Thank you!

Spanish nursery or summer school 
I am looking for a spanish nursery for our 4 year old daughter for july and august near estepona spain We are looking for a Spanish speaking nursery …

Resorts and Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants 
Hi, i am looking for family resort popular amongst Asian tourists, also looking Restaurants with Indian and middle eastern cuisines. ALI

Marbella spa promotions 
Does anyone know of any hotels which are offering day spa promotions at the moment? Either thermal circuit/lunch/ massage deals or a combination. Thanks …

Russian speaking notary in Marbella 
I am seeking a Russian speaking notary in the Marbella area. Can you point me in the right direction?

Pools with slides 
Dear Marbella family, We come to Marbella/ Puerto Banus every summer for a few weeks.Do you know of any resort or urbanisation that offers a pool with …

Looking for quality shop for runners  
Looking for quality shop for runners (need new pair of shoes). Any body seen this one? =)

Seder Night 
Does anyone know if there are any Seder nights being held in Marbella other than the one at Beth El Real synagogue.

Where to buy mattresses 
Hello, I am looking to buy a mattress (180 cm x 200 cm) at a decent price. Any ideas where I can find this size mattress in Marbella?? Thanks, …

Can i buy Aptimil in Marbella? 
Looking to see if i will be able to get Aptimil baby formula?

Infant and toddler first aid course 
Hi I wondered if you or any of your readers knew of an infant and toddler first aid course here on the coast, that is conducted in English. Any advice …

Big and tall shops 
I am looking for Big and Tall (MUCH LARGER) for mens clothing shops. Can anyone guide me in the right direction ?? Thank you

The best Mosquito screens 
Hi where to buy good quality mosquito screens that are made to measure. we have sliding windows and doors. we have a baby on the way so we would …

Changing telephone/ADSL supplier 
We're a bit fed up with the high monthly charges we have to pay Movistar for ADSL - particularly as I don't think we get a very high number of megs (is …

second hand electric guitars 
hi, have you any idea where i can sell my electric guitar and amp for cash? looking for a shop, not on line, many thanks.

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Iberdrola Electric  
Is anyone signed up with Iberdrola for Electric ?? Would you share your ideas on the prices, customer service, ect... Thank you, Sue

Make Up Courses 
I would like to find a part time make up course within Marbella or Estepona.

Doctor and massage therapist in Marbella 
Hi! We have just bought a holiday apartment in Nagueles near centre of Marbella and plan to be there 6 - 7 times a year. I speak a little Spanish, …

I need a singing teacher 
I am in Marbella and am looking for a classical singing teacher, can any one recomend one for me ?

Looking for RED NOODLES ?? 
Hello Marbella Family Fun Supporters, I have a funny request... I am looking for RED or WHITE NOODLES. They are the long floats that you use in the …

Market stalls 
Hi, Can anyone give me any advise as to how to go about obtaining a market stall, which markets are the best and how much a stall is? I am moving to …

Marbella picture frames 
Where can I find a shop that makes picture frames in Marbella? I have several pictures and I want them framed but I don't know where to go in Marbella. …

British Schools in Marbella 
We are a family originally from the UK & are hopefully moving to the Marbella area next June 2013 for around 2 years to start with. Hubbys job. I am …

What is the best way to travel from Marbella to Valencia  
Flight Train Bus Which is the best means of transport. For trains there are no non stop trains.

Rent a moving van with driver 
Anybody know a man with a van available? I need to move a few things from Nueva andalucia to San Pedro.

Anyone is looking for the buggy ? 
Hi, I have Prenatal buggy for sale, nearly new, hardly used. Adjustable height, several adjustable back levels, can lay flat, suspension wheels. Foot …

House maintenance 
Hi , I am a new home owner in Alvarito playa in Costabella. Can you recommend a good, consciencious and not too expensive house maintenance and renovation …

Benahavis family friendly restaurants 
Wondered if anybody might have any good, child friendly dinner suggestions in Benahavis? I've heard it's the dining capital of the region, so we'd like …

Carpet cleaner 
I am looking for a good carpet cleaner. Preferably one that can come to the house instead of lugging all my carpets somewhere else. Recommendations please! …

Marbella dermatologist 
Hi could I ask you to ask your readers if anybody knows where I can get treatment for acne or knows a good dermatologist in Marbella/Estepona?

Russian food shop in Marbella 
Is anywhere I can buy russia or polish food in marbella?

Looking for GREAT MURAL DESIGNER ....  
Hello Marbella Family Fun Subscribers, I am looking for a person to create a TILE Mural on a large wall behide my pool. Can anyone recommend someone …

Photo printing 
Hello, I need a photo printed quickly (I have the original file). Any good printers or print services available? Anywhere from malaga to Marbella but …

Book keeping in Marbella 
Hello, I am looking for an English speaking book keeper/ accountant in the Marbella area. Any suggestions please? Many thanks, Alex

Looking for a FERRETERIA with good prices and good quality tools ?  
We are looking for a shop that has good customer service quality tools (Name Brand) but with reasonable prices. In addition, we are doing some renovations …

Drinking water in Marbella 
Can anyone tell me, is it OK to drink filtered tap water in Marbella?

Spanish Water Dog 
Though it pains me (and the kids even more) to be writing this, we have come to a stage where we can't manage to keep our dog and we're looking for a new …

Need a good vet 
Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced vet in the nueva Andalucia / marbella area? Thank you!

Marbella kitchen cabinet manufacturers 
Could anyone tell me they know any suppliers of kitchen cabinets. I am reforming a home and need a complete set of cabinets. I prefer solid wood and would …

Cocker Spaniel needs home 
I'm looking for a home for my dog. He is a Cocker Spaniel black and white. 6 years old. He has all the vaccinations in order and a passport. He is very …

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Dog registration in Spain 
I have 2 small adopted Bjon type dogs which are chipped, have passports and are fully vaccinated. I am now told that we are supposed to register them. …

In search of a 2 bedroom apartment near San Pedro (beach) 
Our family is searching for an air conditioned 2 bedroom apartment for 2 adults and 2 kids. We would like to be near friends who live in San Pedro (beach …

Swimming coach for adults 
Hello, I am looking for a swimming coach to help with ironman swimming training. Also looking for an Olympic size swimming pool where I would be …

Badminton in Marbella or Costa del Sol 
Anyone knows about a Club or association to play badminton in Marbella area preferably? I am looking for the installations to play as well as for a …

Barbeque on the beach 
Does anyone know if you can barbeque on the beach in Marbella or around the Costa del Sol? I don't believe it is allowed, but perhaps there are some designated …

Clearing an apartment in Elviria 
Hi there, We're in the process of selling our apartment in Elviria and the buyers want to buy it unfurnished. There are some things we want to bring …

Summer flamenco class for kids 
Hi! I am looking for a flamenco course, or a place in Marbella where my daughters can take some hours with flamenco-classes while we are there at holiday …

Dad meet ups 
Hi does anybody know of any Dad meet ups? I know there are lots of Mommy baby groups but are there any Dad baby groups? Thanks

Horseback riding on the beach 
We are staying at the Guadalmina Hotel, and our 11 year old wishes to ride horses on the beach (she is an experienced rider). What is the closest place …

Yoga classes in Nueva Andalucia for over 50 
Would love to do a yoga class in the Marbella area. A group of over fifties would be nice, but anything good would work. Thank-you.

Places to visit with our 19 month old daughter in Marbella ? 
Myself and my partner will be visiting Marbella in July with our 19th Month old daughter. We have been to Marbella on several holidays but this is the …

Summer Camp? 
Will there be a summer camp at the Swedish School in Marbella during the summer of 2012 and in the future? The info regarding the summer camp on this web …

Holle organic baby formula 
My baby will only drink Holle organic baby formula. Has anyone seen this brand in the supermarkets in Marbella? We will be arriving there in a couple of …

Schools for teenagers 
We are due to move to Manilva and I have two teenagers; one aged 13 and one aged 15. They are currently in years 8 and 10 in the UK. I have been trying …

Spanish Au Pair - June, July & August 2012 
We are an English family looking for an Au Pair for June, July and August 2012. The Au Pairs first language must be Spanish. Please contact us for more …

Youth Nights 
Hello, My daughter has heard that Dreamers Club does a night for children aged from 13-16. Know as 'youth night'. I've tried everywhere to get information …

Cake toppers 
Does anyone know if there is still a company near Marbella that does the rice paper cake toppers?

Childminders - what should I expect? 
Hello, I am now in the process of getting my 5 year old child into public school. I have however, and as I work until 6 pm, to find a childminder to pick …

Paying a traffic fine 
I am selling my car and it has come up that I have an outstanding fine to pay from 2008. Can you tell me how and where I can pay this I live in Estepona …

Support Group for Aspergers children/teenagers. 
Does anyone know of any support groups in the area for children with Aspergers? It would also be good to meet other parents in a similar situation. Please …

GCSE Tutor Required 
I am looking for a GCSE Tutor who can cover a range of subjects, on a part time basis (several mornings per week) in the Mijas area. To start asap. Can …

Amaretti biscuits in Marbella 
Hi its me again! I had such a great response from my liquid glucose query, I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can buy Amaretti biscuits in the Marbella …

Discount vouchers for Marbella attractions 
Hi there I wonder whether anyone knows of any places we can get discount vouchers for any of the attractions local to Marbella, i.e. zoos, aquariums, …

Guided boat trips in Elviria 
Hi. We are 2 girls from Norway spending a week in Elviria in may. Is there any guided boat trips in the area?

Liquid glucose 
Does anybody know where I can buy liquid glucose in Marbella/San Pedro/Estepona area

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Hi, I need a childminder to look after 2 boys 5 days per week starting April 1st. The boys are 6 and the little one will be turning 3 in April. I need …

Health Food 
Does anyone know of any Holland and Barrett style health food shops on the coast?

Bikram Yoga 
Does anyone know of any Bikram (hot) yoga classes on the coast?

Activities for teens in Marbella 
Activities for teens in Marbella We're going to Marbella in mid March. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend are 18 and we are comfortable with them …

Moving to the Costa del Sol 
We are looking into a permanent move to the Costa Del Sol, probably the Estepona/San Pedro area. Our children are both under the age of 5 and we feel now …

Marbella property agents 
Hello all! Anyone know of any good and trustworthy real estate agents who can manage property on your behalf? I live in the UK but own 2 flats in Puerto …

Piano teacher in English 
I'm trying to find an English speaking piano teacher for my 6 year old. Can anyone recommend someone?

Places to park our rental car in Puerto Banus 
Hello all! We will be hiring a car in Puerto Banus for a week while we're there on holiday. However, we're not sure where we could park it overnight. …

Horse riding in La Cala 
Hi can anyone recommend a good horse riding school in La Cala area? I am looking for one suitable for children with a possible Pony club and reasonable …

Animal Farms 
Does anyone know of any animal farms that you can visit with children, and if so what types of animals they have? Also I have heard there is a kids summer …

Minibus for rent 
Can anyone reccomend a reasonably priced minibus/people carrier firm to bring children from Marbella to Coin for three days during school holidays. Pick …

Infant schools 
My daughter is starting school in September, and I'm trying to find out which schools are in my catchment area. I've tried the junta de andalucia website …

Karate Training Costa del Sol 
Does anyone know of availability of Karate classes for an 8 year old boy ?

dog walking on the beach? 
Can any one tell me if there is a LEGAL place I can walk my dogs on the beach any where on the Costa del Sol?

Flamenco dancing and dinner 
Flamenco Dancing and dinner Looking for a Great Dinner and with Flamenco Dancer(s) for Friday Feb 10th. Having a real hard time finding a this venue …

Family friendly Resort in Marbella 
Hi there, we are an American family from New York who is planning to visit Marbella this summer. We will be traveling with two boys ages 5 and 7 and …

Traditional Spanish family run restaurant 
I am looking for a traditional Spanish restaurant anywhere with a view ? Mountains or Sea. I once went to a Mallorcain House in the Mountains and the Father …

DVD movie rental in Marbella area 
Is there someplace to rent original version English movie DVD's? Preferably somewhere with the most recently released DVD's.

Art and craft store in Marbella and Costa del Sol 
Looking for a really big craft store. Sewing material, ribbons, creative things to make table settings with, etc.

Salsa Dancing in Marbella 
Hi I am looking for a good salsa club in Banus or Marbella with either lessons or social dancing, I did salsa in England and I am really missing it so …

Mobile car valet 
Does anyone know of a car valet service that will come to my house (Guadalmina)?

Colegio San Jose 
Any info about Colegio San Jose in San Pedro please. Parent's opinion would be great. Thank you!

Adult Violin Course 
Is there any violin course for adult beginner who wants to improve the skills, enjoy the holiday at Marbella and play with other violin learners for ensemble? …

Guitar player in Marbella 
Can anyone recommend a guitar player in the marbella area?

Fishing on the Costa del Sol 
Anything on Sea, River, Lake fishing?

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Spanish Language classes for adults 
Hi, Someone has mentioned that Spanish language classes are held at the city hall in Marbella (I beleive) or other town. Looking for enrollment info, …

Marbella preschools 
Marbella and surrounding area's preschool for 4 year old English speaking boy. English or Spanish school? I would welcome any information on Marbella …

Gymnastics for children 
Does anybody know of any gymnastics classes for beginners in either Marbella or Fuengirola areas?

Meeting and baby groups in Marbella 
I moved to Marbella in September with my boyfriend and our daughter who is now one and have not been able to find any mother and baby groups. My boyfriend …

Where to go for New Years Eve? 
We have a 2 and a half year old and are looking for places either San Pedro, Puerto Banus & Marbella. If anyone suggests Orange Sq. pls give details: Do …

Father Christmas Costa del Sol 
Please can you tell me where there is a good Father Christmas I can take my 3 year old son to?? Thanks

Pizza restaurant in Marbella 
hi everyone,I have a 4 year old daughter and like to know what is a cozy italian restaurant in marbella, san pedro area where the kids feel comfortable? …

Boy Scouts in Marbella 
I wonder if you can help me, I would like to get my son into a scouts group. Is there one on Marbella ?

Marbella state schools 
I am sure other people have been in this position so would appreciate some advice. We have to take our son out of English school in Marbella and enter …

Tours from Mijas 
I've just moved to Mijas for a few months from Austria and cannot find tours that would pick me up from Villa la Jamisa. The buses from Mijas to Fuengirola …

Second hand kids clothes 
Hi, anyone knows a place to buy good quality second hand kids clothes between Estepona and Fuengirola for boys and girls aged 9-15 apart from the local …

Koi Fish Marbella 
I would like to know if there are any pet stores in Marbella that sells Japanese Koi. Kind Regards Tania Segal South Africa

Buddies Bar San Pedro 
Do you have an email address or contact phone number for Buddies Bar, San Pedro as I wish to find out what entertainment they have on the weekend I am …

Polideportivos with a swimming pool 
Hi there, I am looking for polideportivos that are in the Marbella to Fuengirola area. I don´t want to join a private gym. I just want to go and swim …

Cookery courses on the Costa del Sol 
Do you know of any cookery courses going on in the Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, San Pedro, and Benahavis areas - for English speakers! Thank you …

How to get to Marbella 
I have 4 clients who are taking the train from Malaga to Marbella in October. I need the name and contact info for a limo or taxi company. Or how …

Any Skate parks in San Pedro de Alcantara? 
Hi, Does anyone know of any skate parks in San Pedro de Alcantara? My 12 year old has been practising in the street but the neighbours are not too impressed …

move my US car to Spain 
what would be your recommendation? I am moving to Costa Del Sol area in next 2 months. Should I purchase a new mercedes/BMW here and ship it and go through …

How to buy a propane bottle for a barbecue in Marbella? 
How does one buy a propane bottle for a barbecue in Marbella? Is there a number or website that covers this topic?

Horse riding, water sports and wifi spots near san pedro beach 
Im looking to know if you can go horse riding anywhere and can you do water sports on san pedros beach and where are the nearest wifi spots from san pedro …

Looking for specialist on installing irrigation systems 
I'm looking for a reference for a good irrigation specialist, landscaper or gardener with experience in setting up irrigation systems. I have a system …

Looking for laborers to move furniture 
I am looking to hire 2 laborers for a few hours to help move some furniture and boxes. Can anyone recommend a service or individuals who could help? …

Seeking Babysitter, Malaga, 11-16 August 
Hi We are coming to Malaga this Thursday for the feria and will be staying in the old town. We are 2 single mums (for this trip) with children aged …

baby shops in Marbella 
where can i buy gates for stairs, door stops, table corner protecters, a play pen and more

Marbella swim clubs 
Does anyone know of a junior swimming club who do swimming competitions and also does lifesaving cert?

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Need to buy a second hand travel cot and high chair 
We need a cot and a high chair before saturday - does anyone have second hand good condition for sale?

Bernardeen Auto Repair 
Brenardeen Auto Repair Shop: Does anyone have any experience with this auto repair house in Estepona? I'm considering using their services and would appreciate …

Marbella Public Schools  
Hi do you have any information on public schools in the Elviria area, I am planning on moving to Marbella with kids 3 and 6 years old.

Can you help me find roadrunning race around Marbella ?  
I am passing my holidays around marbella this year from the 30th of July until the 20th of August. I a now prperaing for a marathon which I will run on …

can you buy a macdonalds in marbella. 
I would like to buy a macdonalds in marbella.

Massage courses 
Hello, I am interested in learning massage and, as I work full time, I wondered if anyone knew of any relevant evening courses in the Marbella area? …

Tour of Gibraltar from Marbella 
We are 2 families staying at Elviria outside Marbella, and we are planning to get a guided tour to Gibraltar. So we were wondering if you have any links …

Land line telephone with cable and Headset connection 
Hi, Where can I buy a business land line telephone with a port to connect a headset with microphone near Marbella or online? In corte ingles and la …

Any Cinemas showing Harry Potter 7 part 2 on Friday in English!? 
The last Harry potter movie is out in English/Irish on friday. Anywhere here that we can see it in English? roisingarvey@gmail.com Thanks!

Swimming lessons 
Hi, I would like to find someone to give my 4 year old private swimming lessons at my home. Do You know of anyone.? Thank you sharon

Vajazzle in Marbella 
Hi could anyone tell me what salons do vajazzles in Marbella? Thankyou!

Optica 2000 optician in Marbella 
I have ordered frames in the shop in Orange Square but can only find information for the one in El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus. Gracias. Eileen

Mass in English 
Can you tell me if there are any English masses in the catholic church in San Pedro? If so, what time they are. Many thanks, Neil

GCSE tutor in Marbella 
Hi I'm looking for a GCSE Tutor for my daughter this summer in August for about 2 - 3 weeks to help her with her studies. She is currently in year 10, …

English speaking sailing course in Marbella 
Hi, I am wondering if there are any English speaking sailing courses for my son (he is 12 and only speaks English) in July and August in the Marbella area? …

Baby swings in Marbella 
Would love to take my 8 month old on a swing - are there any parks in Marbella that have swings for babies? They are everywhere in England but I can't …

Marbella bull fights 
Is there any bull fight happening in marbella from 12th june to 16th june?

Bull fight Marbella-area 
We are going on holiday form the 16th of june 2011 untill the 25th of june 2011 and we will be staying in Estepona. We would like to go and see a bull …

Family Holiday in puerto banus 
Me and my husband are going to puerto banus in July , We are bringing my daughter who is 15 and her friend who is also 15 .. we will be staying in the …

Alarm System Companies - Any recommendations? 
I am looking to install an alarm system for my home. I've been approached by ADT. Does anyone have any experience with this company? I'd be interested …

Bull fight 
Does anyone know if there is a bull fight happening this weekend (May 7/8th) in the Marbella to Estepona area?

Indoor activities for children 
As it is expected to rain much of this week are there any activities for a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old? Such as an indoor play centre?

Where can I find a fun scientist?! 
Hello I work at an International school and have lived in Marbella since August! I need to run a science fair at school and need an interesting scientist …

picasso museo malaga from marbella 
can i get a tour tomorrow easter sunday april 24 2011 to the picasso museum malaga from marbella or is it closed? what is the cost? robert and susan …

French Courses in Marbella  
Hi, I live in Marbella and I am doing AS Level French but I am looking for a French tutor or French course to help me prepare for my French AS exam (I …

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Baby sitter in Puerto Banus 
hi there i wondered if you might be able to help. i regularly come to Puerto Banus during the year, but now have a 21 month old baby boy, so life has …

Guided tours in marbella 
Good day Do you know of anyone who does tour guides around Casco Antiguo? I am arranging an incentive trip for September this year and want to arrange …

Spanish Au pair 
Hi, Can anyone recommend where I might find a good Spanish Au Pair for the summer this year and also how much I should expect to pay for one. Many Thanks. …

Beginners Spanish Classes 
Hi Does anyone know of any good reasonable priced Spanish classes in the Marbella or East of Marbella areas?

Halal butchers or supermarkets 
Hi Please can you let me know if there are any halal butchers or halal superstores in Marbella or driving distance to please? (except for one already …

Opening Hours shops in Marbella with Easter 
Dear Sir or Madame, Could you please inform me about the opening dates of the Shops in Marbella around Easter Time? e.g. Will the shops be opened on Good …

Summer 2011 in Marbella 
We will be spending June 2011 in San Pedro and have 2 children 5 year old boy & 3.5 year old girl. Can you please recommend some activities & areas to …

Family fun in La Linea Gibraltar area 
I was wondering if all you family fun is in one area? My sister and brother will be joining me in La Linea and I have to plan some fun in April. maybe …

Marbella nursery 
Does anybody know of a nursery in the centre of Marbella where I could drop off my 15 month old just once a week? Thanks, Alice

When is Fathers Day in Spain 
When is Fathers Day in Spain ? I´m a bit confused. Does it fall on a Sunday always, like in the States?

BT telephone vs Telefonica in Spain 
Has anyone switched to BT line rentals here in spain? just want to get feedback on service, prices etc...

Pet Rabbits 
Hi Does anyone know where we can get a pet rabbit from in the marbella area?

Something to do in the evening ?? 
Is there any schools in Marbella, San Pedro, Puerto Banus areas that offer evening classes in English e.g - Spanish classes, Cookery classes, pottery, …

New car sales rooms in Marbella  
We are looking for car dealships in the Marbella areas for Fiat and Citroen.

Drive to Ronda 
Is there a way to drive to the outskirts of Ronda and then take public transportation to avoid driving difficult road there? What are the options?

Martial arts  
Hi I am looking for a club where I could practice Shotokan Karate. As well I would like to start aikido or Krav Maga. Thank you for letting me know if …

The Black Box theatre directions 
I shall be going to a presentation in 2 weeks and would like to know which is the best way to the theatre please? I shall be coming from the Estepona end …

bus/taxi info 
Hello, Me and my family (5 in total) will be traveling from San Pedro to Ojen and back again for 5 days in July (my children will be at a summer camp …

summer school 2012 
I have two children that need to learn to read speak speanish ages 7 and 9 We are from California I will like for them to go for two weeks.

The King's Speech in English 
Where can we see The King's Speech in English? Has it already played in P. Banus? What about at La Canada or in Marbella? Thank-you, Kathy

boarding schools in Spain? 
I'm looking for a mixed or all girls boarding school in Spain for my daughter whos 16, shes coming from an all girls public school in england, are there …

Fitness clubs in Marbella 
I would like to join a gym or exercise class in Marbella. What can you recommend?

Second hand Spa furniture for sell in marbella - spain 
Dear Sir, i need furniture of spa like beds and tech floor and tables and sound system . . . (in marbella Spain ) cos i am there already Best Regards! …

Sledging in Sierra Nevada 
Would love to take the kids sledging this weekend. We'll need to rent sledges so guess we have to head into the village? And then is there a designated …

Festivals in Marbella and Mijas 
Is there anywhere I can get a list with timings and dates of any festivals in Marbella and Mijas. There is so much information but no specific dates and …

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Charity shop for clothes donations? 
Do any of your readers know of a charity shop on the coast to donate unwanted clothes items ?

Marbella Carnaval 2011 
The Marbella Carnival is taking place this year from February 26th to March 13th. PROGRAM Saturday February 26 21:00 h.: 2011 Carnival …

Entertaining kids in Marbella 
Hi there, may sister has sugested that both our families should visit marbella in the summer. However, we have 2 16 year old girls and 1 8 year old girl. …

Childrens sailing courses summer 2011 in Puerto Banus 
Hello, I am wondering if there is a Sailing Club in Puerto Banus that offers private lessons/childrens course in summer 2011? The Children are 12 and 14, …

cineclub in marbella? 
I'd like to know if the cineclub in Marbella is still running? If so, where can I find out the details of screenings? thanks Candice

Local summer studio rental 
Does anyone know how can I find a studio for the local summer rental in Marbella? Any local web site? Do I need a car to get around?

Hotels along the boardwalk in San Pedro 
I',m going to a wedding in June - the wedding is in a villa setting which is along the San Pedro Boardwalk. Are there any hotels in that precise area. …

Choosing a hotel in Marbella 
For my longer weekend between 23 and 27 of February, I'm hesitating between two hotels near and in Puerto Banus: Guadlapin Banus and Don Pepe - which is …

spaninsh sumer school for children 6 and 8 years old  
I live in California tengo 4 hijos 13, 8 , 6 y 3 quiero que hablen el espanol por favor digame de una escuela buena donde ellos spuedan ir por dos semanas …

How much to rent a 1/bedroom apt in Marbella within July & August? 
How much to rent a 1/bedroom apt in Marbella within July & August?

kids summer camp 2011 
Does anyone know how can I find a local summer camp July & August,2011 for the kids from 6-8 years old?

firework display 
hi there i celebrate my 50th birthday this year and will be arriving los flamengos sat 26th june staying at a beautiful villa is there any firework …

Children friendly new years eve parties around marbella 
I want to go out on New Years Eve with my 7 year old little boy. Any Ideas please?

when does the sale start in marbella? 
New to Marbella. Like to do some serious shopping and looking forward to sale. Do not know when to hit the shops? Is it the same as in th UK? Thanks:) …

Heated pools in March? 
Hello! Thank you for a very nice homepage. Very inspirational. I am planning a vist to Marbella with family in March 2011. We live in north of Sweden …

Childrens Christmas Activities  
Is there a schedule of Children's Christmas activities in and around Marbella available?

Glass jars in Marbella 
Do you know where I can buy empty 1 quart glass jars in Marbella or surrounding area!!! I'm in desperate need of them!!!

La Virginia Christmas market 
Could you please tell me the date of the La Virginia Xmas Artisan market? Thank you.

Supermarkets open 
We arrive very late into Malaga airport on christmas eve would their be any supermarkets or small shops where we could buy food that eve or on christmas …

Need film maker on the Costa del Sol 
We are celebrating a double 40th in Mijas on Saturday, do you know someone can film it??? Not too expensive...

Rock 'n Roll and Jive Classes 
Hi! I have always wanted to learn how to dance Rock 'n Roll and Jive, and finally my husband has said yes to come along. So, if anyone knows any places …

Looking for tutor 
Looking urgently for a tutor to help and support my clients sons to prepare their exams. Can you recommend someone?

Fireworks Night 
Friends are interested to know if there might be any firework or bonfire night activities planned for 5th November or over that weekend?

need info please 
My husband and I and our 2 children ages 22 and 18 will be visiting Marbella from January 22nd-29th, 2011. we would like to know if an overnight trip to …

Christmas Day Lunch 2010 
Hello - we will be in Marbella over Christmas and need to find a suitable place for 8 adults (inc 2 80 year old ladies) and a child of 8 for Xmas lunch …

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Dia de la Hispanidad 
My kids don't have school on Tuesday October 12 for Dia de la Hispanidad . What is this holiday and where else is it celebrated?

Ex Pats Meeting/Club for Retired Persons 
Hello, My mother has been here for a few years and feels out of touch. Although she has her daughters around her she needs to meet more people which …

San Pedro de Alcantara Feria 2010 
Hi we are going to visit Marbella in October 2010, and I was wondering if you know the exact dates for the fiesta San Pedro de Alcantara?

Festival Luna Mora in Guaro 
Some people were telling us about a festival with candles in the village of Guaro. Can you tell me more about it and when it is supposed to take place? …

Helle Hollis car rental 
We are looking to rent a car for a few weeks in Marbella and found Helle Hollis on your site. Do you or anyone else recommend it? I´d like to hear some …

Ecological food products in Marbella 
Can you tell me where I can find ecological food products in Marbella, like fruits and vegetables? Hipercor and Alcampo don´t have a very good selection. …

electrical epilation, beauty therapist 
Where can I go for electrical epilation of the eybrows? T.Bakker DATE: September 2010

kool and the gang 
are there any photos taken from the concert that i can download thanks

What is going on in Marbella , in august for families??  
Activities, concerts, etc. during august, restaurant deal, etc.

Baby equipment for hire in Marbella 
Hi, is there somewhere we can rent a baby cot and high chair in Marbella? We will be in the area for several weeks and I don´t want to bring my own equipment. …

Costa Del Sol in January? 
My husband and I own a timeshare at the Marriott in Marbella. We usually visit in late March/April. We have booked a week in January to bring our parents …

Teenage summer nights in Marbella 
I am bringing 4x 15 year olds to Marbella in the Costabella area in August. What can the boys do in the evening too young to go to night clubs. Are there …

Ballroom dancing classes 
Hello, I am an ex-pat who has recently moved to Marbella and I wondered if there are any ballroom dancing classes for adults in the marbella/puerto banus …

Seasoned CdS family holidayers 
Hi We're a family of two parents and a 10 year old girl. We have a timeshare in Mijas Costa and consequently have spent a lot of time on the CdS. We …

El Corte Ingles opening hours 
What are the opening hours of El Corte Ingles in summer? I heard they are open on Sundays as well.

Visit to Tangier & Ceuta 
We (2 adults) will be in Andalucia in September and would like to take a two-night trip to Morocco, visiting Tangier and Ceuta, traveling by ferry from …

mosques in marbella 
Hi, Me and my husband are traveling to Spain at the end of September. We plan to take a bus from La Linea to Marbella and spend the day/night there. What …

Where are the supermarkets? Like Tesco, etc.

What is San Juan Night? 
I have been invited by friends to attend La Noche de San Juan. What is it and what should I expect?

Marbella bus service to La Canada 
Can you advise me how to get from El Rosario (hospital Costa del Sol) to La Cañada by bus? Is there a bus that passes? Can I buy a bus pass to use all …

Enforex or Don Quijote summer camp 
I am about to register my two sons (ages (9 and 12) for a week long summer camp at "ENFOREX" or Don Quijote (owned by same company) in Marbella. I am unable …

baby milk 
where can i buy cow and gate baby milk in marbella

Bahia Aqua Park 
I have heard that the park is only open in the summer months, could you please tell us what those months are? as we are visiting in the first week in June …

Marbella summer camp 
Dear Marbella family, Thanks for a great site and congrats on your radio interview. Considering sending my daughter (14) to an English speaking camp …

holiday may 1st  
Is La Canada opened on May 1st? What about other shops in the commercial park (Leroy Merlin)?

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Bayonet Light Bulbs 
I have UK light fittings and need to buy replacement bayonet light bulbs. Does anyone know of somewhere in the area that sells them?

Encuentros familiares 
Somos una familia española residente en Málaga y me intereso por algún lugar donde mis hijos de 3 y 4 años se relacionen con otros niños de habla inglesa …

where to buy some things for little ones  
my question is about where to buy baby diapers in marbella. the thing is my son is used to the japanese ones called Goo.n and i cannot find them in marbella. …

Russian classes in Marbella 
We are russian/english family, and children are going to english school. I need to find a Russian classes for my children so they don´t forget to loose …

Chocolate fountain in Marbella? 
I´m planning my daughter´s 9th birthday and she really wants to have a chocolate fountain. Do you have any idea where I can find one in Marbella?

Marbella Saturday 1st May 
Apart from Open Cor are any supermarkets open on Saturday 1st May?

Marbella Spain 
Hi, Our family is thinking about moving to Marbella Spain. Are you happy there? What's your take on why so many Europeans move there. Thanks.

Property Marbella 
I was wondering whether the price of properties in Marbella have decreased a lot as a result of the financial crisis. I also understand that the legal …

Free activities in Marbella 
Hello, do you have a list of free activities available to families visiting Marbella?

Weather in Marbella 
I have just read in the news that parts of Marbella were flooded and some schools evacuated a few days ago. We are supposed to come for a holiday in 10 …

I am looking for a job in Marbella or in the neighbourhood 
I am a teacher of English and French, but now I do not have a job and I really need one. I live in Guaro, near Marbella, I can speak good Spanish and I …

Burial of the sardine 
Hello, I have heard a Spanish expression that can be translated by ¨burial of the sardine¨. Can you tell me what it means? Thank you.

British plates in Spain 
I´ve heard that the Spanish police are quite lenient with drivers using cars with British plates. What is the policy for expat drivers in Spain? I thought …

Where should I stay in Marbella? 
We are a family of four visiting Marbella this summer. We have two children aged 5 and 7 and would like to stay in an area that´s close to a beach and …

Luxuries in Marbella villa!!! 
I was wondering how I could find out about hiring a beauty and spa therapist into our own villa for a small party. I was also wondering how I could find …

Outdoor furniture marbella  
Best place for outdoor furniture in Marbella like on bikini beach ??????????

marbella monday market 
Hi Have just walked up from the fishing port to the Bonsai Gardens as thought that was where the market was....to no avail please can you give, if possible, …

Semana Blanca 
What is the Semana Blanca? When is it?

Spanish ham - Jabugo 
Is Jabugo the best quality of Serrano hams?

Manchego cheese 
I just discovered Manchego cheese. What are the different types? What is best to take back home?

Meaning of la cabalgata 
Everybody is talking about "la cabalgata" on January 5th. What is the translation in English?

Costa del Sol tourist information 
Where is the best place to get general Costa del Sol tourist information and maps?

Weather on Costa del Sol 
Coming to the Costa del Sol the week of January 10th, what weather can I expect?

The Three Kings holiday 
How do Spaniards celebrate the Three Kings holiday?

December 28th - Dia de los Inocentes? 
Everyone is acting strange and joking today on December 28th. I hear it is because of a holiday, dia de los Inocentes, what is this?

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Chicken Marbella 
Is chicken Marbella a recipe from Marbella, Spain?

Spanish Christmas lottery  
Everybody is talking about the Christmas lottery these days. It seems this is some kind of tradition. Can you explain more about it?

Swans School Headmaster - Marbella 
Can anyone tell me why the Headmaster of Swans (senior school) left after such a short period of time? I mean he was only in charge for two and a half …

Tapas in Marbella 
I will be in Marbella over the Christmas holidays. Could you suggest a few places to eat tapas? Tx.

New year grape tradition 
Hello I am new to Spain and some Spanish friends have invited me to eat grapes for New Year´s Eve. Could you explain this tradition? Thank you. Trudy …

Children´s dance classes in Marbella 
Hello, We recently moved to Marbella and have settled in quite well, however I am now looking for some dance classes for my 10 year old daughter. She …

Small children friendly restaurants? Are there any? 
It was my other halfs 30th birthday at the weekend and we wanted to go out with a group of friends for a lovely lunch, bringing our kids along too! All …

Tourist office in Marbella 
Is there a tourist office in Marbella? Where is it located? Is it helpful?

Blue flag beaches in Marbella 
I have read about blue flag beaches in a magazine. What are they exactly? How many are there in Marbella? Thank you

Marbella to Mijas boardwalk at Cabopino 
Will the new boardwalk link Cabopino port to Calahonda. At the moment it ends at Calahonda Royale ?

Is tap water in Marbella drinkable? 
Is tap water safe to drink? Can I boil it to use for making up my babies milk or should I buy bottled water and boil that? Some say the tap water contains …

Temporary Mobile Phone 
My family and I will be in Marbella for the month of July. My husband requires a local mobile phone. does anyone know how I can get one in advance? …

Looking for an assistant/secretary for doing research in Marbella 
Looking for an assistant/secretary for doing research in Marbella before my move there. Preferably someone intelligent with enough nerve and determination …

Stand Up Paddle for Sale? 
Do you have any used or new Stand Up Paddles for sale ? If so, how much? Email: gtraders1@bigpond.com

Looking for actors/actresses 
Hi all Currently playing at Blackbox Theatre is 'Alice in Mamma Mia land', in Spanish. It is a fun packed musical full of your favourite Abba songs we …

A Question About Ants !! Not rated yet
Please,can anyone give me an answer to this. Is there a season/time that ants discontinue coming into a house? Or can i expect them all through the winter …

Help...looking to find contact for Linen Stall at Puerto Banus Street Market  Not rated yet
Hello I bought a wonderful dress from a stall in the market last weekend. Everything in the stall were linen pieces and I would like to find out who …

Babysitter in Estepona/ Marbella Not rated yet
We are a family with a 5 months baby spending time in Estepona for 2 weeks. And I look for a nanny that can help me with my 5 months baby for some hours …

Selling of furniture Not rated yet
I have a sofa, a chair some tables and probably some more to sell. Are you interested? anders.westman@aselemek.com. Telephone +46706622276. Please …

how can i find my dog Not rated yet
I am visiting marbella and brought my dog with me. Something got him nerveous and ran away since thrusday, I need help to find him. I have already report …

QUESTION: Is there a disco for 13-16 year olds? Not rated yet
I am going to Marbella for August with some friends.I was wondering if there was any discos for 13 to 16 year olds. In Marbella NOT Puerto Banus. …

QUESTION: Looking for Sofa Covers in Calahonda Not rated yet
Hello - where can I get some loose sofa covers made in Calahonda ?

QUESTION: Kids Disco / Entertainment Not rated yet
We are staying for 2 weeks in a quiet apartment block and are looking for any kids discos we could go to with our 3 and 5 year olds? Although not guests, …

QUESTION: Nail bars in Marbella Not rated yet
Is there a nail bar that does the dip powder technique (called SNS in UK) in the Marbella area? I do not not want gel or acrylic.

FOR SALE: Mini Cooper with Chili Pepper Package Not rated yet
CONTACT: ruth.moschner@icloud.com € 11.900,- Potencia 85 kW (116 CV) Kilómetros 43.200 km Año 10/2005 Detalles del vehículoTipo de vehículo …

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Snr. Nick Sofa covers replacement? Not rated yet
I bought some sofas from Señor Nicks furniture shop a few years ago. Their stores no longer exist. Does anyone know where I can find replacement loose …

Where to find Kangoo Jumps in Marbella or nearby? Not rated yet
Hello, I am looking for a shop where I can find Kangoo Jumps.I tried the Corte Ingles,the Canada mall with no satisfaction. Thank you, Simone

Looking for a ride-on lawnmower  Not rated yet
Lawnmower needed . Ride on preferable. If you have one, please contact me. Email: winstedman@fsmail.net DATE: August 2015

Where can I buy posters for the Marbella fair? Not rated yet
Dear Sir, Madam, In June I noticed there was an exhibition of the different posters that were designed for the Marbella fair. Is it possible to …

How do I find a good job in Marbella? Not rated yet
Hello, i was wondering if it is possible to find a good job in Marbella all year round? I am speaking a lot of languages and want to move this winter …

Any Supported Living housing / Respite discounts Funergolia Not rated yet
Does anyone Living working here English Business or health food shops / natura herbolario know anyone who runs operates RESPITE & SUPPORTED LIVING home …

Boot fair or brocante? Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me if there are any bootfairs or brocante near to San Pedro or Marbella? DATE: May 2015

Marbella 2015 Half Marathon dates? Not rated yet
Has the date been released for Marbella Half Marathon 2015? my email is sangha189@googlemail.com

Pinktober 2014 performances Not rated yet
Can you tell me the name of the 3 girl group who performed in Antonio Banderas square on Sunday 16th November please? I would like to contact them for …

WANTED. Apartment rental near San Pedro from May-Sept 2015 Not rated yet
We are a small well travelled family wanting to spend 4 months living between Marbella and Estepona. We have previously stayed at El Presidente, Benamara …

Contact details for Peter Venning Stained Glass artist Marbella Not rated yet
Hi there, can anyone help me with contact details for Peter Venning stained glass artist Marbella as his website and phone number on this site don't work …

Schedule of Events for Easter  Not rated yet
Just wondering where I can access times of easter processions for both san pedro and marbella.

Rent property for the summer 2015 Not rated yet
Hello, looking for nice and relax property for July/August 2015 for rent. Min. 2+ bedrooms, near beach, shops + restaurant. Max rent: 6000€ of total …

Where can I buy Jewellery making supplies  Not rated yet
Hi I'm staying in Mijas until the 29th December I would like to buy some materials to make handmade jewellery such as beads, semi precious stones nylon …

transfer from Germany Not rated yet
We would like to move to Marbella by January 2015 , and we are inquiring about transferring our 6 years old daughter from Germany, she is already at first …

Snr. Nicks furniture Not rated yet
Hello, I bought some sofas from Snr. Nicks furniture shop a few years ago. They have now gone out of business and I need to buy some new slip covers. …

Looking for business partners in electrical field Not rated yet
Hello everybody, I'm looking to develop a business interchange partnership in electrical field, between Romania and the South - East of Spain, with …

I am looking for a seamstress to make up cushions for me  Not rated yet
I am in Nueva Andalucia. Would be using a lot of kilim so would need an industrial type machine. Thanks

Swimming lessons for three year old Not rated yet
Hi, We are moving to Bel Air Estepona in January and I would like my three year old daughter to have swimming lessons, can anyone please recommend somewhere? …

Theater or drama classes in english Not rated yet
I´m looking for theater or drama schools for adults in english in marbella... I love acting and i have done many roles in plays. please answer me as soon …

Community swimming pool dispute Not rated yet
Some friends of ours purchased an lovely apartment 8 years ago in a small, gated community in Nueva Andalucia. Recent disputes within the community over …

Kangoo Jumps Marbella?? Not rated yet
is there any gym between Fuengirola and Marbella where to have kangoo jumps classes!!

Ninos Not rated yet
Do you have cots and mattress for babies? I will be over in 2weeks time sonnyfishe@aol.com

One week language immersion course Not rated yet
Hi there! Greetings from Texas. We are interested in immersing ourselves in Spanish for one week and in looking for a place where Spanish is the dominant …

weather Not rated yet
hi.we driving from Madrid to Marbella in dec and on xmas day. what is the weather like in Marbella during this time and which towns should we visit …

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Day trip to Ronda Not rated yet
I'd like to visit Ronda. Is Marbella the best home base to do so or is there a better option? I'll be using Public Transportation so some idea about …

Moving to Marbella Not rated yet
Hi We are thinking moving to Marbella to live there! where is the best place to stay for Family? there are 3 of us. From Job wise we are into dance fitness …

Q & A: residency question Not rated yet
I am considering spending a year in Marbella as I recently retired. I'm 65 which sounds "old" but I'm not. I would like to find a residence with some …

residency question Not rated yet
I am considering spending a year in Marbella as I recently retired. I'm 65 which sounds "old" but I'm not. I would like to find a residence with some …

Family Beach with No Nude People  Not rated yet
I am going go to Marbella with my family and i want to know if there's a beach with no nude people.

Horse and Carriage Cost Not rated yet
We want to take the children on a horse and cart ride around Marbella but not sure if the cost is per person.? Please email rachelhawthorne@live.co.uk

I have been told that it is possible to purchase tickets for the high speed train at both El Corte Ingles stores in Marbella at their travel department. …

Any Jobs For Mature Sales/Marketing Professionals in Elviria/Marbella? Not rated yet
Are there any jobs in Marbella/Elviria for a mature professional in 2014. Is the job market getting better or worse in Spain?

Looking for Daily Pilates Classes in Puerto Banus for two weeks from 25th July Not rated yet
I am staying in Puerto Banus for two weeks from 25th July and want to do daily Pilates Classes and maybe engage a female personal trainer for the duration. …

Raw milk Not rated yet
Do you know if they sell raw milk at the organic markets, if not do you know if there us any where on the coast that sells it ? laurapattison@hotmail.com …

Camps for kids in English Not rated yet
I am looking for a summer camp in Marbella, near nueva andalucia. This will be my first time in Marbella with the kids and I am new to the area. I prefer …

a stall Not rated yet
How can I have a small stall as our group has knitted baby outfits and want to sell it to give the donations to Guedecca. It only has to be a small stall. …

Piano class fees Not rated yet
What is the average cost for private piano class (intermediate) per session?

Eggo waffles Not rated yet
Is there a supermarket in or near Marbella which sells American products such as whole wheat eggo waffles and muffins ?

House Sitting/ rental Not rated yet
We are a middle aged Professional couple working and living in Marbella. We are reforming a Villa which has over run and need some accommodation near …

Swimming teams for older kids Not rated yet
Does anyone know of a swimming club that offers group lessons to older kids (mine is 12) over the summer and perhaps even include competitive events? We …

kids activities in elveria, marbella for age 2,5 and 8 Not rated yet
Hi there, Myself and my three kids will be staying in urb. jardines las golandrnas,Elveria from 6 th July to the 9th august. I am looking for a camp or …

My Friend is Looking For Work as a Hairdresser in Marbella or Puerto Banus Area ??? Not rated yet
where do you find job vancancys for hairdressers needed thanks charlottes.slark4@gmail.com

costa bear summer camp Not rated yet
Hi there, I got the details of the costa bear summer camp which sounds perfect for our six grandchildren and have been trying to contact them by phone …

Where IS the Marbella jeans Factory Outlet????????? Not rated yet
Your advert does not have the address of the business!

Camel Trekking In Erg Chebbi Not rated yet
Tour: (1 Night in desert ) begins in evening, we organise the camel ride for the night in desert from a hotel near the sand dunes, The camels will be …

Can you prebook the horse and carriage in marbella? Not rated yet
We have 19 to 21 of us that would like a horse and carriage ride around marbella old town on 15th July - please can you tell me if this is pre bookable …

Summer School - (Math, Writing, Reading) Not rated yet
To whom it may concern, We are based in Hong Kong but we will be coming to Spain for the all month of July and part of August. Our 9 year old daughter …

Window Cleaner Not rated yet
Can anyone recommend a window cleaner near San Pedro/Guadalmina? We have grills on the outside of all the windows.

Hen breakfast Not rated yet
I have organised my sister's Hen in Marbella in July. I wanted to organise a catered breakfast at the Villa for her and the guests. Do you have prices …

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Summer Camp in Central Marbella Near Down Town Not rated yet
Hello- Looking for a camp we can have our 9 year old son go to that is walking distance from central marbella (we are staying at the beach near avenida …

How can you ship household items to Spain from the United States Not rated yet
I am interested in shipping various items from the US to Malaga, Spain. Has anyone done this before and what type of permits do I need? Will I have to …

Open House Events Not rated yet
I am intetested to know client's preferences in viewing a house for purchase. 1. Accompanied by an agent ? 2 Unaccompanied Open house event ? …

Soccer Camp for 7 Year Old Summer 2014  Not rated yet
Good morning, I am trying to find a Soccer Camp for my two sons to attend during this summer and atletico-las-chapas-summer-camp seemed great last …

Is the teleferico suitable for disabled people? Not rated yet
Hello, my father uses a mobility scooter . Is the teleferico suitable for this ?

Summer camp in Marbella Not rated yet
My name is Leila and I would like to mention that your website is a great source of information. I have a question - can you please recommend us the summer …

Spanish Summer Camps For Kids  Not rated yet
I am looking Spanish summer DAY camps for my children who are 8, 7, and 4 years old. I would prefer them to be in a Spanish speaking environment only, …

Moving to Marbella Not rated yet
Hi, I am moving to Marbella in the next couple of months with my family. We currently live in Costa Rica and one of the reasons Marbella interests me is …

One week tour  Not rated yet
Can u send me tour guide pls we are there for 10 days 22 July and have family between 8 and 17 pls need help to entertain them, one nite they love dolphins …

Strait of Gibraltar Not rated yet
I have Indian passport with a multiple entry Schengen visa valid until 5 June. I am staying in Marbella from 4 May to 8 May. Do I need a UK visa to see …

Easter Parades In San Pedro Not rated yet
Just wondering if you know times of Easter parades San Pedro for 2014.

Importing Mercedes Benz SL 80's Not rated yet
Hello, What would be the cost of importing Mercedes Benz SL 80's from USA? Thanks

Looking For Rental Space in Guadalmina Transpaso Not rated yet
If you have a rental space available in Guadalmina I might be interested in renting it. javier pomes 0034 699983887 javierpomes@gmail.com

Opening hours Not rated yet
Hi, does anyone know the opening hours for shops in Puerto Banus for Easter?

Housekeeping Jobs Not rated yet
Dear Sir/Madam, I am struggling to find any work as a Housekeeper/Cleaner in Marbella. I am preferably looking for private work rather than through …

Marbella garden centres Not rated yet
dear friends,,i am wondering if anyone could recommend a garden centre that stocks very tropical fruit and nut varieties,,, i am looking for 50+ young …

Childminder Not rated yet
I need a nanny to care for 2 children, 4 days a week from now. My kids are 6 and 4 years. I need someone who drives like a couple of days I will need my …

Field hockey, Floor ball ? Not rated yet
My 8 year old almost 9 year old son wants to play field hockey or floor ball, Does anyone know where he can do it? He has played real hockey on …

1 to 1 Private football lessons for 4 year old Not rated yet
Hi I'm looking for 1 to 1 private football lessons for a four year old, daily from Monday 23rd December to Saturday 28th December 2013. Is this possible …

New year Not rated yet
We will be in torrequebrada for new year and wanted to find a family hotel for new year to maybe stay for 1 night to celebrate can u recommend 1

Christmas Sunday trading Not rated yet
Has Xmas Sunday trading started today in the Miramar shopping centre, fuengirola etc

curtains Not rated yet
need new curtains made in San Pedro reasonable anybody know reliable person or shop michael

Mascot costumes Not rated yet
I need to find someone who can make well made mascot costumes (adult size) in Marbella area?

School Holiday Programme enquirey Not rated yet
Hi There My name is Paul Hope and I run a School Holiday Programme in Whangarei New Zealand called “All Stars-Kids in Action”. Our kids are looking …

Market stall or small shop in Marbella Not rated yet
Hello! I would like to know what kind of docs I will need to sell silver jewelry in a small shop or stall. I am EU citizen and self employed in UK. I …

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Giving birth in Spain via NHS route (S2) Not rated yet
I am due to have my first baby in March next year and would like to have it in Spain. I am still a UK resident but spend some months in Spain and have …

Are you selling your Ford Kuga? Not rated yet
I am looking to buy a used Ford Kuga. If anyone is interested in selling one, please let me know. I am prepared to pay cash. Thanks, Robert

Fancy Backpacks - NEW Imported from USA Not rated yet
Fancy Backpacks Excellent quality, original designs. NEW - Imported from USA Original Price 75€ Now 45€ delivery included (only Marbella área) Last …

URGENTLY REQUIRED: Au - Pair / Babysitter Not rated yet
URGENTLY REQUIRED: Au - Pair / Babysitter for 2 weeks 20th July to 1 Aug, 2013. My name is Una Elliott, I holiday in Puerto Banus with my family every …

Swans Uniform 12yr Not rated yet
Hi, Do someone know where can I find Swans School Uniform size 12-14 yr? Thank you in advance!

Freelance journalist looking for work Not rated yet
Hello there, I just moved to Marbella and am interested in doing some writing for English publications in the area, especially on culture, social issues …

Beach clubs that cater to babies Not rated yet
Hi - we have rented a house outside Puerto Banus and are looking for an upmarket beach club that also will cater for our 1 year old son Any suggestions? …

Second Hand Vinyl LPS Not rated yet
Does anyone know where these can be bought or sold in the Marbella area? Or is it back to ebay? Thank you in advance for your trouble

Christmas Toys Stock  Not rated yet
For sale. Excess stock. Large quantity of children's toys, perfect for Christmas. Call Julie 622 588 831

Discounted riding classes in Estepona Not rated yet
Anyone interested in riding classes in Estepona? Selling 7 bonos, giving 1 free. Because we are moving out of Spain we are selling our daughters 7 remaining …

Are you looking for a Spanish tutor? Estás buscando profesora de inglés? Not rated yet
Click on my website for more information! http://www.marbellalearningcentre.com/ I hope to hear from you soon. Carolina

Car Maintenance Classes in Marbella Not rated yet
Hello all, I am about to buy a second hand car and know nothing about car mechanics. I would like to take a basic car maintenance class to teach me how …

Documentary/film of Summer in Marbella Not rated yet
I am an actress and live in marbella and I have been asked to do a documentary on life (specifically summer) in Marbella. I am going to film during August …

Looking for a job In Marbella , Malaga Not rated yet
Hello, I am staying in Rosario area , Luna Mar residential Apartments near Marbella. My spanish still very begginer, but I do speak fluent English, …

Immigration law in Spain Not rated yet
We are an American family and are thinking of moving to Spain. Are there any issues staying legally in Spain without a job?

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