Changing telephone/ADSL supplier

We're a bit fed up with the high monthly charges we have to pay Movistar for ADSL - particularly as I don't think we get a very high number of megs (is that the term??) and it can be slow.

A couple of years ago we tried to change from the then Telefonica to and it was a nightmare. We ended up without telephone or Internet for three months while tried to change. We'd been instantly cut off by Telefonica but were unable to reconnect us. It appeared that Telefonica were causing problems, but we're not really sure. I had many difficult, technical phone calls in Spanish mainly.

So my question is, can anyone give details of a good experience they've had changing from Movistar and which service providers people can recommend please. The last experienced almost caused a divorce and we dread having the same pesadilla again!


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Feb 05, 2013
Pay the mob....
by: Justin

Here is the short of the matter...

Telefonica owns 99.9% of the lines in spain... they were the ones that put the lines in the streets years ago.... they own them....

Then about 8-10 years ago... it was illegal for them to have a monopoly... so they had to allow others to supply the internet... , jazztell, etc... they buy the lines or rent them from telefonica at big discounts and they resell them... but the actual line is still telefonica... your still using telefonicas infrastructure.... so when you change company your just adding a middle man....

the problem is there are only so many lines... imagine this... a building complex... only puts in 200 lines for 200 apts. then the first 100 people move in and get 2 lines for each house... then nobody else can get a line...

now in your area there might be a waiting list for lines... the moment you cancel your line... it goes to someone who has been waiting and your cut off...

moral of the story... pay the mob, if your with one company and its working... dont change...

or look for another solution like vodafone or movistar...

if you need more clarification give me a call on 666756692 or email me at


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