Ultimate Guide Marbella Camps 2017

Marbella Camps are in high season and in high demand. Whether you live on the Costa del Sol full time or are simply visiting, camps are a great way to experience the best of what the Costa del Sol has to offer the younger members of the family. We've got it all: Surf camp, football camp, theater camp, cooking camp, sports camps, fitness camps, robotics camp, science camp, gymnastics camp....and that is just some of them.

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Marbella Summer Camps for kids of all ages

From overnight Marbella camps to day camps, Marbella and the Costa del Sol offers a variety of summer camps to choose from for both boys and girls of all ages.

Kids of all ages can spend the whole summer in Marbella camps improving their soccer/football skills, learning how to paint, perfect their swimming technique, learning Spanish, or just play around in a multitude of sports, arts and crafts. Marbella offers camps geared toward English speakers so English speaking children can feel comfortable in an environment where everyone speaks their native lanuguage, or perhaps you are a foreigner who would like their child to pick up more English during your holiday. Of course, as we are in Spain, Marbella offers plenty of choices in summer camps for Spanish speaking children or for those who prefer to jump in and learn the language by trial and error.

Marbella Summer Camps 2017

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Multi-activity Summer school & camp

Aloha College - Day Camp/SummerSchool

music, singing and danceing, story telling, computers, board games, cookery, art and craft activities.

  • Ages: 3 - 14
  • Location: Nueva Andalucia
  • Dates: weekly sessions July 3  - July 28                        

Calpe School - Day Camp/SummerSchool

themed weeks providing a unique and dynamic learning experience through creative, refreshing activities.

  • Ages: 2 - 11
  • Location: San Pedro de Alcantara
  • Dates: weekly sessions July 3  - July 28                   

Clubs Complete - Day Camp/Summer School

Sports, art, theater, master chef, intensive English and Spanish.

  • Ages: 3- 14
  • Location: San Pedro de Alcantara
  • Dates: weekly sessions July 3 - Aug 18 

El Campenario - Day Camp

Arts/Crafts, Mini-Chef, Languages, and Golf. 

  • Ages: 5 - 12
  • Location: Estepona

International Kids Club - Day Camp/Summer School

Full pre-school experience in three languages (English, Spanish and Russian), in subjects including: language, art & music. 

  • Ages: 1 - 6
  • Location: Estepona
  • Dates: July 3 - August 31

The International School Estepona - Day Camp/Summer School

Sports, crafts & fun in a relaxed atmosphere in both English and Spanish.

  • Ages: 3 - 10
  • Location: Estepona
  • Dates: July 3 - July 28

Funky Forest - Day Camp  9:00 - 15:00 Cooking, arts & crafts, pet care, water games, dress-up parties and much more. 

  • Ages: 3 - 9
  • Location: Estepona

Fuerte Nagueles - Day Camp or Overnight Camp

Offers one of the best value camps in Marbella in a Spanish-speaking environment. Sponsored by the local government - the Delegacion de Deportes - the camp is held at Fuerte Nagueles in Sierra Blanca.

  • Ages: 6 - 14
  • Location: Sierra Blanca
  • Dates: Sessions July - Aug 

Glow Fitness - Day Camp - 1/2 day.

Different sports including: pilates, swimming, hiit, waterpolo, aqua-volleyball, cardiobox, kayak, paddle surf, etc...

  • Ages: 4 - 12
  • Location: Puerto Banus
  • Dates: June 19 - Aug 25 

La Latina Baby School 

  • Ages: 1- 6
  • Location: Marbella
  • Dates: July - September

Laude San Pedro International School 

Extensive variety of courses and activities for children aged 3 to 15 this summer. The programme is run by UK-based Clubs Complete.

  • Ages: 3- 14
  • Location: San Pedro de Alcantara
  • Dates: July 3 - Aug 18 

Marbella Montessori School - Day Camp/Summer School

Sports and games, art and craft, treasure hunts, den making, water slides, yoga, cookery etc.

  • Ages: 3 - 7
  • Location: San Pedro de Alcantara

The Multisports Club & Eco-Woodlands Park - Day Camp & Drop Off Club

Sporting activities, arts & crafts as well as an ecologically friendly play zone for hourly, daily or weekly programs. One the most flexible Marbella camps.

  • Ages: 3 - 14
  • Location: Nueva Andalucia

Wendy Marbella First School - Day Camp/Summer School

Horseback riding, swimming lessons, cooking workshops and much more.

  • Ages: up to 5 years old
  • Location: Marbella

Creative Camps:
Dance, Theater, Music, Art, Cooking & Science

Broadway Bootcamp - Day Camp

Musical theater summer camp, learn: acting, singing, dance and more. 

  • Ages: 4 - 12
  • Location: San Pedro
  • Dates: July 10 - 21

Dance Marbella - Day Camp

Highly recommended for boys and girls. All dance styles.

  • Ages: 7 - 16
  • Location: Nueva Andalucia
  • Dates:

Mad Hatters Film Camp - Full Day Camp

Developed jointly between Reynard Productions and Sotogrande International School offers kids, teens and young adults an exciting opportunity produce their own films.

  • Ages: 8 - 20
  • Location: Guadalmina Baja
  • Dates: July 3 - Aug 14 

Marbella Science Camp -  Day Camp

Calling all Jedi Knights to journey to a galaxy far, far away! All Jedi's in Training will be transported to a galaxy where they will learn how to walk on quicksand, design their own hovercraft, build their own light saber...

  • Ages: 3 -10
  • Location: Puerto Banus
  • Dates: July 10 - August 3

School of Russian Ballet

  • Location: Nueva Andalucia

Marbella Design Academy -  Design Technology, Fashion, Photography and Interior Design, located on their beautiful campus with all courses in English.

  • Location: Monda

Swans International School -  interactive secondary summer program for students interested in learning Adobe Photoshop programming and visual communication skills.

  • Location: Sierra Blanca

Cooking Camps

FoodRoom - Culinary Day Camp

Includes: Lunch, hands-on instruction of a wide variety of cooking styles as well as cuisines, Apron, recipes, notebook and Graduation Diploma.

  • Ages: 6 - 16
  • Location: San Pedro, Guadalmina Alta
  • Dates: July 3 - July 28

Golf Camps

Enjoy Golf Academy - Golf Day Camp

A friendly, effective and affordable way to take the family skills to the next level.

  • Location: Nueva Andalucia

Tennis & Padel Camps

Bel Air Tennis & Padel Camp - Estepona The Bel Air Tennis and Padel Club offers a summer multisport camp for children aged 4 - 14 Monday through Friday. Multisport program or exclusively tennis or padel available.

  • Location: Bel Air

Tennis Brothers Marbella - Tennis Day Group Classes

Offers coaching for kids of all ages and levels on high-quality courts.

  • Location: Nueva Andalucia

Football Camps

Marbella Football Academy - Football Day or Overnight Camp.

Rigorous but fun football training program with swimming, painting gymnastics, minigames, darts, ping- pong, crafts & dance classes.

  • Ages: 4- 16
  • Location: La Campana
  • Dates: July - August

Campus Juan José Almagro - The summer programme is run from 9:00 - 14:00 daily and includes an intensive football and swimming exercises.

Gymnastics Camps

Marbella Gymnastics

Offers children from 6 years and up the chance to learn and practice gymnastics, aerobics, flexibility, choreography, make-up and dressing workshops during the summer.

  • Ages: 6 - & up 
  • Location: La Campana

Swimming Camps

Water Star offers private swim lessons or group classes for up to three children. Swim lessons are available in and around Marbella and in English, Swedish or Spanish at very competitive prices. Great for little kids as well!

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Marbella Camps and Activities: related articles

There are numerous programs available throughout the year: sports camps, theatre camps, fitness clubs, language camps and many more.  Listed here are also summer programs which can offer your kids an opportunity to experience and learn from a wide variety of focus areas. Check out our listings below to see which summer programs are most suitable for your child.  

Do you have feedback on a great camp for kids in Marbella?  We'd love to hear about it.  Let us know your feedback using our Share a Tip feature in the function bar, above.  We'd be delighted to share your experience with the community. 

Are you looking to see what others have said about Marbella Camps?  Check out our Marbella Kids Camps and Clubs Forum to find out what others are saying about many of the camps and clubs on the Costa del Sol.

Semana Blanca for half-term holidays

Funky Forest in Estepona is offering a week of fun, games and activities during the Semana Blanca holiday. Places fill up quickly so contact Funky Forest for reservations and details.

The Multisports Club in Nueva Andalucia is offering a February Half Term Kids Camp & Youth Club. Activities include tennis, football, basketball and much more.

Tennis Brothers Marbella is a fun and engaging sports camp for kids to engage tennis.  Located in Nueva Andalucia, Tennis Brothers is offering its annual Semana Blanca tennis camp for kids of all ages and levels.

Parpadeos will be hosting a Camp for the Half term to teach kids to explore their creative side. Activities will include cooking ecological recipes.

Fantasy Land Semana Blanca Camp is inviting your children to have a fantastic time making new friends and enjoying the activities they have arranged.

Semana Santa for the Easter Holiday

Below we have an idea of what we may expect for Easter camps this year ( Please note, many business are yet to update their specific schedules and activities)

The Kids Club at the Marbella Club Hotel has an exciting Easter week planned for kids from 4 to 14 years of age including arts & crafts workshops, paddle boarding, football, cooking workshops for kids and great activities.

Funky Forest in Estepona will feature an Easter program including games, activities, workshops, a live-animal display, a mini rock-climbing wall as well as tasty, healthy food for kids and parents alike.

Fuerte Nagueles in Sierra Blanca is offering a Semana Santa camp running for the Easter Holidays, great for kids 4 to 14 years of age.  Details are in progress and will be posted as soon as they are available.

The Multisports Club in Nueva Andalucia is offering a Semana Santa camp during the Easter Holidays.  Details are in progress and will be posted as soon as available. Recommended Marbella Camps.

Tennis Brothers Marbella is a fun and engaging sports camp for kids to engage tennis.  Located in Nueva Andalucia, Tennis Brothers will offering its annual Santa Semana tennis camp for kids of all ages and levels.

Other Marbella Easter camps There are lots of things to do in Marbella over the Easter holidays, but sometimes you need a few hours in the day to get things done. Keep the kids busy with an Easter camp to burn some energy, get outdoors and make some friends.

Name Tapes, Labels and Camp Accessories

HFG Labeling Services provides a wide variety of name tapes, labels and camp accessories to make identifying your children's personal items easy.  Tired of losing expensive clothes when your kids are at camp?  Solve the problem with a quick and attractive label solution from HFG Labeling Services.

Marbella Camps offer something for everyone

When choosing summer camps in Marbella it is good advice to first decide on whether you need an overnight or day camp, if you prefer Spanish speaking only, English speaking, or a mix of the two, and which activities your children like best. This narrows down the choices of kids camps Costa del Sol has to offer.

Some of the most popular Marbella camps are sport camps. Children of all ages love to run, test their skills and improve a sport with like minded and enthusiastic peers. Black Box Teatro 
The Multisports Club has a wide variety of activities, while Atletico Las Chapas football camp focuses primarily on football/soccer skills and training. Another sport camp in Spain is Impact Marbella where kids can learn self defence, kickboxing and have fun at the same time.

Another option for the kids is to attend a Marbella summer school on any one of the international or British campuses on the Costa del Sol, such as at Laude in San Pedro or Calpe. Most international schools offer a summer school program for the month of July which include fun, games, sports mixed with a little language and light academics. Marbella private schools usually offer sophisticated facilities and plenty of room for kids to enjoy the summer.

There are plenty of Marbella camps to choose from, so take your time in browsing the options, reading parent reviews and choosing the best program for your child. If you need help deciding where to go and what to do, just send us a message with Marbella Camps in the subject line and we will try our best to guide you in the right direction.

If you have a camp that you would like advertised in our Marbella Camps page, take a look at our listing price and contact us with your details.

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