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school related references

If you are considering educational options on the Costa del Sol, you may also want to review the related information at the National Association of British Schools in Spain and the British Schools Overseas inspection schemes.

You can also search the official status of a school of interest at the education site at the Junta de Andalucia (Spanish only).

even more information on marbella schools

Because this is such a hot topic for families here, we simply couldn't fit all the content on this page! If you're looking for even more feedback directly from the Marbella Family Community regarding schools and academic issues on the Costa del Sol, check out the Marbella School Forum. You'll find a complete list of questions, feedback and information regarding school-related topics. If you're interested in after school academic support, check out the Tutoring References in Marbella.

If you're looking for an answer to a specific question, feel free to post it directly to our site at this page and we'll put it out to the Community to give you direct feedback: Ask a Question

Tutoring and University Entrance Exam Coaching and Libraries

Tutor Me This Steve Russell

Tutor Me This is a highly recommended programme in the community, enabling B performance students to attain the skills needed to attain A* results. The organisation also provides university entrance exam preparation, including: A-Levels, IBIGCSE and SATs for the American University systems. 

library marbella

Library read and return their books or even sit in a studying enviroment to help concentrate on your revisions and have access to further information on a specific topic you may need extra knowledge on. There are two libraries one in San Pedro and another one in Marbella, which are both open 7 days a week. 

School necessities

bookworld puerto banus

Bookworld Puerto Banus  is a well known stationary and book store offering a wide selection of current bestsellers as well as classic literature, and learning books for children. 

HFG Labeling Services

HFG Labeling Services provides a wide variety of name tapes, labels and school accessories to make identifying your children's personal items easy.  Tired of losing expensive school uniforms, pencil cases and shoes?  Solve the problem with a quick and attractive label solution from HFG Labeling Services.

Head Lice and nits, Lousebuster is the latest techonology to get rid of the pediculosis, they have different treatments for different types of hair and they will come to your home

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English International College in Marbella 
I am moving to Marbella with two kids from the UK. There aren't many reviews on this school. Families who have been or attending - please do share …

Sotogrande International School Diploma students receive high scores 
Students at Sotogrande International School (SIS), part of the Inspired Education Group, have achieved record-breaking International Baccalaureate (IB) …

Local Spanish Schools in Marbella 
Hi. Im looking for recommendations of local Spanish schools in the Estepona area. I would prefer if they had some sort of bilingualism or help with …

Unique Home School in Marbella 
We are a private home school of two highly qualified Primary school teachers with over 40 years experience running a small home school group for children …

Private Standard Attainment Test (sats) in Marbella 
My daughter is learning in a spanish public school. Also she is following British curriculum classes privately. Can she do the sats UK exams privately? …

English International College (EIC) 
Who is the current Headteacher at EIC?

Looking for a school for our son in Marbella 
We are looking for an International school between Malaga and Marbella. Our son has studied IB since kindergarten and is now in grade 9. From summer …

Schellhammer Business School Awarded British Accreditation 
Founded in 2009 and expanding into a stunning new campus in Estepona a year ago, the Costa del Sol’s leading business school is going from strength to …

Nurturing Homeschool in Marbella  
We are two highly qualified primary school teachers with over 40 years experience running a small homeschool group for 3+ year olds in a nurturing home …

Public Primary School Estepona 
Hi I am moving to Estepona from Ireland in August. My daughter who is 6 will be attending Federico Garcia Lorca school in Estepona. Has anyone …

Which is the best school in Marbella? 
Which school do you recommend and why? Aloha, Swans, Other?

Public Spanish school in Marbella ?  
My email is I’m looking to where I get the forms to apply for schools for my son aged 8 in San Pedro if possible.

Happy New Year! Hope you and your family have had a great time together and have enjoyed making the most out of the more relaxed holiday routine. Invariably …

Laude International School San Pedro  
Thinking about going to Laude San Pedro for Sixth Form. What's it like or the school in general? Also is their a uniform for the sixth form??

Public Bilingual Secondary School - San Pedro 
I.E.S Vega de Mar is a bilingual secondary school for children between the age of 12 and 16 located in San Pedro de Alcantara. There are 25 class rooms, …

Cameron International Primary School - Admission Still Open  
Its never too late to enrol your child, as the school are still accepting applications! We offer a comprehensive, thematic, creative, fun learning curriculum …

aloha college parent feedback 
This year we moved our children to Aloha College . Our family has been a part of several international schools in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Spain, …

Escuela Hosteleria Benahavis Hospitality School  
Escuela Hosteleria - Benahavis - Hospitality School - Sabor a Malaga They provide two main areas of study: • Cooking Service • Restaurant and Bar …

Boarding schools in Marbella? 
Hi, II am looking for a boarding school for my daughter. She is 16 and following American education system which enables her to obtain American diploma. …

Free public bilingual education in Marbella? 
Are there any free public bilingual schools in Marbella? I am planning on moving to Spain for my sabbatical and want my kids to continue their bilingual …

EIC English International College  
Please can you give your feedback. Looking for good British school in Marbella. Very much needed advise or any tips in choosing the right school for an …

Does anyone have any information about public (Spanish) Primary schools in Estepona West? 
I am moving from Marbella to Estepona and my son is currently in a Spanish public Primary school which I am very happy with. It is small about 400 pupils. …

Public Schools in Marbella 
We have two children and will be moving to the Marbella area for the school year of 2016/2017. They are in 8th and 9th year in English schools. What …

Den Norske Skolen 
Den Norske Skolen , Malaga (Colegio Noruego) follows the National Norwegian curriculum and offers modern, high-quality education methods in a safe and …

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Which is the best school on the Costa Del Sol? 
Hi, I am moving with my family to Marbella next year, we are looking at schools for our two kids. So far we like MIT School, Colegio Bilingue Malaga, …

Any feedback on The English International College in Marbella? 
Does anyone send their child to EIC school? Do you recommend it? Any information about the school would be appreciated, Thank-you! ___________________________________ …

School recommendations  
We are a family of 3 with a son aged 12 who is to start year 8 in Sept 2015 and are planning on relocating to Marbella/Sotogrande. We will be making …

Kindergarten in Puerto Banus? 
Hi. I have a 3 year-old son and we will be staying in Puerto Banus for one month this summer. I'd like to send my boy to kindergarten to learn a little …

I am looking for a complete list of private and state Spanish primary schools (not International, not bilingual just Spanish primary schools) 
I am looking for a complete list of private and state Spanish primary schools (not International, not bilingual just Spanish primary schools in Marbella …

Homeschooling Group 
Good evening, I hope you are well. We are thinking of relocating to Marbella and I'd like to know if there is a group of homeschoolers in the area …

Marbella International University Centre 
Marbella International University Centre is a global academic institution providing a new kind of learning experience based on advanced curriculum, cutting-edge …

Marbella schools 
We are a family of four with children aged 3 and 8. We are considering moving to Marbella next fall and are looking for the best English school for our …

Colegio San Jose in Marbella 
Any info about Colegio San Jose in San Pedro please. Parent's opinion would be great. Thank you!

What are some of the best public schools in Marbella?  Not rated yet
We are thinking about moving to Marbella I would like to get to know the diffrent schools in the area:)

School for delay teaching student Not rated yet
Hello Is there School for delay students in Marbella city? My son is 8 years old. Please kindly request to check and advise. Thank

Moving with a 10 year old Not rated yet
Myself and partner are relocating this year (2018) with our 10 year old son, he has spent a fair bit of time in Nueva Andalucia with our family living …

Les Roches Marbella, Closing Ceremony Not rated yet
On Friday the 2nd of June at 11.00 a.m. in the Salon Andalucía at Puente Beach Resort & Spa, Les Roches Marbella will hold its Closing Ceremony. A total …

IB AND THEN ? Not rated yet
Hello, what possibilities are there to study in Marbella or close to Marbella after IB ?

Choosing the right educational pathway Not rated yet
This time of year parents with young children are thinking about the best options for primary schooling and looking for information on where to go and …

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Marbella Schools Forums and Related Articles:

More About Marbella Schools

As there are a wide range of schools in the area to choose from, you will find that some of the best bilingual schools Spain has to offer can be found right here on the Costa del Sol.

Some of these schools have been established here for many years with a solid foundation and reputation, with state-of-the-art facilities and professional teaching and management staff that have operated in the area for years. 

Larger schools like Aloha College in Nueva Andalucia, Laude San Pedro International School and Sotogrande International School offer a strong focus on academics in purpose built facilities with strong sports programmes.

The British School of Marbella offers the English National Curriculum in the heart of Marbella. It is very convenient to get to if you are living in the centre of town. The school accepts children from ages 2 to 7, so it is ideal for the younger set.

If you are looking for a newer school in the Estepona area, you may want to consider International School Estepona, which has relatively new facilities and strong reviews on our site. The school caters to children 2 to 12 and follows the Montessori program and the British National Curriculum offering a balanced education for both young and old.

Marbella Montessori School also offers the Montessori education alongside the British Early Years Curriculum for kids 3 months to 6 years old and is a good choice if you live closer to San Pedro, Guadalmina or Estepona.

Smaller kids may enjoy some of the smaller schools in Marbella that offer the feeling of safety and security in an environment that makes a smooth transition from home to school, such as Calpe School in San Pedro Alcantara.

Looking for information on local Spanish schools? Check our this blog created by the community on a Complete List of private and state Spanish primary schools.