Public Schools in Marbella

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Public schools in Marbella

Public schools in Marbella

We have two children and will be moving to the Marbella area for the school year of 2016/2017. They are in 8th and 9th year in English schools. What are the public schools like in Marbella and which one is best?


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Apr 12, 2016
Spanish School?
by: Christian

When we first arrived, we had them in a private school because we didn't want the change to be too drastic for them. My kids are 6 and 9 years old. We then moved them into a spanish state school in Benahavis last year which had a good reputation. It turns out that the percentage of expat at this school is more than 60%. The lessons are all in Spanish but a lot of the talk around the school and in the playground is in english. We are here for the long haul and have no plans of moving back so it made sense to try and get the kids fluent in Spanish. After almost 1 year my 9 year old has learned at an incredible rate and I believe this time next year he will be fluent. My 6 year old had had a tough time and its been very hard but he has now turned a corner and is building his confidence up and has begun to express himself in spanish. If you choose to go the spanish route be prepared for a very difficult first year. It will however be worth it. The Spanish school style is stricter then private schools. There are test every 2 weeks and a lot of homework. Academically we have found that the Spanish system to be higher and we had to play catch up when we arrived. But if your child is having a hard time learning or needs special attention as my youngest needed dont expect anyone to pay extra attention to your child. The mentality is a bit like you decided to put your kid in our spanish school, you deal with it..So its common that the first year or so to put your kid into a homework/language school to help them as it is a huge change/challenge. But one we think will be worth it this time next year. But it also depends on where you see your kids going to university. If you expect them to have a career in Spain or elsewhere.

We are very happy with our school although there are things that we are not happy about but I guess that will go for any school. Financially the money we have saved has allowed us to take some time off and spend the time with the kids on holidays. Socially it has been great too as we have a good mixture of expat and Spanish friends. We feel like we are integrating better and not living in an expat bubble which is very easy to do.

I hope this has given you an idea of what to expect if you are thinking of putting them into a Spanish school..

Good luck :)

Apr 11, 2016
State schools
by: Anonymous

By years 8 and 9 I assuming they are 13- 15 years old ?

Unless the speak fluent Spanish they will find it tough in the state system and it may be better to look at some of the private schools , although they are expensive particularly in secondary .

If they are fluent speakers it maybe best to decide on area to live and then look on the junta de Andalucía website

Good luck

Apr 11, 2016
Best schools in Marbella


Glad to hear about your exciting move to Marbella!

There are many public schools in the area and the one which is right for you will be based on a number of factors, the first one being: where will you live?

The best way to research the topic is to scan the blogs on our site for what other parents have said. Simply go to the search field and enter a term "best schools" or "public schools" and you'll get a complete listing of all the content on this site that relates to your topic of interest.

You can also scan these School Blogs for additional feedback from parents in the community:

Marbella Schools
Marbella Schools Forum

You'll find perspectives from hundreds of families on schools on the Costa del Sol. We'll also share your question with the community to get their direct feedback.

In the meantime, if there is anything else we can assist with regarding your transition to Marbella - let us know about it! We'd be glad to assist.

Have Fun!

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