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Tutor Me This is a Marbella-based educational programme designed to assist students to achieve their peak academic performance and preparation for universityTo download Steve’s University Ranking Research, click here.

Inspiring young women and men to achieve their maximum potential Steven Russell, Stanford MBA — a 25-year resident of Marbella, business owner and mentor, educator and academic counsellor — founded Tutor Me This in 2011. The benefits of working with Steve encompass these areas of preparation.

Steve Russell, Founder, Tutor Me This

TUTORINGMathematics, Economics, Business, and proper Academic Research and Writing for intermediate and advanced secondary students enrolled in IGCSE, A-Levels and International Baccalaureate programmes.

University of Washington campus

AMERICAN UNIVERSITIESAdvance planning and preparation for students who aspire to attend American Universities, including: Selection of a best fit university, the Application Process, the Application Essays, the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), advanced SAT Subject Tests, and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language.)

Stanford Men’s NCAA 2015 DIV 1 Soccer Champions

STUDENT–ATHLETESFor women and men with exceptional athletic abilities who envisage attending American universities with the possibility of athletic scholarship opportunities, Tutor Me This counsels promising students to select a best-fit American university, and NCAA compliance with regard to contacting university coaches, advanced planning and secondary course selection.

Tutor Me This, tutoring young women and men

GED: For students who left secondary school before graduating, Tutor Me This also offers training in the GED (General Education Development) series of examinations, which result in an internationally recognised American High School Diploma.

American Graduate School of Business - marbella students

GMAT: For university graduates who wish to attend an American Graduate School of Business for their MBA (Master's degree in Business Administration, Steve also offers training to accomplished candidates for the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test.)

What makes Tutor Me This different from other tutoring programmes is its rigorous and engaging approach to enable students to:

  • Tap into their full potential, and
  • Explore all educational possibilities 

Steve builds his educational foundation upon the rigorous Socratic method, which demands extensive research, critical thinking, problem solving, and intelligent writing. He enjoys the privilege and honour of having earned three degrees at top-ranked universities. As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, he has refined a set of proven tools enabling students to clearly grasp the requirements of the unique academic challenges they face. 

Challenging young women and men to achieve their very best and become successful lifelong learners!

Each student is an individual whose current performance is a function of the environment over the course of her or his early education. 

Steve begins with an assessment of the pupil's current level and develops an action plan so that students have a clear understanding of the programme direction and objectives. It is vital that parents are equally dedicated to, and engaged with, their child's education — the two go hand in hand.

Bespoke lessons for dedicated students who are committed to increase their grades from B to A, or A to A* are individually designed. At its core, the programme establishes a mutual environment of trust and comfort to allow students to enjoy the learning process.

From the referrals that Tutor Me This has received from the community, below, Steve has proven himself exceedingly diligent in assisting achievers to refine their skills in order to attain their very best.

Tutor Me This Steve Russell
  • Expertise: programme founder Steve Russell holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Stanford University, consistently ranked among the elite universities of the world. He graduated with dual BA honours degrees in Mathematics and Statistics, and in Economics, from University of California at Santa Cruz, the UK equivalent of which is a Double 1st. 
  • Maths, Economics, Business, and Academic Writing are the areas of focus where students will benefit from rigorous and engaging instruction, enabling them to attain maximum performance in these subjects. They are also areas where students oftentimes face the greatest challenges in achieving consistent academic excellence.
  • University Entrance Preparation: the challenges of securing a spot amongst the leading universities in the world are more complex and rigorous than ever. Steve's advisory services enable students to maximise their potential placement by teaching them key tools they can use to differentiate themselves from their peers.
  • Student-Athletes will benefit from Steve's knowledge, not only of general American university admissions, but also the added NCAA requirements. 

What is taught at Tutor Me This?

As an American-educated individual, who has lived in Europe for 25 years, Steve is equally conversant in IGCSE, A-Level, International Baccalaureate, and American paradigms. He has successfully prepped students in a myriad of subjects; however, his prime areas of expertise and formal education are in:

  • Maths
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Rigorous Academic Research and Writing 

American University Admissions

American universities consistently rank among the very best in the worldTo download Steve’s University Ranking Research, click hereIn fact, Steve has made an in-depth analysis employing the combined data and methodologies from the five best world university ranking systems.

The results are obvious: Eight of the world's top ten (80%) universities are in the United States whilst 2 are in the UK; 14 of the top 20 (70%) in USA, 4 in the UK; 29 of the top 50 in USA versus 7 in the UK and so on. Of the top 100 universities in the world 49 are in the USA and nine are in the UK.

Having graduated - with honours - from the University of California at Santa Cruz and with a Master’s Degree from top-ranked Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Steve is a product of these elite university systems. Through his experience and coaching, he has helped many students gain admission to U.S. universities.

Tutor Me This further assists students and parents in navigating the complexities of selecting the student’s best fit of an American university, the field of academic interest and finances.

  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test): typically achieved an increased SAT combined score of ±15 percentile, or 5 to 10 percentile for high achievers, above any previous sitting. Preparation is geared to dates of examinations, well in advance.
  • GED (US High School Equivalency): in order to gain admission to an American university, without exception, the student must have a high school diploma, or equivalent. Steven offers preparation for this examination series, with a record of accomplishment of proven results.
  • Student-Athletes: many U.S. universities are keen to admit those students with strong athletic abilities in key intercollegiate sports. Steven has achieved great success in helping these students attain the best SAT test scores possible. The higher the academic achievement the better the school and financial assistance offered.

the classroom

All classes by Tutor Me This are conducted in a library office environment, centrally located in the Marbella area. The facility is equipped with WiFi, a state-of-the art computer and projection system, and all resources required for the programme. 

Within the library, students benefit from access to numerous past papers and mark schemes from every major examination board. In certain cases, parents purchase supplementary materials for specific requirements, which are readily available on Amazon.

Qualification, Education, Certifications and Pricing

Steve's results and academic record are key differentiators from other tutoring programmes in Marbella.

Highlights of his academic record and certifications can be summarised as follows:

  • MBA, Stanford University Graduate School of Business (1988)
  • BA (Honors) Mathematics and Statistics, University of California at Santa Cruz (1985), Graduate Record Examination-Mathematics 99th Percentile
  • BA (Honors) Economics, University of California at Santa Cruz (1985)
  • High School Diploma, Wyoming Seminary Preparatory Academy, (1969)
  • IB Certifications: Intro to DP; ITGS HL/SL/EE; Mathematics HL; IB Examiner, ITGS: Higher Level Paper 3, and Internal Assessment
  • Spanish Legal Residency with full working permission
  • Spanish Ministry of Justice Penal History: Certified clean and free of any incident.

Official documentation of the credentials noted above is available upon request.

Pricing: Tutor Me This holds two-hour sessions, at 100€ per session. Each student is unique and needs depend on the student's willingness to achieve the agreed-upon objectives. A lesson plan will be discussed with parents after completion of the initial assessment.


Casa Tauro, Urb. Puerto Del Almendro (Los Almendros), Benhavis 29679

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Referrals from parents and students

Below you will find a selection of referrals to Steven Russell's programme in Marbella. Additional references are available upon request.

DP, student (16):  Steve, thank you for your help on my essay. I do not know what I would have done if you had not forced me to analyse the topic thoroughly, and then dig deeply into the research. English is my second language and you taught me how to correct my spelling and grammar mistakes, on my own without you doing it for me. I learned more in two hours with you than ever before. Thank you very much, Steve!

EM, student (19):  Steve, with your real world experience you are teaching me more about Economics than I would ever learn from a textbook or in a regular classroom. None of my Business Studies teachers have ever done anything in their lives except teach, and they know nothing about what it really means, or how, to actually run a business! All they have done is drill me with past papers so I can pass my AS and A2 exams!

OW, student (19):  From the first moment you spoke to me on the phone, I knew you were the right educator for me. Now that I have been in your classroom, my confidence is growing rapidly; and I know that I will not be afraid to sit my Numeracy Professional Skills Test in Maths before entering teaching college. Thank you, Steve, for removing anxiety "from the equation", LOL!

DR, student (17):  Steve, thanks for two things. For demystifying the unclear topics in IB HL Mathematics and for helping me rock the American SAT! With your guidance, I improved my SAT score from a dismal 79th percentile on my first practice run to a killer 95th percentile on my first sitting of the official exam. An Economics degree from the University of Chicago is now within my grasp. Thank you, man.

AV, student (18):  I remember when I first told you in the halls at school that I was going to go to Harvard. You chuckled and said "Huh? What about Stanford?" Now several years later, you have become a full time private tutor, and I am now applying to American universities. By working with you this past year, I have explored all of my possibilities, and have a clear vision of what I want to do. I have vastly improved my performance on the SAT, from 76th percentile on my first practice exam to a very respectable 93rd percentile on my official SAT. Yes, Teacher Sir, I am going to apply to Stanford, for the millionth time… But, hey! Harvard too! 

Ran and Laurie, parents: Steve came into our lives at a much-needed time, when our daughter had decided that she would like to go to university in the USA. He tutored her through her GED. Steve immediately saw the areas where she lacked confidence and helped her to realize her potential. Our daughter achieved outstanding results, and we are convinced this never would have happened without his amazing guidance, patience, and knowledge.  We would thoroughly recommend Steve as an amazing tutor and we will be forever indebted to him.

Sonia, mum: Steve, you are a genius! My son hasn't stopped talking about you since you started lessons with him. You are the first teacher in my son's 18 years who has been able to reach him and help him with his dyslexia. We were ready to give up! Thanks to you, and only because of you, my son made it through mathematics, and his other courses, received his high school diploma and is now on his way! Great news! You have my highest praise.

Laura, mum: Super Star! With all respect to you, my son improved his SAT score by 150 points. This gave him the boost needed for acceptance at his first choice university in America with a $70,000 tennis scholarship, without which I could not afford to pay his four years of tuition. My son can now live his dream, thanks to you! I highly recommend you to any parents who want the best for their children.

IR, student (19): Steve, I could not have done this on my own. With your help, I improved my SAT score significantly. More than that, with your guidance you helped me understand the American university admissions system and how important it is to select the right school. Santa Monica College in Los Angeles has accepted me and if all goes according to plan, I will transfer to UCLA in two years to complete my business degree. You get my vote as the best! P.S. You helped my younger sister with her Year 7 maths, too! She had fun, learned a lot, and sends her thanks.

BT, student (18): For the first time in my life, I passed a Maths exam! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!