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Laude San Pedro International College is a large, vibrant school with excellent facilities offering a complete British education on the Costa del Sol to pupils from 2 to 18 years of age.

Language options: Laude International College offers an enhanced English National Curriculum with a strong focus on developing fluency in Spanish as a Second Language. It also offers - for Spanish students - a condensed Spanish curriculum.

International Students: The School's program of study is certified in Spain and in England. It's Sixth Form unit offers AS and full A levels, with provision made for entry into UK and Spanish Universities. This British co-educational school hosts over 600 students from over 40 countries.

The School: Laude San Pedro is housed in a modern campus with large indoor and outdoor training facilities. The installations and facilities for learning, sports and arts are considered to be among the finest of any school on the Costa del Sol.

The Teachers: The College acknowledges that learning is a lifelong process and that all students can achieve strong results in a environment that is both stimulating and enjoyable. Laude's teaching teaching systems recognise that children learn in different ways and that each child deserves an individualised approach to maximise their unique potential.

After School Activities: Several extracurricular activities are held once the school day has finished. They are aimed at student and adults that belong to the School community. These include all sport activities, Japanese lessons, Music lessons, Dance, Chess, Architecture, Art, Science, Cooking and more.

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Among the strengths of the school - which set it apart from many others - are the student-centred and holistic approaches to learning that recognise and employ whole-brain, multiple-intelligence teaching methods.

Laude San Pedro International College puts the child's welfare and well-being at the centre of everything it does. It constantly reaches out to both students and parents though profiles, meetings, and regularly  scheduled and structured review sessions.

Laude takes the award for Short Film Competition

Laude took first prize this year in the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) Short Film competition sponsored by Lenovo.  Laude won the prize for their submission in the video competition, 'My British School is Cool', which debuted at the National Conference in Malaga.  Laude beat competitors from British schools all over Spain. 

Laude San Pedro Charitable Initiatives

Laude San Pedro International College believes contributing to the community is part of its responsibility as a local representative students, parents and teachers. The school hosts an annual charity event aimed at raising awareness, funds and resources to benefit local organisations in need. In preparing for and implementing the charitable event, students gain a first-hand appreciation of the importance of being an active, supportive member of the community.


Avenida La Coruña, 2, Urbanización Nueva Alcántara, 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara 


Son: "An amazing school"

Laude San Pedro is an amazing English school that I go to and I learn a lot. I have a lot of fun at the same time. There might be a lot of homework in Spanish lessons but I am strong in Spanish so that does not bother me.

Daughter: "A fine school"

I have been going to Laude since I moved to Spain and I think it is a really good school. The teachers are nice and a bit strict...

...The cafeteria food is not very good, but not to worry...I am working on that, because I am on the school council. :)I am happy with all the classes and teachers. In secondary we get lockers that are not very big but you can still fit everything inside.There are two playgrounds, one for the kids who play football during break and the other one for everyone else.In secondary there is a tuck shop at break where some year 12's and 13's sell chocolates and crisps for about 1 euro.

Mom: "Our kids have excellent grades"

Our children have been attending Laude since nearly the very beginning in 2004. They have sailed through nearly all of primary and I cannot complain about their general education. They have always had excellent results here...

...The teachers are open and friendly and the school facilities are high in qualityCompared to the average school in the UK or the US, the turnover for teachers is high, but I believe this happens a lot in all the Marbella International schools as well as other private schools on the coast. Nevertheless, our children are doing well, plus it's very close to home so we hardly have a commute, which is a huge advantage.Laude San Pedro International School has always been a truly international school with a wide variety of nationalities. We have always considered it important to expose our children to other cultures, to be aware, understanding and acceptable of people who are different...and we get this at Laude. It is so nice to have a mix of cultures in our school.In all the years that we have been at Laude, our children have never been bullied and we understand that it is simply not tolerated here. My children have always chosen nice friends and children who come from happy backgrounds and nice families, so naturally they are very happy at Laude.

Dad: "Our kids are growing happily and confidently"

Laude San Pedro is a British school that opened only in 2004, under the name of King's college. The school went through a few changes in its corporate structure after a few years...

...That brought a level of instability to the institution, but did not have any noticeable incidence on the level of education, at least for the children in primary.The school offers new, modern and functional facilities in a friendly atmosphere. Since it is a new school, it is not easy assessing the average level of the students objectively. However, our kids enjoy their school very much and are growing happily and confidently, so it must be worth the high cost of the tuition fees...

Matthew's Family (Estepona) 

Dad: "The best decision we made"

At first we tried a Private International School in Nueva Andalucia however we have since moved all of our children to Laude San Pedro International School. The principal reason behind this was that we felt Laude offered much better value for money not just in terms of tuition fees but also in the sense that the school was purpose built and as such offered better, more dedicated facilities to its students.

I have to admit this was probably the best decision I made for my children. Laude is an excellent school that seems to have that community spirit missing from many private education facilities. My children are all very happy with their school and love going each morning, which as we all know, makes the job of the parent that much easier! Part of the reason for this can be attributed to the attitude and passion of the teachers at Laude which is second to none.

I am extremely happy with Laude San Pedro and would urge any parent who is genuinely concerned with their child's happiness, educational development and well-being to consider Laudes San Pedro as their school of choice.

Georgina's Family (San Pedro) 

Mom: "A breath of fresh air"

We have recently moved to the costa and having 3 children (2 now in college in the UK) we are most aware of the need to find a school that works with parents, children, teachers and the wider community...

...We were also concerned that the school should demonstrate a commitment to the international world that we live in. Having visited a number of establishments and listened to parents with children in these Costa schools we choose Laude for our 8 (now 9 year old).Our initial impression was a refreshing breath of fresh air. The reception and other administrators were all clearly engaged and fully understood and pre-empted our questions and addressed them thoroughly and transparently. The school immediately demonstrated that it is focused and businesslike but leaving both us and our child in no doubt that they were entirely interested in us and listened carefully. They worked hard to manage the transition for not only our child but for us the parents and they have welcomed us all with equal gusto. As with anything not everything was perfect and the purchase of uniform was far from easy and the cost was more than what we had expected, but these are things that can be addressed and resolved.In summary we feel confident in recommending this school as it is clearly setting our child up for excellence. In the short time since term began our child is excited everyday and this is demonstrated in his enthusiasm and general manner - for us a complete change from previous. The leadership at Laude although new, seems to be absolutely appropriate, pitched to encourage and grow relationships. John Foulkes-Jones tells parents that the greatest gifts that they can give their children are "Roots and Wings", well he has certainly given us them!

For many English schools Costa del Sol offers a wonderful opportunity to live in Spain, soak up the culture and still follow the British education system. Laude San Pedro's mission is to enable children of the internationally-mobile community to learn, develop, grow, and realise their potential in an environment which is child-centred, stable, nurturing and rich with learning opportunity.

For parents interested in the British National curriculum Costa del Sol families are encouraged to visit our school and become part of the Laude family!

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