Free public bilingual education in Marbella?

by Danielle

Public Schools in Marbella

Public Schools in Marbella

Are there any free public bilingual schools in Marbella?

I am planning on moving to Spain for my sabbatical and want my kids to continue their bilingual education they have started in the US.

There is very little information on the web about how I would actually enroll my children in public school?

For more information on schools in the area, check out our Complete Guide to Schools in Marbella.

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Sep 12, 2016
Chasing up findings
by: Helen


We are moving to Spain in 3 weeks. We are heading to the Malaga Province but inland. We have an 8 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.

As we have got closer to the big move, the most common topic of conversation when discussing the move is our daughter having issues with attending school in Spain.

I have read your question and was wondering if you had any useful findings that you could share?

We really want to send her to state school as we realise the benefits in doing so, she does not have an issue with playing and interacting with other children, English or non English, i think she is concerned with not being able to understand basic commands.

Thank you in advance


May 11, 2016
Schools in Marbella and the Costa del Sol
by: MarbellaFamilyFun

Hello Danielle,

Thanks for your question. Although we aren't aware of any free public bilingual schools in Marbella, there are some Spanish schools here that have a relatively high percentage of international students. Our suggestion is to check out this link: Spanish Schools in Marbella

There you will find telephone numbers for public schools as well as addresses to help you understand where they are.

Let us know how it turns out - we'd be delighted to share your feedback with others that have similar interests here.

To find any topic related to Marbella or the Costa del Sol, simply visit any page on our website and enter what you are looking for in the search field where it says "What are you looking for?"

You'll receive a complete list of pages on our site which address your specific topic of interest. These include all the comments that thousands of families in Marbella and the Costa del Sol have placed on our portal.

If we can be of any other assistance, please let us know.

Have Fun!

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