English International College in Marbella

by May

I am moving to Marbella with two kids from the UK.

There aren't many reviews on this school.

Families who have been or attending - please do share your experience!

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Dec 07, 2020
English International College
by: Anonymous

Thank you Igor.
That summarised it all. we are international family and I just get it what you are saying..
phew... decisions decisions....

Dec 06, 2020
Only rated school in the UK
by: Igor Guillen

That is the only school that is rated in the UK from the ones available, still if the children are not young it is difficult to settle in as the classrooms are quite closed and kids know each others for years and are not really open to making new lasting friendships. It all depends on what you are looking for for the kids. They get the results all right but kids can have a rough or lonely time too.
All best wishes

Dec 05, 2020
by: Marbella

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