British Schools in Marbella

We are a family originally from the UK & are hopefully moving to the Marbella area next June 2013 for around 2 years to start with. Hubbys job.

I am literally tearing my hair out with regards schools!

(International / British schools)

For one the school fees vary so much it is both bizarre and suspicious! We have been expats in Asia for 13 years so I am not new to the whole International School thing (got to add all of the schools fees are signifigantly less than we are paying the 'rip off merchants' here!).

Another thing is the number of Spanish lessons required?! It would be like my children doing 8 hours of Korean per week just because they happened to go to an International School located there!

My kids are 12 & 16 so way past immersion. Plus I think a 12 year old boy will pick up the language (especially Latin based) by his location I don't think the issue needs to be forced to the deteriment of other lessons.

Can anyone cut through the fog for me!! I need A levels for my daughter and a good academic support system for a son who would rather be playing guitar or skateboarding than sitting in a boring classroom!! An enthusiatic vibrant enviroment might just reel him in!

Any help would be very gratefully recieved.

(FYI - I have received 'replies' from Mayfair, British College & English College)

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Jan 20, 2016
Choosing the right British School
by: Simon

If you require a British School for your child in Spain make sure you choose a NABSS school.(National Association of British Schools in Spain)

What is NABSS?

The National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) exists to defend members' interests, to help maintain the quality of British education in Spain, and to support school development. All member schools are fully authorised- at least for a large section of the school-and are subject to inspection.
NABSS has an annual conference which all members are invited and this is normally opened by a high ranking official such as The British Ambassador
NABSS offers regular training to schools. The Association has its own inspection system, which is recognised by the British Council, and which also forms part of the British Schools Overseas inspections within Spain.
In order for a school to be a member of NABSS, they must fulfil the criteria of `Britishness´ published on the NABSS website and achieve full authorisation, via British inspection, from the appropriate Spanish authorities.
The rigour of the NABSS inspection system, and of the authorisation process itself, provides a yardstick for parents and teachers, who are choosing schools in Spain.
The National Association of British Schools in Spain insists on regular inspection of member schools and provides continuous professional training for Heads and teachers throughout Spain.
NABSS is held in high regard by both the Spanish and British educational authorities and is consulted on new developments. The Association enjoys a very strong relationship with the British Council in Spain, and Council members sit on the Inspection Monitoring Committee.
NABSS is the only association of British Schools recognised by The Spanish Government.
Choosing a NABSS school for your child ensures that he will be able to move seamlessly between British Schools whether in The UK or Spain.
To find out more detail of NABSS and a list of its members please visit

Feb 09, 2015
Marbella Montessori school
by: Anonymous

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Jun 16, 2014
Find the best school for your child
by: Anonymous

Click on This is an association of fully inspected and approved British Schools in Spain

May 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have recently visited LAUDE School while my daughter was here in view of sending her son there in September;I must say we liked it and the fees were reasonnable;more than that I cannot say but I would be happy for him to be a pupil there.The school is in San Pedro.

Nov 28, 2012
Marbellla schools
by: Anonymous


I would be very interested to find out how you get on with the search for the school since we are planning the same move in June 2013 and have a son who will need to start A Levels.

I think the Engish College does A Levels, the Aloha does IB which I don;t think my son is keen on. The only other school which seems to do A Levels is San Pedro College - seems a bit more quieter to live in San Pedro, so I'm wondering if we will find it hard to make friends there compared to the busier Marbella area?

Nov 24, 2012
Swans International
by: Anonymous

I have to say I had the same problem a couple of years ago, coming from Dubia. My son is now 12 years old and has settled into Swans International exceptionally well. Plenty of sport, as well as a good academic grounding.

All classes split into 3 groups for Languages, Maths and Science. Excellent ICT facilities, new indoor swimming pool and on the whole a friendly but strict atmosphere.

The school fees are reasonable. Most pupils have been in Swans from Juniors, and those joining from other Marbella schools seem to stay put on arrival.

The school will quite willingly show you around the newly built (7 Years old) school.
I hope this helps

Nov 23, 2012
Choosing a school in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

We understand your frustration and many of us living on the Costa del Sol have had the same issues.

We suggest you read the Q & A on the subject of Choosing a school in Marbella. You will find all the parents comments and experiences helpful.

We also recommend you read the parent reviews on our Schools page where we include all of the major international schools on the coast.

Good luck!

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