Marbella Free Stuff...or almost Free

If Marbella free stuff sounds good to you, you have come to the right place. Believe it or not there is a wide variety of things to do for free (or at a low cost) in Marbella. Most of them are outdoors so it is most favorable when the weather conditions are good. Luckily the weather is good in Marbella almost every day so your chances are pretty good to get lots of Marbella Free Stuff.

Marbella Free Activities  - Good for Teens

Here is you ultimate guide to what to do in Marbella when the cash flow is low. Some of these activities my require a bit of equipment or imagination but....give it a try you might find something new along the way. Check out the MarbellaFamilyFun calendar of events. There loads of free events listed daily.

For the sporty type

  1. Go to the Skate Park in San Pedro - if you don't know how to worries you can take a skate class. Skate Class Info 
  2. Hang out with friends at The Boulevard. There are so many free things scheduled at the Boulevard you are sure to catch something fun.  San Pedro Boulevard 
  3. Take a dog for a walk on a Saturday  or Sunday morning. Triple A Dog Walks
  4. Go for a hike. Marbella boasts some of the best hiking you can imagine. Hiking Trails in Marbella
  5. Go for a run on the beach - don't even need shoes for this one.
  6. Bike ride on the beach - if you don't have a can rent one.
  7. Go snorkeling - you'd be amazed at how many fish are out there. Go take a look.
  8. Play football in a park or on the beach.
  9. Cruise the Paseo - Go skate boarding, walking or bike riding on the Paseo
  10. Play beach volleyball There are great volleyball nets at Salida Beach
  11. Go rock climbing - there are places to go indoor rock climbing but I recommend doing it for real.
  12. Wake boarding
  13. Body surf
  14. Go fishing
  15. Go rollerblading
  16. Watch a football match
  17. Play basketball in the park
  18. Play ping pong with friends
  19. Take a jump on the cabled trampolines
  20. Swim out to the platform on San Pedro beach
  21. Canyoning in Benhavis. Canyoning Info
  22. Join a free bootcamp session
  23. Tennis with a friend on a municipal court.
  24. Request a free trial session at almost any gym in town
  25. Go for mountain bike ride Read about it
  26. Watch a Padel Tournament at Nueva Alcantara Padel Club.  Here's a tip...they also have a big screen TV where they broadcast all kinds of sporting events.
  27. Watch a tennis match at Punto Romano
  28. Watch a Unicaja Basketball game in Malaga. Tickets are incredibly inexpensive. 
  29. Go to a Festival - there are festival all year round for all different interests. Festival Dates

For the Creative Type

  1. Attend a free concert - Musica con  Encanto hosts many throughout the year.
  2. Join a Spanish/English conversation group - 
  3. Check out on one of Marbella's charity shops. You can find some amazingly chic vintage bargains while helping people in need.
  4. Free Flamenco Show - 
  5. Learn a skill at a free city workshop - surfing, sewing, singing...whatever you may want to learn...give it a try.
  6. Hang out at Antonio Banderas Square/Marina Banus - if you are located close to Puerto Banus this is a fun place to see and be seen.
  7. Eat on the cheap at a Ruta de Tapas - 
  8. Attend a ballet performance at The School of Russian Ballet
  9. Hang out at La Canada - you can easily spend an afternoon here checking out all the new fashions and gadgets.
  10. Get an internship
  11. Take a free museum tour
  12. Go for a landmark walking tour 
  13. Visit an art gallery 
  14. Go to a feria or festival - festival dates
  15. Peruse a weekly street market,  artisanal market or second hand street market in Benhavis
  16. Check out the local library - San Pedro Library Info
  17. Fly a kite - 
  18. Stroll around Old Town Marbella - Tip: go on a Thursday...everything is cheaper.
  19. Learn the history of Marbella - Marbella has a very interesting. Now is a s good a time as any to learn about it. Marbella History
  20. Collect shells - 
  21. Paint or draw - 
  22. Check out Bookworld -  
  23. Sculpture Tour - 
  24. Free movies on the beach - 
  25. Watch the sunset - 
  26. Picnic in the park - 
  27. Go to a free or almost free theater show or better yet...join a theater group
  28. Take a free Tai Chi session
  29. Marbella Crea - competition -is designed to support and promote creativity in the teens of Marbella. It is also a great way to make money. Crea Info
  30. Geocache
  31. Volunteer at a horse stable
  32. Visit ancient ruins right in Marbella
  33. Join the Litter Pickers.
  34. Go to a Festival - there are festivals all year round for all different interests

Marbella Free Stuff - Beaches

The best thing to do with kids for free while visiting Marbella is obviously to hit the beach. All you need is a swimsuit, sunscreen and a picnic and you are set for the day. You should take a look at our section on Beaches to discover the one nearest you. Our favorites are the ones that offer jungle gyms and playgrounds directly on the sand such as San Pedro Beach or El Faro on the Marbella paseo. The boardwalk on the beach in San Pedro is a lovely venue to just walk, rollerblade or ride bikes. It's never very crowded and there are no shops other than the kiosques so your kids won´t be pestering you to buy things all the time other than an ice cream. If you are near Fuengirola they have a brand new park right off the highway near the Castillo (Sohail Castle) on the beach side so you could both hit the beach and then the park to really exhaust the kids.

Marbella Free Stuff - Parks & Playgrounds

When you are tired of the beaches it's fun to spend some time in the shade in any one of Marbella's beautiful parks. Our favorites are the Parque de la Constitucion or the Parque Alameda which are both located in the heart of Marbella near Old Town. If you don't mind the drive (1.5 hours from Marbella) a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary is absolutely free. One park you can always visit even on a rainy day is the indoor playpark in McDonald's in San Pedro. The only thing is that you will surely be bribed to buy your little one a hamburger while you're there.

Another great place to check out is the new San Pedro Boulevard which features numerous play areas for kids of all ages.  This multi-million dollar area is comprised of over 55,000 square metres of space and was designed to be an engaging commercial area where families could gather in Marbella to play, eat and shop in a safe and exciting outdoor environment.

Marbella Free Stuff - Nature

Again, weather allowing, it's always nice to take a walk through nature and we enjoy taking a hike up Marbella's most famous mountain - La Concha. It's only about 15 minutes from Marbella center and your kids will definitely have a good night's sleep after several hours of hiking in the mountains. 

If you are willing to drive just over an hour then you should visit the Dunes of Tarifa. It is one of our favorite places to take our guests when visiting Marbella. 

Marbella Free Stuff - Cultural

If you're kids don't mind a bit of culture then you will surely enjoy a tour of Old Town Marbella in the historic center of the city. You will enjoy a stroll along the charming cobblestone roads of this typical Andalusian town with its whitewashed buildings and scent of orange blossom in the air. There is beauty and historic architectural monuments everywhere you turn from ancient fountains to old castle walls. 

You can always take a stroll in Puerto Banus, Marbella's most famous port, which is an absolute must anyway when visiting Marbella. This marina is full of boutiques, cafes and luxury yachts and cars that even kids like ogling at. If this seems like fun to you, then you should take a look at our recommendation for a one-day tour of Marbella. It's absolutely free! 

If your kids are able to stay up late, then we recommend you to attend a flamenco show while in Marbella. In summer, many hotels offer shows of their own, however, if yours doesn't then you should check out the flamenco show at the hotel El Fuerte. It starts relatively early (10:00pm, most others start at midnight), and you can see as much or as little as you want. 

Marbella Free Stuff - Sport

Football is very big in Marbella and it seems every child is playing. If you want to get a taste of how the kids are playing out here you can visit nearly any field after school hours to watch a practice. Games are usually played on Saturdays, sometimes Fridays. You can contact Marbella Paraiso Football to find out when their matches are held. If you can't get in for free then it´s only a couple of euros at the entrance. 

Marbella Free Stuff - Excursions

When you've exhausted all that you could in Marbella then you can hop in the car and explore the rest of Andalucia. The closest tours you'll find are:

Marbella Free Stuff - More Information

The local town hall (ayuntamiento) is always organizing free events for the local community and tourists. You may check out the calendar of events on their website at Marbella Ayuntamiento

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