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Let's face it... Marbella beaches are the reason most people come to the Costa del Sol! And they are never disappointed by the Mediterranean sea and warm sun of Marbella. With 24 different beaches spread across 27 km of coastline, the city boasts numerous beaches that have received the prestigious Blue Flag Award over the years.

From Estepona to Malaga, there are so many beaches to visit and choose from. Read about some of the most popular Marbella beaches to find out where to go and what to epect when you get there.

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Most popular Marbella Beaches

SAN PEDRO: The beach itself is usually quiet all year round and has showers, public toilets (only open in summer), children's playgrounds, kiosks, resturaunts, and excercise equipment all along the boardwalk. The beach is public and there is plenty of parking as well as lounge chairs available for rent. The beach is quite rocky in areas.

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PUERTO BANUS: This strip of beach one of the most popular on the coast. There are no rocks, the water is quite shallow and there are coves which prevent big waves so it is great for the little ones. Watch out for madusas in the warmer months. Go to Hollywood Beach for watersport equipment rental.

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MARBELLA WEST: run all along the Marbella's "Golden Mile", which hosts some of Marbella's most luxurious hotels. This golden sand beach include; Rio Verde, El Ancon, Nagueles, and Casablanca. The beaches are long and rock-free. There is a board walk separating the hotel lounges from the beach. There are nice reastaurants but no inexpensive chiringuitos in this area.

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MARBELLA CENTER: The beaches are quite wide, the sand is golden, and usually very clean. In general, this is a family friendly beach. The waves are not too strong, especially in El Faro which is partly isolated from the sea by a small bay area which makes it a good location for small children. These Marbella center beaches tend to be crowded with tourists due to their central location, and to the fact that there are many restaurants all along the 'paseo maritimo'. Good parking in the central parking lot.

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MARBELLA WEST: Excellent sand quality, clear water, on no rocks. Very shallow waters and great for families. Many chiringitos along this stretch of the coast. Because these beaches are known to be some of the best in the area they do tend to get crowded in the summer, so if you plan to eat at the local chiringito, make reservations before you go.

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ESTEPONA WEST: This grey sand and rocky beach is popular for fishing and there is nudist beach in this area. Don't be surprised if you happen apon some nude sunbathers at the aptly named Costa Natura Beach.

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marbella best beaches costa del sol

ESTEPONA CENTER: Very family friendly with a chiringuito with good quality and price. Clean and sandy beaches, good place for the kids to swim.

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ESTEPONA EAST: This is the stretch of beach just east of San Pedro that extends all the way to central Estepona. The beach is long and has playgrounds, beach chair rentals and watersports.

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marbella best beaches costa del sol

FUENGIROLA BEACHES: have designated areas for volleyball, windsurfing and other watersports. They all have showers, tranquil waters and are easily accessible. Some of the finestest beaches on the coast. In the recent past the beaches have all received the European blue flag for cleanliness. Good chiringitos on the sand.

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BENALMADENA BEACHES: All have great services and long stretches of dark sand, they are clean with sky blue waters and have many services including showers but no toilets. They all have medium grade dark sand, with the exception of the fine sand you find at Malapesquera, Torrebermeja, and Santa Ana beaches.

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Tarifa Beaches

Although technically not in Marbella, Tarifa beaches are worth mentioning due to their spectacular conditions and close proximity. Tarifa is located in Cadiz which is about a 45 minute drive from Marbella and is well worth the journey. 

marbella best beaches costa del sol

TARIFA: truly unspoiled and does not offer typical Marbella services such as showers, toilets and lounge chair rentals. Punta Paloma beach in Tarifa is best known for its beautiful golden sand dunes and kite surfing. This beach is a "MUST GO TO BEACH" during an excursion to Tarifa. 

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