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Punta Paloma beach in Tarifa is best known for its beautiful golden sand dunes which can't be missed during an excursion to Tarifa. Visit Punta Paloma beach during a day excursion to Tarifa which takes approximately 1 hr 15 minutes from Marbella.

This beach is spectacular for its views from the top of the sand dunes. If there is only one beach to visit in Tarifa, this is the one see. This beach is truly unspoiled and does not offer typical Marbella services such as showers, toilets and lounge chair rentals. Only requirement is your towel, picnic and sunscreen. The trek down the dunes is easy, however it´s not easy coming back up, so if you have problems climbing or injuries, skip the trip down.

To get to Punta Paloma beach from Marbella continue along highway N340 following the signs to Algeciras. Once in Algeciras follow the signs towards Tarifa. Continue along and pass the city of Tarifa heading towards Bolognia for several kilometers. Turn left once you see the sign for Punta Paloma at km 74. Park at the top of the sand dunes and walk down. Don´t leave valuables exposed in your car! 

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MarbellaFamilyFun grade: 9.8

Son's evaluation: It is really fun there especially when you get to the top of Punta Paloma sand dunes and run down to the bottom where there is a wonderful beach with no rocks. If it's a windy day, the sand will hit your legs and it can hurt. Grade: 10

Daughter's evaluation: It's really fun running down the dunes at Punta Paloma beach but it is quite hard to walk up. If it is a windy day the sand will hit your legs and that hurts. Sometimes on a really hot day the sand will be hot and it makes it hurt your feet. Grade: 9.0

Mom's evaluation: Punta Paloma beach and its sand dunes is the first stop I make when taking visitors to Tarifa for a day excursion. It´s a great place to start your visit as you have a short climb up to the top of the sand dunes from your car. Most of the time of the year it´s not too windy, but I´ve been there sometimes where the wind is so strong that we can´t run down the dunes because the sand hurts too much.

You won´t want spend the day hanging out at this beach unless you park at the bottom, because whatever items you lug to the bottom of the dunes you´ll have to carry back up. I´ve done this during a scorching hot August day by myself with the kids, a dog, a cooler, umbrella and a bag full of toys and it was murder climbing back up, especially with a screaming kid who says her feet are burning up begging me to carry her.

Consider the dunes a nice photo op and a quick run down with the kids to the bottom, they love this. Splash your feet in the water and go back up to catch lunch or hang out at a different beach. We love to eat at the Valdevaqueros Beach hotel & restauarant just down the road. They have a self service deli style restaurant for only 10 euros. The food is more European than Spanish.

The views from the top of the sand dunes are truly spectacular and is absolutely breathtaking as you watch all the colorful kitesurf sails billowing in the wind showing off all the colors of the rainbow. You can see Morocco clearly from up here as well as a huge golden stretch of pure white sand. I´ve noticed that whatever camera you have whether professional or throw away, every shot is amazing. You can´t get a bad photo from the top of the dunes.

If you are adventurous enough follow the mud covered people walking along the beach towards the mud pit on the western side of the beach. People flock to this mud and paste it all over their body and face, which is said to purify the skin and supposedly very good for you. Leave it on as long as you can until it is dry and crusty, then jump into the sea to wash it all off. Make sure you take some photos of how silly you look, you probably won´t be doing it again. Grade: 10

Dad's evaluation: We have taken many friends visiting Marbella on a one-day-trip to Tarifa and the Punta Paloma beach. Every one of them thoroughly enjoyed the excursion. The beach and its sand dunes are spectacular. It is often windy, and for that reason, it is the European 'capital' of kite surfing. Seeing all these sails floating in the air is an absolute delight. The charm and relaxed atmosphere of the place are unique on the Costa. This is a must. Grade: 10

Dan's family (Moscow) grade: 9.0

Dad: Great _ open space, One of the most beautiful beaches, great for kite surfing in the season, Great hang out. Grade: 10

Mom: A lot of fun. Grade: 8.0

Boy (7 yrs): Good. Grade: 7.0

Boy (8 yrs): Great place to run around and slide on the dunes. ) Grade: 10

Boy (4 yrs): Fun. Grade: 9.0

Agnes' family (from Marbella) grade: 10

Agnes: Tarifa - Très beau village blanc, devenu un peu mode. Et ma plage préférée, si vivante, si sportive, où il ne fait jamais trop chaud car toujours ventée, parsemée de fleurs, avec le chapelet de montagnes en toile de fond. Bordée de petits restaurants à salades sur la plage. Sur le restau, j'ai adoré les sardines et les anchois grillés. Et le reste aussi mais je ne m'en souviens moins précisément, sauf que c'était agréable de voir la plage.
Tarifa - a very beautiful white village, which has become a little trendy. And my favorite beach, so lively, so sporty, where it´s never too hot because there´s always a breeze, scattered with flowers, with a little chapelet of mountains woven in the background. Bordered by little restaurants on the beach. About the restaurants - I loved the sardines and grilled anchovies. And the rest also but I can´t remember precisely anymore, only that it was so beautiful to look at the beach. Grade: 10

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