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Performing at The Marbella Jazz Festival  
We, would like to play at the jazz festival in Marbella. So it would be great if you could give us a name, email-address from the organization …

marbella post offices 
Marbella post offices Most post offices are open all day until approximately 8pm except Saturdays when they close at 2pm and Sundays and Bank Holidays …

Parking at Puerto Banus 
Hello, I will be for 3 night at Puerto Banus with a rental car. What the cheapest place to park a car for 3 nights and what is the price? Thank you …

To take the test you must provide technical papers (ficha técnica) vehicle's registration document (permiso de circulación) and proof of valid motor insurance …

What are the living costs in Marbella? 
Hi My name is Lara and I am 22 years of age. I might be coming to Marbella to work at a job in the bar/restaurant section but not as a bartender or waitress …

Can you sunbath in a communal pool when there is no lifeguard? 
I live in a block where we need a lifeguard for the pool because of its size. Is there a law stopping us from sunbathing but not swimming, within the fenced …

Bus from Aloha Gardens to Marbella? 
Does anyone know if I can take a bus from Aloha Gardens (Nueva Andalucía) direct to Marbella City Centre? If so, what's the number? Thanks …

LIBRABRY - San Pedro and Marbella 
Marbella and San Pedro's Library are open to everyone and anyone, and you should totally take advantage of their free service. You may also request a membership …

Moving to Marbella  
We are a family with twin boys at age 6. We are planing to move to Marbella end of summer. Me and my husband's can speak English but our sons can …

Making friends in Marbella 
We have just moved to Spain from France and I am really unsure if we have made the right decision. We have really not found any friends or met anyone …

El Nino lottery 
Could you give me more details about el nino lottery in Spain? It seems to be a big deal.

Marbella points of interest 
Hello, Could you list the main points of interest of Marbella? Thank you

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Best way to travel from Marbella to Valencia Which is the best means of transport? 

Passport Photos Hi, please could someone tell me where to have official passport photographs taken in Marbella?

Shipping or removals company Hi, please could someone tell me where to have official passport photographs taken in Marbella?

Do you need a will in Spain? Spain: Making a will: Four easy steps to getting it right.

Renewing Spanish driving licences in San Pedro How to renew your Spanish driver's licence in San Pedro.

Book keeping in Marbella I am looking for an English speaking book keeper/ accountant in the Marbella area.

Looking for a ferreteria We are looking for a shop that has good customer service quality tools (Name Brand) but with reasonable prices.

Drinking water in Marbella Can anyone tell me, is it OK to drink filtered tap water in Marbella?

ITV checkup My car needs to have an ITV checkup in May, but I won't be back in Marbella until June. Do you know if I will be penalized or do I have to find someone to take my car in for me?

Dog licence in Spain Has anyone else experienced the nightmare that is getting a dog licence that is required for 'dangerous' dogs?

Discount vouchers for Marbella attractions I wonder whether anyone knows of any places we can get discount vouchers for any of the attractions local to Marbella, i.e. zoos, aquariums, kids parks etc Are there such a thing in Spain?

Long term car rental company Can anyone recommend a long term car rental company on the Costa del Sol?

Parking at Malaga train station Can anyone recommend a valet service for the Malaga train station as an alternative to parking at the station parking lot?

DVD rental in Marbella area Is there someplace to rent original version English movie DVD's? Preferably somewhere with the most recently released DVD's.

Minibus for rent Can anyone reccomend a reasonably priced minibus/people carrier firm to bring children from Marbella to Coin for three days during school holidays.

Places to park rental car in Puerto Banus We will be hiring a car in Puerto Banus for a week while we're there on holiday. However, we're not sure where we could park it overnight. Are there are any parking facilities?

Moving to the Costa del Sol We are looking into a permanent move to the Costa Del Sol, probably the Estepona/San Pedro area.

Kids on the Costa Magazine Celebrates it's 10th Anniversary! Here at "Kids on the Costa" we're back at work after our long Winter break and looking forward to bringing you the Spring edition that covers all of March and April.

NIE number for Spain What is the best way to go about getting an NIE number ? I am Canadian. What is the avg. price?

Traffic fines in Spain Many friends keep teeling me stories of how they are unaware that they have been caught speeding and only find out when the fine arrives through the post many months later.

How to get to Marbella I have 4 clients who are taking the train from Malaga to Marbella in October.

Move my US car to Spain I am moving to Costa Del Sol area in next 2 months. Should I purchase a new mercedes/BMW here and ship it and go through the registration hassles or wait until I get there and lease?

How to buy a propane bottle for a barbeque in Marbella How does one buy a propane bottle for a barbecue in Marbella? Is there a number or website that covers this topic?

Driving in Spain Driving in Spain - Without question, Spain has some wonderful driving roads as well as superb diverse scenery, but if you are considering driving here, then it's worth mentioning that it has one of the highest accident rates in Europe!

Bike repair in Marbella We have a fold up bike with a flat tyre (punctured?) and wonder if there is anywhere local to Puerto Banus that does repairs?

Dutch books in Marbella My 10 year old Dutch girl is run out of books!! where to buy???

Telephone with headset connection Where can I buy a business land line telephone with a port to connect a headset with microphone near Marbella or online?

We Register Any Car Spain WE REGISTER ANY CAR Spain are Spanish vehicle registration experts that you can trust.

CCB Spain CCB Spain, also known as Costa Consulting Bureau, is an invaluable source of advice and assistance for all expatriates who: live in Spain; work in Spain; own a holiday home in Spain; or are thinking of moving to Spain. Businesses for sale in Marbella, useful info, setting up a business in spain, real estate law, car rental and loads more.......

Alarm system companies I am looking to install an alarm system for my home. I've been approached by ADT. Does anyone have any experience with this company? I'd be interested in any recommendations on security companies for Marbella/San Pedro de Alcantara.

San Pedro de Alcantara church mass schedule Can you tell me what times are masses on Saturday evening in the main catholic church in San Pedro...many thanks in anticipation.

BT vs Telefonica in Spain Has anyone switched to BT line rentals here in spain? just want to get feedback on service, prices etc... is a specialist airport and golf transfer company on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

bus and taxi information Me and my family (5 in total) will be traveling from San Pedro to Ojen and back. Is there a bus service or will we need to book a taxi and if so how much (est) will it be?

Drive to Ronda Is there a way to drive to the outskirts of Ronda and then take public transportation to avoid driving difficult road there?

UK and non-Spanish plated cars My car broke down and a my neighbor offered to lend me his car as he was going back to the UK for a few months, his car was insured for any driver over 30...

When does sales start in Marbella? Do not know when to hit the shops? Is it the same as in th UK?

Santa Claus at La Cañada Santa Claus is visiting La Canada Marbella shopping center during the holidays.

Supermarkets open on Christmas We arrive very late into Malaga airport on christmas eve would their be any supermarkets or small shops where we could buy food that eve or on christmas day?

ITV in Marbella Today I had an appointment for my car at the ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos).

Marbella and San Pedro street closures The Marbella Town Hall and Traffic Delegation have made several announcements on their website regarding detours and road openings...

Helle Hollis car rental We are looking to rent a car for a few weeks in Marbella and found Helle Hollis on your site.

El Corte Ingles opening hours What are the opening hours of El Corte Ingles in summer? I heard they are open on Sundays as well.

Report crime in Marbella The province of Malaga is launching a new system for foreign tourists who need to report crimes to the Spanish police.

British plates in Spain What is the policy for expat drivers in Spain?

Free Wifi Marbella Please could you tell me where I can find free wifi in Marbella.

Parking Malaga Airport There are many overnight parking at Malaga airport. Can you recommend a good one?

Costa del Sol tourist information Where is the best place to get general Costa del Sol tourist information and maps?

Marbella points of interest Could you list the main points of interest of Marbella?

Empadronamiento I need a certificate of empadronamiento to register my boy in a football team. What is it?

Immigration law in Spain Are there any issues staying legally in Spain without a job?

Marbella bus service to La Cañada Can you advise me how to get from El Rosario (hospital Costa del Sol) to La Cañada by bus?

Supermarkets Where are the supermarkets? Like Tesco, etc.

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