How to get to Marbella

by Ellie
(Las Vegas)

I have 4 clients who are taking the train from Malaga to Marbella in October.

I need the name and contact info for a limo or taxi company. Or how do I find the bus schedule?
my email for reply is:

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Aug 30, 2011
Train to Marbella...
by: Spain baby gear hire

Train to Marbella, a dream that maybe one day will came true.

Just to give another option. In october, for the money of the taxi from Málaga to Marbella and trip back, about 140€ total. You can rent a car for one week.
Check with them, they have good prices.


Aug 30, 2011
Train to Marbella
by: Marbella Family

I doubt your clients will be taking a train to Marbella from Malaga, beccause there is no train (yet) that runs from Malaga to Marbella. Possibly, they are taking a train from Madrid to Malaga?

Anyway, to get to Marbella from Malaga you can take a car, taxi, bus, limo or minivan service. By far, the cheapest option is the bus, but in this case you will need to stick to the bus schedule and travel with others. And once you are at the Marbella bus station you will need to take a taxi or car to the final destination.

The bus costs under 5 euro and runs frequently. If you are interested in taking the bus to Marbella, read the Marbella bus schedule for days and times.

Taking a taxi to Marbella is the most convenient, but it comes at a cost. Approximately 70 euro one way. If you are arriving to the Malaga airport or bus station, then you will easily find taxis waiting at the entrance.

If you would like a private bus transfer, then you may want to try Simply Shuttles service.

Read our page on Malaga Airport for more details on how to get to Marbella from Malaga.

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