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To take the test you must provide technical papers (ficha técnica) vehicle's registration document (permiso de circulación) and proof of valid motor insurance must be taken to the testing centre.

You can go straight to the ITV garage preferably early (most ITV garages open around 7am) and take a ticket or you can book an appointment or call them directly on +34 955040470.

• New cars must be tested at four years of age and then inspected and tested every two years thereafter until the age of 10.
• Cars over the age of 10 must be tested every year.
• Motorcycles are tested at 5 years of age and then inspected and tested every two years after that.
• Caravans are tested at 6 years of age and then tested every two years.
• Whenever a vehicle has had an accident it, once it has been repaired it must also have be ITV tested.

ITV prices vary by vehicle and region.

Two wheel mopeds - Max €30.50
Motorcycles (less than 125cc) - €30.50
Motorcycles (more than 125cc) - €42.09
Cars Gasoline (less than 1600cc),+ hybrid + disabled - €33.00
Cars Gasoline (more than 1600cc),vans and campers - €43.24
Cars Diesel (less than 1600cc) + hybrid + disabled - €38.11
Cars Diesel (more than 1600cc) - €48.34
Public service vehicles for the transport of people - Gasoline (10 or more seats) - €90.72
Public service vehicles for the transport of people - Diesel (10 or more seats) - €105.94
Vehicles used to transport goods - Gasoline (MMA<3,500kg) - €47.08
Vehicles used to transport goods - Diesel (MMA<3,500kg) - €52.19
Vehicles used to transport goods Gasoline (MMa >3,500kg) - €42.45
Vehicles used to transport goods Diesel (MMa >3,500kg) - €61.85
Towed caravans - (less than 3,500kg) - €52.19
Towed caravans - (more than 3,500kg) - €61.85
Agricultural vehicles - €35.08
Special vehicles - €86.54

Vehicles are inspected on the following items:
• Lights
• Emissions
• Shock absorbers
• Wheel alignment
• Tyre tread
• Steering

If you pass:
Once you successfully pass your ITV you will be immediately given a certificate and sticker. This sticker will indicate when your ITV is next due and must be displayed on the top right hand corner of the windscreen of your vehicle.

If you fail:
If you fail, the garage will provide you with a official paper indicate what parameter of the test where not valid. They will give you a month to repair or replace what has been listed, and if you return to the same ITV center within 15 days they will provide you with a discount.
If you do not return within a month a notification will be sent to the Jefatura Provincial de Trafico and your car may be deregistered.

If you have a foreign vehicle:
Even if you have passed your ITV (MOT) in another country you will still have to pass it in Spain in order to be registered in Spain and legalised.

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