CCB Spain

by Lisa Sadleir
(Offices in Mijas & Estepona)

CCB Spain, also known as Costa Consulting Bureau, is an invaluable source of advice and assistance for all expatriates who: live in Spain; work in Spain; own a holiday home in Spain; or are thinking of moving to Spain.

We are often referred to as an “Expat Gestoria” due to the wide range of professional services we offer, such as legal representation, contracts and paperwork, vehicle transfers and importation, accounting and tax related issues. All provided at very affordable rates.

Thanks to our network of experienced professionals, we are able to offer a variety of high quality services including:

- Business Services

- Relocation Services

- Expat Services

- Property Services

CCB Spain … Making your life in Spain easier!

Daily tasks that can often be easily resolved in your home country, by a quick telephone call or a visit to the local office, can appear a lot more complicated in Spain. Sometimes even speaking the local language fluently does not make the battle of fighting through the Spanish red tape of bureaucracy any easier.

At CCB Spain, not only do we have staff who speak several languages, we are experts at cutting through the red tape surrounding Spanish paperwork. Our experienced staff can turn what may at first appear as a mountain into a small molehill.

At CCB Spain we can help you with all issues faced by expats living in Spain.

CCB Spain expat services include:

Relocation assistance and advice
Application for NIE, Residency
Registering with doctors and schools
Guidance on tax issues, inheretance tax, wills, insurance and investments
Vehicle transfers, importation, payment and research of traffic fines
Translations services
Bank accounts & mortgages
Passport renewals
Resident and non-resident tax returns
Registration of births & deaths and assistance for arrangements

Remember, we have all experienced life in Spain and no problem is too big nor too small for us to help you with.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call on +34 952 48 68 06 or visit our website and discover how we can help you to get more out of your life in Spain …

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Jun 01, 2011
Costa Consulting Bureau
by: Lesley

Would just like to say i have used this service after years of people giving us bad information is was great to finally find someone professional.

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