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marbella finance and insurance

Marbella financial advisors, legal support and insurance providers are well established on the Costa del Sol for good reason. It's because the international community living on the Costa del Sol includes citizens from over 140 countries around the globe. This unusually cosmopolitan mix means you will find a large number of specialists who are experts in wealth management advisory, insurance and legal support.  


Whether you have your own business in Marbella or are commuting regularly to a company based in another country, you have a wide selection of choices when it comes to finding legal and financial advisory services in Marbella.

If you've moved to Marbella or are planning to relocate here, you may need to check your insurance policies to make sure your coverage meets your expectations.  Find out more on our Insurance in Marbella page to make sure you understand the key questions you should ask your specialist.

Do you have a tip on a great financial advisor or insurance provider you have used in Marbella?  Let us know about it using our Share a Tip feature or leave a Facebook comment, below.  We'd love to hear your perspective.

Mata Legal Abogados Marbella

MATA Legal & Financial Advisors offer recommended legal & financial services to address the specific needs of family residents and businesses in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Sanchez + Beck Abogados Marbella

Sanchez + Beck Abogados is a recommended law firm headquartered in Marbella that offers multi-lingual expertise in civil, criminal, company and real estate law in Spain.

Insurance for families and businesses in marbella

The Sanitas Expat Marbella health insurance company is the largest and fastest growing in Spain. They provide professional service in a language you understand assisting expats through out the world to obtain medical health insurance cover in Spain and abroad. 

Op de Beeck & Worth Marbella

Op de Beeck & Worth is an independent insurance broker in Marbella that has 45 years of experience in Spain. As a neutral partner working with many insurance carriers, they can offer the full range of services for your family.

ALC Insurance Marbella

ALC Health Insurance provides flexible and cost effective medical cover for your family while living in Spain.  ALC offers European-wide coverage for treatment with any hospital and with any doctor.

Generali Marbella

Generali is a well-known European insurance brand that has representative offices in Mijas Costa and staff fluent in English, Spanish and French languages, in operation since 2003 on the Costa del Sol.

marbella Financial Advisors & Money transfer

Lexinta Group

Lexinta AG is a leading asset firm based in Switzerland with operations in Marbella.  Lexinta's advisory teams combine deep product and sector expertise to maximise your financial returns.

marbella finance and insurance

deVere Spain is part of one of the world's leading independent financial advisory organisations, with more than $10bn under advice from over 80,000 clients in 100 countries.

register your car, prepare a contract and tax support

Gesotria Peral Cabello

Gestoria Peral Cabello offers efficient and cost-effective accounting and registration solutions.  Fluent English spoken with deep knowledge of how to get every administrative aspect of your life settled in Marbella.

Sunshine Enterprise Marbella is a full service agency that helps you with everything and anything you need to set up your home or business on the Costa del Sol.

qualified translators for legal documents

Marbella Translators

Marbella Translators is a professional translation company in Marbella that insures that the details of your legal transactions are clear and concise for maximum security.

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How long can you stay in Marbella on holiday  
We want to rent an apartment long term is there any conditions on how long you can stay. I did read 90 days is that correct.

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