New Spanish Traffic Laws

by Marbella Family

Spanish authorities have made changes to traffic laws in the hopes of increasing road safety. These changes are effective immediately. For a detailed listing please check with your municipal authority. In the meantime here is a partial and brief summary of the changes:

Speed reductions: motorway maximum is 130 kph, and a reduction of 10 kph on regular streets.

Restriction of use of radar devices: the new law prohibits use of radar detection devices. Penalty is 6,000 euros as well as point/s reduction.

Drinking and driving: depending on the alcohol level a fine of 1,000 euros may be incurred as well as 4 to 6 points deducted.

Child safety: stricter rules regarding the use of child seats and depending on size and weight, children will no longer be allowed to sit in the front seat. Children under the age of 16 must wear a helmet while cycling on any type of road.

Expat car registration: foreign cars must be registered with proper Spanish plates.

This is only a brief and partial summary of the the changes that will be effective May 9th. Please review all of the new road safely laws and be safe.

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