What is the email address of Marbella police

by Jan Campbell Hague
(England UK)

We had our car broken into outside the Alanda resort and our hand luggage stolen from the boot of the car. We made a phone call and subsequently visited the police station in Marbella to make the report. When we returned to the UK we made a claim to our insurance company who rejected the claim as the report (written in Spanish) stated that our bags were stolen from the back seat area of the car. This was not the case and not what we reported.

The incident happened on 1 st March 2014 and had a reference of 4160/14.
Can you help us?
Jan Campbell Hague

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May 20, 2014
Marbella Police Info
by: Marbella Family

I am sorry to hear of your troubles in Marbella. Here is a link to some information that might help.
Good luck.
Marbella Family


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