East Marbella beaches

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Discover all the East Marbella beaches. You were there? Please send us your review and grade. We would love to hear from your family!

There are numerous sand beaches on the east of Marbella:

  • El Pinillo beach
  • A fine sand strip, 1300 m long, with small natural dunes.

  • Rio Real beach
  • 400 m beach,part of a longer strip known as Los Monteros beach.

  • Los Monteros beach
  • A long strip (2000m) which includes La Adelfa, Realejos and Rio Real beaches.

  • El Alicate beach
  • A long strip (1900m) which includes the Costa Bella, Alicate and Pinomar beaches.

  • Real de Zaragoza beach
  • A long (1800m) and wide beach situated next to the hotel Don Carlos.

  • La Vibora beach
  • A fine sand strip, shorter (650M) and quite narrow.

  • Las Chapas beach
  • A long fine sand strip located next to Las Chapas urbanization.

  • Las Cañas beach
  • A long fine sand strip located after Las Chapas urbanization.

  • Artola beach
  • A naturist beach, 1500m long, located in a protected zone known as las Dunas de Artola.

MarbellaFamilyFun grade: 9.6

Son's evaluation: The waves at Real de Zaragoza are huge if you go out far. The waves push you a lot because when I went in the water only one minute after getting in the waves pushed me out like ten meters. There are no rocks in the water, which is good, and the water is shallow. There's a nice restaurant near the beach called Ranchon Cubano. Grade: 9.0

Daughter's evaluation: Grade:

Mom's evaluation: I think that some of the best beaches in the area are the East Marbella beaches. We often eat at Los Sardinales in Alicate beach, because the food is great there, the prices reasonable and the beach is really nice. It´s a great place to spend the day as you can rent a lounge chair from the restaurant and hang out as long as you like taking a lunch break mid-day. You can easily let your kids play along the sand while you wait for the food to come at your table as you can easily see them from the patio. I also like the east Marbella beaches called Pinomar and Bellamar as they also have nice sand, great chiringuitos (beach restaurant) and clear waters. Because these beaches are known to be some of the best in the area they do tend to get crowded in the summer, so make reservations at the local chiringuito that you´re planning on going to if you can. We also like Real de Zaragoza beach because they have nice rock- and pebble-free sand, clean water and great big waves when it gets a bit windy. Personally, I´m not crazy about the big waves, but my kids love them. There are two great chiringuitos at this beach - Ranchon Cubano and Aqui Te Quiero Ver. (April 2009) Grade: 10

Dad's evaluation: We usually go to the Alicate beach. The sand is more refined than on the San Pedro beaches. The waves are not too strong and we enjoy watching the kids from one of the many chiringuitos along the East Marbella beaches. Our favorite is Los Sardinales. (April 2009) Grade: 9.0

Leila´s family (San Pedro) grade: 9.0

Mom: We really like going to Cabopino beach in east Marbella because the swimming there is great. Out of all the east Marbella beaches, this one is the best. The water is so shallow and you can walk really far out. There's a little bay that makes this all happen. We like eating at Andy's Beach restaurant there as they've got a good selection of food which is very fresh and quite cheap. The kitchen is very Spanish so you can get some typical Spanish cuisine at a good price. Avoid going west of Cabopino as you'll hit a nudist beach. Grade: 9.0

Deniz´s family (Marbella) grade: 9.0

Mom: We really like to take our family to El Laurel beach which is just near the Don Carlos hotel at the Elviria offramp from the N340. We have small kids so we really appreciate the shallow water and low waves. We can walk out to the sea for a long time with the water going only up to our knees. The sand at this beach is excellent and much better than other beaches in Marbella. We also like the beach called Los Cano which is at the El Rosario exit of the N340 and highly recommend taking small children here. The sand is great and the water isn´t very deep. The restaurants all around are very cool. You´re guaranteed to have a great beach day at most any of the east Marbella beaches. The beach at Cabopino is also very good, just steer clear of the beaches to the west of it as they are nudist beaches...unless you are into that. (August 2009) Grade: 9.0

Family grade: 9.0

Mom: When we lived in Marbella we found the east Marbella beaches to be great for our family with small children. It is cleaner than most of the beaches in San Pedro and has a very nice chiringuito that has a very good quality/price ratio. (June 2009) Grade: 9.0

Natasha's family (Marbella) grade:

Natasha: Cabopino beach ( East Marbella Beaches ) is a very nice beach, a lot of waves, nice sea. But it is NOT A PLACE FOR a family. So many nudists just walking all around. We were shocked. (July 2009) Grade:

Mack´s family (San Pedro Alcantara) grade: 9.0

Girl (10 yrs): Rio Real beach is the best beach this side of Tarifa. (April 2009) Grade: 9.0

Girl (6 yrs): My favourite beach. (April 2009)Grade: 9.0

Mom: Probably the best stretch of sandy beach this side of Tarifa. A wide range of excellent chiringuitos (beach restaurants) catering for all, from family to luxury. This long stretch of beach is sandy and has easy access into the sea and a sand bar that runs along which is great for playing water games with the kids. We live on the other side of Marbella but always head for this part of the coast when we want to spend time at the beach. (April 2009) Grade: 9.0

Dad: A good stretch of beach, with watersports facilities available just in front of the Hotel Don Carlos. Jetskiing,Banana-boat and pedallos all available to rent. (April 2009) Grade: 9.0

Paz's family (Marbella) grade: 8.0

Mom:For El Rosario beach, I recommend the chiringuito Las Flores and Hipoptamus, ideal for kids, with salads, hamburegers, sandwiches, etc.In Los Monteros beach, the chiringuito La Mangaleta is very cool. (March 2009) Grade: 8.0

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