The Beach In The Winter

by dave

I have lived and worked here for over 12 years and wake up each day to a great sea view and I see the beach every day when I am in the car, however as the years have gone by i have tended not to go to the beach in the summer, too many people, too hot, too much sand! so i tend to laze on my terrace, or in a bar.

After lots of nagging my wife and daughter will get me down to the beach where i tend to sit and moan! then they let me move to a beach bar.
I recently started getting up earlier and dragging my self and dog down to the beach in the mornings, i must say that i am now hooked.
Getting to the beach just before sunrise and doing an hour walk has made me feel a little fitter but also has changed my whole perception of the beached of the costa del sol.

We see all types of sea birds, fish, even a few dolphins, the beaches this time of year have a wild look, and seem such a different place to the people crowded beaches of summer.

I recommend a trip to the beach on a winters day.

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Jan 07, 2011
Beach walks
by: Marbella Family

That´s a lovely story. I feel exactly the same about my walks in the morning. I take my kids to school around 8:30am just as the sun is rising and head towards the beach with my dog for a nice walk. I sometimes post my experiences on our page Good Morning Marbella and include a short weather report for the day.

It would be great to see some photos of your walk. Maybe you can take some and upload them next time you go on one of your walks?

Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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