West Marbella beaches

Discover the West Marbella beaches, along the 'Golden Mile'. You were there? Please send us your review and grade. We would love to hear from your family!

Nagueles beach

There are four main beaches on the west side of Marbella:

  • Rio Verde beach
  • A wide beach after Puerto Banus and the river Rio Verde.
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  • El Ancon beach
  • A narrow strip in the continuation of the Rio Verde beach.
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  • Nagueles beach
  • A popular beach on Marbella's 'Golden Mile', next to the Marbella Club.
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  • Casablanca beach
  • A long strip (2000m) just before the entrance to the center of Marbella.
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MarbellaFamilyFun grade: 7.0

Son's evaluation: Grade:

Daughter's evaluation: Grade:

Mom's evaluation: Grade:

Dad's evaluation: These beaches are longing 'Marbella's golden mile' with its luxury hotels, the most famous being the Marbella Club. You might find there the 'in' crowd. The beach is long, the sand is golden and pleasant. There is a board walk separating the hotel lounges from the beach, but there are no inexpensive chiringuitos. This board walk is very long and will take you to the center of Marbella, passing along most of the city beaches. (May 2009) Grade: 7.0

Mike's family (New York) grade: 9.0

Girl (9 yrs): I loved this beach because it had a nice sandbar....no rocks or icky stuff to step on....They also had fun exercise equipment to play on near the running path.(August 2009) Grade: 9.0

Dad: Free parking,not underground,no crowds..nice beach bar...nice crowd, and great sandbar for the kids. (August 2009) Grade: 9.0

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