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Welcome to Markian's Top 5 lists. I’m the 11 year old boy of the family and I have created this page about all the stuff I like. I have organized it as top lists in different categories. This gives you an idea about what typical kids in Marbella (my friends and I) like and do.

Wherever you are in the world, let me know if your top lists would be similar. If they are not, please share your own lists with me.

Computer Games - Books - Movies - Attractions - Restaurants - Misc.

Top 5 Computer Games

  • Club Penguin
    A worldwide multiplayer game where you can create your own Penguin, dress him up, play games, decorate your igloo, talk with your friends... Every week there is something new like new missions, new parties new clothes catalogs… Everybody plays it in my class.
  • Swinging ball
    This is a cool skillgame with a ball you can roll with the arrows and swing with the mouse. There are all sorts of traps in your way that you have got to pass. You get to hang on walls and do all sorts of tricks. I used to play this all the time, have fun!
  • Canyon Defense
    This game is kind of like building your own army although you select your machine and you place it anywhere on the field except for the track. When you press start, enemies will start to head toward your base but your machines destroy them.
  • Bloxorz
    It’s a really cool game and when you play this game you really got to think where to move before you move. You have got to move your block with the arrows so it will fit in the hole. It’s not as easy as it sounds because there are all sorts of stuff blocking the way. Up to what level can you get to?
  • Penguin Diner
    This is a restaurant game. While on an Antarctic trek, Penny the penguin lost her way and ended up stuck on top of an icy mountain. She needs to get back home to her family but she’s completely broke. She just landed a job as a waitress at a local diner. You have to help her earn money to get back home. In the game you have your own diner and you have to seat your costumers, take their orders, serve your customers and take the money. You can upgrade your shop which is useful. After each level it gets harder. Whenever I have free time I play this game.

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Top 5 Books

  • Uncle John’s DID YOU KNOW…? Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!
    This is one of the most interesting and funny book I have read in my life. This book is a fact book about everything. There are 250 pages with about 10 facts every page which is 2500 facts in the whole book. I’ll tell you some of the crazy facts that I thought were interesting: Everyday birthdays are celebrated by 16.5 million people. You can burp in your sleep. In 1990 there was a traffic jam 84 miles long in Japan. 450 years ago the Sahara desert was covered in ice. There are other series of these books. You have to get this book.
  • Drangonball by Akira Toriyama
    It is an interesting manga book (Japanese style book) about martial arts and superpowers. There is a kid from another planet who lived on Earth all his life but after, he trains with a really powerful man and becomes God because of his amazing strength. There are about 50 books but I am only on 31 so I’m so desperate to get the next one.
  • The Boy’s Book How To Be The Best At Everything by Buster Books
    Here is the book that every boy, young or old, has been waiting for. Find out how to be the best at everything. Hours of fun guaranteed. This book has information on: How to read someones mind, how to freeze a finger, how to fight off a crocodile, how to win computer games… There are other series of books also for girls.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kiney
    This book is about a wimpy kid who is funny but can’t do much and he has a weird friend but all the girls like him in the end. It’s really funny when his other friend comes back to school and everybody ignores him and teases him. I’ve read all of then and my favourite one is called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw”. It was also rated The #1 Bestseller. The author has also created a cool game called which I play a lot.
  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
    I have read almost all of the books and so far my favourite is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. J.K. Rowling is a really good author because she describes the story really well and it makes you think while you´re reading it. The one thing that I don’t like is that the books have a lot of pages so it might take you a long time to finish.

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Top 5 Movies

  • The Benchwarmers PG-13
    TThis is a comedy movie about 3 adults who were bullied and pushed around when they were little. Now all 3 of them play in a baseball team by there self called the Benchwarmers. Their coach is a billionare with a really cool house who’s son was bullied by one of the teams. They play against all of the teams and they win. Really funny.
  • Jackie Chan Mr. NiceGuy PG-13
    For martial art and action lovers! Jackie Chan starts off as a chef but then was thought to be a stealer of an important video by a gang. They chase him but they are no match for Jackie’s amazing skills. The end is my favourite part; Jackie takes a big bouldozer and crushes the enemies super expensive houses and cars.
  • James Bond Casino Royal PG-13
    It’s another action and adventure movie of James Bond but this time his mission is to win a very important poker game. He has some other missions in the beginning which has my favourite part; a really cool chase which involves jumping on cranes, fitting into small spaces and actions no ordinary person can do. There is a lot of shooting and fighting so I don’t recommend it to young children.
  • Mr. Bean’s Holiday
    Rowan Atkinson returns for another outrageous comedy adventure. He wins a ticket to France but accidently takes a kid with him and left the kid’s dad on the train. So in the movie, Mr.Bean has to try return the kid to his dad. Really good if you like comedy.
  • Beverly Hills Ninja PG-13
    Another comedy movie with Chris Farley who plays as Huru. Huru was mistaken for being the Great White Ninja so he trains with professional ninjas and is embbarassed as he messes up everything. In the end he saves the day with his assistant Chris Rock.

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Top 5 Costa Attractions

  • Isla Magica
    It is a large attraction place with all sorts of different rides. Most of them are for ages 10-16. It may be crowded sometimes. If you like extreme rides, you should try The Jaguar. The food was alright but not the best. I love all the rides!
  • Sierra Nevada
    Skiing with my family and staying in a lovely hotel was so fun. I really enjoyed the steep slopes but not too steep. I certainly did not like putting all the equipment on.
  • Paint & Fun
    I like this place because you can make a lot of different objects like plates, bowls, cups, mugs, decorations, and much more. I go here to make plates or mugs for my family on birthdays. You can also eat a sandwich and a milkshake after you have finished.
  • Bowling at La Cañada
    I love bowling, especially in a place like this where you can eat, drink and play games against your friends or family. My favourite part is that I get to play in the arcade room next to the bowling alley or check out some video games in the store in front of the entrance.
  • Minigolf
    It was really fun. I went with my friend and we had a great time. There are 19 holes; some are hard and some are not. There are a few fountains that are not very good because the ball can go in the water. In some holes you have to hit the ball over the water or in the tube or through the rocks... My favourite hole is when you have to hit the ball on a little stream of water so it will fall in the hole. When you get your ball and club, they give you a pencil and paper. At the bar, they sell smoothies that looked good; they have a mini football table and a pool table.

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Top 5 Marbella Restaurants

  • Tepanyaki at Osaka
    It is very healthy food and they have a wonderful show; they sometimes throw small pieces of egg in your mouth! Their food is so tasty. They also have sushi (I come here most of the time for sushi but I prefer the tepanyaki). For the tepanyaki I recommend the shrimp and squid I love the oranges, cut up in pieces; they give you for free after the meal.
  • Picasso Pizza
    Picasso Pizza is my favourite pizza restaurant because the food is delicious and they have banana splits. The pizzas are huge - I can only eat half. My favourite dish is the penne pasta with pesto. The service is very fast.
  • Nuevo Siglo
    It is very close to my house so I go there quite often and the food is very good. The staff is very nice and the place is very clean. I really like the spring rolls, dim sums, chicken noodles, duck crepe. The pineapple with cream is very good for dessert. The temperature is not too hot or not too cold unless you sit by the window with the sun.
  • Passion Cafe
    The best time to go to there is in the morning. They serve pancakes, bagels, sandwiches, eggs... My favourite meal for breakfast is the pancakes with bacon and a fresh orange juice but for lunch I like the Triple Decker sandwich.
  • Bikini Beach
    Bikini Beach is a very good restaurant which has a mixture of different types of foods. I love the chocolate soufflé for desserts. It is very relaxing and comfortable, as it has got sofas on the sand right on the beach. Next to the restaurant is a little football pitch, which anybody can play in so you should bring a ball.

Top 5 Miscellaneous

  • Top 5 Food: Sushi, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Pizza
  • Top 5 Candies: Lindt Lindor chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, Juicy Drop Pops, Kit Kat, Kinder Bueno

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