Moving to Marbella Spain

by Marbella Family

Moving to Marbella Spain

Moving to Marbella Spain

Moving to Marbella Spain

Several years back, our family decided to move to Marbella after a long stint in Russia. So, why Marbella?

We were in the fortunate situation to be able to choose most places in the world as our various business activities could totally be controlled with internet, skype and very few trips.

We chose Marbella, because of its great quality of life. Naturally, this general concept depends a lot on your personal situation. However, there are objective reasons why the quality of life on the Costa del Sol is so good.

1. The weather. A lot has been written about Marbella weather and its micro-climate. It is a fact, however. We do not know many other places in Europe with over 300+ days of sunshine.

2. The pace of life. Andalucia is a region where people take the time to enjoy life. The general ´rhythm of the day´ with its late morning, lunch at 2pm and dinner at 9pm or much later, followed by a late night, is a habit easily acquired!

3. The people. In general, Spaniards are very friendly and sociable. It is enough to witness the atmosphere on an evening near a tapas bar to see how easy it is make some friends and acquaintances.

4. The setting. Does anyone not like living by the beach? Only the people preferring the larger cities, mountains or the deserts. Well, we have all this in Marbella. Malaga and its international airport is only 40 minutes away. We can ski 2 hours away in Sierra Nevada, and the ´desert´ starts 30 min inland…

5. The culture. The rich history and traditions of the South of Spain provide for great atmosphere, entertainment and enrichment. Flamenco, bullfighting, the crossroads of various civilizations are at the core of Andalucia´s identity.

6. Food. Excellent seafood, fried or grilled, great meat, outstanding ham and cheese. Great tradition in wines. The Mediterranean diet is delicious and healthy.

7. Infrastructure. Marbella offers a good infrastructure with all quality services for a mobile family (school, health care, airport…). Although Marbella only has an official population of 120,000 residents, the infrastructure is sized up for a much higher number as the population may reach one million in summer months.

8. Foreigners. So many people cannot be wrong! The Costa del Sol enjoys a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Many ´Northerners´ have decided to settle here, probably for many of the same reasons listed above. It makes this area very interesting and particularly easy to settle in.

One can probably add much more to this list, but these are the reasons that compelled us to move to Marbella. We are enjoying our life here and feel privileged to enjoy our time in the sun.

And did we mention football?!?…

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Jul 31, 2017
by: rae

hi thinking about moving la or Marbella just weighing it up.

whats it like schooling and childcare etc any help would be fully appreciated.

Dec 07, 2016
About moving to Costa del Sol from USA
by: erna gomez

Love all comments! We are also thinking about moving to Marbella from Denver, USA. Will appreciate corresponding with americans living in Spain. All comments we are reading are mainly from British people. Please send me e-mail if anybody from USA has moved to Marbella or Costa Blanca . We need to hear from americans about their experience about moving to Spain from USA. My e-mail: Thanks for your attention.

Sep 11, 2016
Needing relocation help
by: Anonymous

Please coukd anyone help with relocation services, we need info on schooling options and child care options. I cannot make my decision until i know more about schools


Jun 17, 2016
Full Service Agency
by: Sunshine Enterprise CdS

Hello, we are a full service agency for people who want to live in Costa del Sol, for holidaymakers and people planning to move here. We offer help to get NIE, SSN, Health Insurance, translations, opening bank accounts, real estate acquisition, mortgage brokering, project management.

Feb 24, 2016
We are moving to Marbella!!!
by: Leanne

Hi such a great read & thanks for the helpful information. Im Australian & my Hubby Irish But has lived in Australia for 35years)

We relocated to the UK in Nov 2014... OMG I just can't live there any longer... I need the SUN.

Right now is a really hard time to find Long Term Accommodation in Marbella :( We flew in on Monday with only 1 property to view,
Its not exactly where we wanted to be, but the place is gorgeous & Beach Front. We have signed the dotted line for 11 months

Woohoo Im so so excited

Any tips & hints welcome

Cheers Leanne & Brendan

May 21, 2015
Removals Service in and out of Marbella
by: Marbella Family

If you have made the decision to move to Marbella or are planning to leave soon, give the team at Murray Harper European Removals a call.

They have over 20 years of experience supporting clients in Marbella and know the ins-and-outs of making your move smooth and seamless.

Feb 14, 2015
Hear more...
by: Suzy D

Have you moved there now? How have you settled?
We are Irish, living in Boston but the winters are so long. I am also thinking of relocating to Marbella in 2018.
Love to hear more about your experiences.

Apr 20, 2014
From Barcelona to Marbella
by: Anonymous

We have lived in Barcelona for 14 years. However, the Catalan independistas are driving us crazy. We went to Nou Camp the other day with the kids and the employees refused to speak Spanish with us so we could not communicate. My lawyer does not want Spanish clients. In summary, we can't stand it any more. Also, Barcelona is way colder than Marbella. We only use the pool for four months per year. We can't wait to move to Andalucia and live in a warm and friendly environment.....and speak Spanish. Viva España!

Apr 07, 2014
Help! :)
by: Anonymous

Hello! I have read your post about moving to Marbella and I absolutely loved it! :)
I am thinking about moving to Marbella and there are some questions I would really like to ask you.
I would be really grateful if you could help me. Please write to my e.mail address
Thank you! :)

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