Murray Harper European Relocation & Storage

by Matthew Harper

Murray Harper Marbella

Murray Harper Marbella

MURRAY HARPER started international removals from the Costa del Sol 20 years ago at its company headquarters in Estepona, Southern Spain. It is a family-run business which offers a very personal, friendly and reliable service designed to guarantee peace of mind to clients. Owner, Matthew Murray Harper, and wife, Emma, are wholly committed to the business they run in Estepona, where they are based with their 3 daughters.

What differentiates Murray Harper from many other companies is that they conduct all transport work themselves - rather than outsourcing parts of the job to unknown third parties. The company has extensive experience in UK transport, from servicing the steel industry in the West Midlands to carrying out removals in many countries in Western Europe, in many different situations, from remote, rural locations to major towns or cities. They can truly say they've "been there and done it all".

Murray Harper has set many goals that have been achieved, the principal one being to operate a scheduled service from Spain to the UK and from the UK to Spain via Central Europe, which is reliable and punctual, while offering that all-important personal approach. When it comes to personal belongings, which is the company's principal business, the utmost care is adhered to at all times.

Murray Harper offers a full range of home relocation services. These include twice a month departures from Spain to the UK and from the UK to Spain, as well as from the UK to France and from France to the UK; internal removals; a packing service; and containerised storage and self-storage. The principal business of Murray Harper is international transport ranging from one cubic metre up to a hundred; from deep in the countryside in Southern Spain or the furthest rural setting of France to the centre of a metropolis.

Murray Harper offers a full packing service, from small fragile items to export wrapping of antique furniture, new sofas etc. with work covered by goods-in-transit insurance. All types of material for removals are available, from boxes to wrapping materials, from purchase to supply.

Murray Harper provides a 20-foot and 40-foot container service to any country in the world. This is a limited service, however, which originates only from Malaga.

Murray Harper prides itself on its warehouse and container storage facility. The buildings were constructed to a very high standard and have been maintained in tip-top condition. Storage boxes are available ranging in size from 5 cubic metres, 7 cubic metres and 10 cubic metres as well as a vast number of self-storage rooms measuring 15, 20, 30 and 45 cubic metres. All are dry, safe and humidity-free.

These boxes enable people to mix and match, thereby ensuring that belongings can be packed in different size containers instead of having everything put into 2 large ones which might not be completely used but still remain quite expensive. This is just one example of how Murray Harper’s careful planning can save customers money.

With safety a key element, 24-hour security is a formality inside and outside of Murray Harper premises, for which viewing is encouraged and welcomed.

Contact Murray Harper directly for a free estimate of your relocation requirements.

TELEPHONE: +34 952 793 422

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