20 reasons why Marbella is one of the best places to live

by Sunshine Enterprise Marbella

Marbella is one of the best places of the world regardless of if you are here for business, vacations, retirement, living or education.

1. Amazing Weather throughout the year. Marbella has 320 sunshine days a year, warm winters and summers warm enough to swim in the sea.

2. International People. Marbella has more than 130 nationalities living here.

3. Many world famous Designers have shops here in Marbella, such as Gucci, Versace, Fendi, Dior, etc. Furthermore, Marbella has the biggest Shopping Mall in Andalucía – La Cañada. Many high-end brands are represented here, such as Apple, Bang & Olufsen...

4. Adventure and Relaxation. With over 70 Golf courses, countless tennis courts, soccer courts, and a trampoline world, Marbella has fun activities for everyone. At the time you can also simply relax by the pool or hang out at the beach.

5. From the small, cozy apartment to the extravagant, luxurious villa Marbella has housing for every taste and wallet.

6. After many years of being greatly affected by the economic crisis, Marbella’s economy is recuperating nicely.

7. Great food, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as amazing sea food and meats, are very affordable.

8. Parties and night life. If young or old, rich or poor, simple or extravagant, Marbella offers something for every person.

9. The beach, the beach, the beach. During the day the beach life consists of families from all over the world and the sun-hungry public, but during the night many parties light up the coast.

10. The best international school and colleges are here. The English schools here are mostly private schools but offer some of the best education in Spain. Children grow up speaking at least 2-3 languages as if they were their mother tong. There is even a German school, an International Business College, and a hotel management school called Les Roches here.

11. Jet Set and High-society. When you are walking through Marbella‘s beautiful streets or having a coffee at the local cafe it can seem that you are meeting famous actors, singers and royalty on every corner. Antonio Banderas lives here and you can meet him at the groceries store. In 2010 even Michelle Obama came to visit Marbella.

12. Bonsai Museum, the first one of its kind in Spain.

13. Great traffic connections to some of the most well-known cities in Andalucía - Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada, Gibraltar, to name just a few.

14. The best quality of living in Europe (according to a 2015 study)

15. Wellness and recreation

16. More than 130 different nationalities are living peacefully and respectfully together.

17. The history and culture of Andalucía can be found with every step you take

19. Many quaint, little businesses can be found here

20. A very save place! Marbella has very little criminality and no terrorism.
Marbella is a busy little town with only 130.000 residents.

Should you now feel inspired to visit Marbella or even live here, but are not sure how, please feel free to contact Sunshine Enterprise Marbella and we will help you with anything you need.

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Aug 01, 2016
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