Something to do in the evening ??

by Gillian
(San Pedro)

Is there any schools in Marbella, San Pedro, Puerto Banus areas that offer evening classes in English e.g - Spanish classes, Cookery classes, pottery, Computing?

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Mar 16, 2011

I will be ready to deliver this NEW COURSE in Laude School if the school allow us to do so and if we have a group of people interested . Please let me know about your interest sending me an email to



We propose you Spanish classes in which you will also learn to cook some Spanish recipes and if you feel like it...learn some flamenco.


* 12 hours per month Spanish course with an experienced Spanish teacher.

* Learn how to cook some Spanish delicious recipes.

* Practise your Spanish with our teacher and in the "outside world" with people in shops, cafes, etc.

* Learn some bits of flamenco.

ALL FOR ONLY: 90 euro a month
Minimum group to start course: 6 people.

Mar 14, 2011
Cooking school in Marbella
by: Patrick Pronk

we are a cooking school new in marbella,
please visit our site to see what we do, master classes, kids party, etc.

culinary greetings,
studio 71
patrick pronk.
tel; 952 89 89 71
mob; 678 223 206

Mar 11, 2011
Evening courses for adults
by: Marbella Family

I am wondering if I misinterpreted your message. I have kids on the brain (just about pick up time now) and am thinking you are asking about courses at the kids´ schools. After re-reading your question there was no clue of this, so I apologize for misunderstanding...if I did.

There are a number of schools to learn Spanish in Marbella. I can personally recommend two:

Academia de Idiomas Aguilar in San Pedro

III. This link is to their summer program, however all the details to their school are there.

Regarding the cooking, pottery, etc. I know that there are a lot of classes like these offered by Marbella Town Hall at very reasonable prices, however they are all in Spanish. The Spanish language course they offer gets full very quickly, so you need to sign up early on in September/October when they announce the courses. If you are ready to start Spanish now, I would still give them a call. It´s possible that some students have dropped out. Try calling (34) 951 95 27 38 or (34) 952 82 38 01 or 952 82 38 01.

Mar 11, 2011
Parent activities at Marbella schools
by: Marbella Family

I called all of the major international schools in Marbella (Laude, Aloha, Calpe, Swans, EIC) and none of them offer evening courses for parents. The closest I got was Laude who offered classes in cookery last trimester, but the turnout was too low, so they couldn´t continue.

I recently attended a parent association meeting at Laude and there was a number of requests from the parents asking for Spanish classes for the parents in the evening or after school. So far, nothing has been implemented, but there is another meeting this Monday and maybe something will come out of that. I will keep you informed if there is any chance of Spanish classes for the parents.

You may want to try Mayfair Academy. I was unable to reach them. I called several times on a couple of different phone numbers and I was only met by an answering machine.

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