The English International College (EIC)

English International College

The English International College (EIC) founded in 1982 is a school located on the eastern side of Marbella following the English National Curriculum. They have approximately 500 students and accept children aged three to eighteen years old from all nationalities and backgrounds.

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The English International College boasts high academic levels and has a good reputation on the Costa del Sol. The students are encouraged to explore, discover and develop their personal talents while at the same time keeping high academic achievement a priority. Sports also is high on the priority list as the school facilities include a 25 metre competition size swimming pool, a learner pool, an Astroturf soccer pitch, two basketball courts, a volleyball court with a sprung surface and a jump bay.

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Location: Urb. Ricmar,Crtr. de Cádiz - Málaga Km. 189,5(A7) 
Tel: +34 952 83 1058/9 
Email - general enquiries: 
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Sam´s Family (Marbella) grade: 10

Boy (11 yrs): It´s the best school on the coast!! Grade: 10

Anonymous family (Marbella) grade: 9.5

Mom: I have three children at the English International College, one in primary and 2 in secondary and I am very happy. The Director sorted out a bullying issue immediately and the academic results are superb. It is also one of the few schools that does A'levels which personally I prefer. My children can choose 3 subjects that they excel at and drop their weaker ones giving them a good chance of getting high grades for Uni. My son also is into science and maths which for UK universities put him at an advantage over the IB as the course work is more stringent and has more hours than the science equivalent of the IB. Therefore he will be at Uni standard for UK universities should he wish to study these subjects.

The school has a campus feel and the staff have excellent relationships with the children, they are more like friends than teachers, very supportive and with humour. Children are allowed to have a voice and positive behaviour is encouraged with a whole school adopted policy of treats and nominations for best class, best house and individual children.

The school does chase academic excellence but at the level the child is at. Children in primary struggling are given extra support. My youngest has had free special help in French and Maths. Streaming in primary for maths helps weaker and more able children. Class sizes are no more than 20, often less.

At secondary children can choose packed lunches or cafeteria food. The cafeteria is on site and is a great place to go if your children have extra clubs and classes. Most of these extra clubs at the EIC are free. Children at secondary have PE every day. There is a large pool used in the summer and an ex-Olympic swimmer, who tutors primary and secondary.

Sporty children have lots of opportunities to shine. Competition is encouraged. Those that are not sporty are not sidelined however and the sports teachers are very kind to those that do not do so well at sports. My son!

As you can see I am very happy. Nothing is perfect. The buildings are shabby I would like more books in the classes and more time spent by the teachers hearing readers. I would like to see more parents helping in the classrooms and more Spanish children in the school. But they get the results, my children are happy and the teachers all know my children by their names, even at secondary level. The EIC was the right choice for us.

Ann´s family (Marbella) grade: 8.0

Mom: I think academically The English International College is excellent but it has it´s disadvantages and is not for everybody. For example, if your child has any kind of disability I would not recommend EIC as they don´t have much support in this area.

The standards are very high at English International College and if at the times of exams your child is not up to par they may ask you to leave, which puts you in a sticky situation if you have more than one child at the school and he or she is doing fine. I know some parents who are struggling with this now. If your child hasn´t done well during the year they are not interested in putting him/her back a year, and they will ask you to leave. There is a socialization factor to switching to another school so this puts a lot of pressure on the family. A lot of British people who are living here have to go back to the UK because of this.

One of the advantages of the school is the class sizes they aren´t too big and the school isn´t too big. My kids are happy even though there is a lot of academic pressure. Grades, success and achievement are important at English International College. Expect to get homework every night and lots of pressure during exams. Coasting in school isn´t tolerated.

You can´t bring school lunches and have to eat the food in the cafeteria. Unfortunately the facilities are too small and shabby for the quality of education we receive and the amount of money we pay. Each class is full. The teachers, however are excellent. The school is well run and very organized. All my kids are happy there and they look forward to going to school everyday. Grade: 8.0

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