Japanese Gastro-Bar Ta Kumi in Marbella

by Morris Bishop

Ta Kumi in Marbella

Ta Kumi in Marbella

Japanese Gastro-Bar Ta Kumi in Marbella 11th October 2013

Being a lover of all Asian food, some friends of our asked if we had ever eaten at the Japanese restaurant Ta Kumi. Thus began an unfortunate visit, to what I understand to be a prestigious eatery.

Just a few days before I was told to go on a low fat diet, so I had to be selective as to what I could and could not order.

We started with some Tuna and Salmon California rolls and whilst the three others could have the Prawn and Vegetable Tempura for mains, I had to order the ‘Fish’ and Vegetable Tempura. I suppose I should have ask “what is the fish, but I didn’t.

When I started to eat the fish, it seamed to have a wax like middle, and indeed the taste was less than pleasant, so much so, that I only ate less than half of the portion.

When I enquired what the name of the fish was, I was told that it was Butterfish! Which I, nor any at the table had ever heard of. I must say at this stage that the fish was perfectly fresh and all of the food was delightful prepared and served.

On returning home I Googled butterfish, and to my horror discovered that its true name is Escola aka Butterfish, White tuna or Ibodi, and there were a multitude of web sites warning of the consequences of consuming it. Many countries have banned the importation of this fish, but alas not Spain. Within a short time my stomach rebelled with consequences that lasted over 24 hours, for a graphic description and more details go to

or just Google ‘butterfish’

Apparently the fish contains an oily substance called ‘wax esters’ which are indigestible when it passes through the digestive tract – the consequence of eating the fish has nothing to do with its freshness, its simply the fish its self.

Assuming the chef was cognizant of the possible reactions that could result from Consuming Escola I believe that best he was cavalier, and at worst he was culpable. Alternatively if he was ignorant of the facts, he should withdraw this fish from his menu.

Ta Kumi can be found in C/Gregario, Maranon, 4, Marbella, reservations 952770839
Visit their web site at www.restaurantetakumi.com
chef Toshio Tsutsui

At present I am not prepared to give this establishment any Bishlin marks

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