Restaurante La Navilla Marbella

by Morris Bishop

Restaurante La Navilla Marbella

Restaurante La Navilla Marbella

Restaurante La Navilla Marbella

Overlooking the Med, high above the paseo maritimo, La Navilla is an idyllic setting for the fine dining experience that the brothers Miguel and Manuel Pedraza have created.

Manuel, the very talented chef de cuisine, has produced a manageable
menu combining many traditional dishes, albeit with his own twist, as well as several interesting, and innovative dishes, some at the request of his clients.

One such starter is of small fillets of Sole with bananas grilled and served with a delightful sauce.

The professionalism and bon ami shows through with Miguel, the Maitre-D, who certainly seeks to please, as when it became a little chilly on the terrace, they were only too pleased to moved us, lock stock and barrel into the main dining room. I would guess that the terrace would seat 200 and main room could easily take 80 diners, and as is the trend at the moment, one can see all that is going on in the kitchen.

All the dishes we saw were beautifully presented without being too ‘chefie’ and the meal that we consumed was of the highest standard (bread was called for to wipe the plates!)

Next time I will try the Rabo de Toro a la Cordobesa, one of the chef’s specialties.

On their web site you will find the Menu, Achievements and History of the brothers, Photo gallery, Cava list (but no wine list) and much more, but there is no English option.

From September to June La Navilla is open for Lunch and dinner, Monday to
Saturday - During July and August they are open 7 days a week. There is a car park below Plaza del Mar. See ‘How to get there’ map.

Phone: 95286 2085

Bishlin marks out of 5:
Ambience 5
Food 5
Service 4
Menu 5
Value 4

An average 3 course meal with wine $50

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Aug 09, 2022
El dueño fue cruel con mi hijo se cuatro años
by: Sergio Pérez

Ayer siendo cliente habitual de este restaurante pero sin estar en el mismo cenando,estando con mi hijo en el parque adyacente al restaurante tuve un percance.

Dado el problema que tiene mi hijo de cuatro años con el estómago me decía que necesitaba ir al baño.

Lo más rápido posible nos personamos en La Navilla y el dueño me dice de muy malas maneras que el baño no se puede utilizar al no estar cenando en la terraza. Digo que soy cliente de otras veces,niega la entrada a mi hijo de cuatro años y pasa lo que me temía se hace caca líquida encima y mancha pantalones y piernas dejando todo perdido y el suelo manchado.
Tengo que tirar la ropa y llevarlo en brazos llorando más de un kilómetro.

Este es el dueño de la Navilla un ser cruel y despiadado sin ningún tipo de miramientos nada más que hacer dinero.

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