Activites for teenagers Marbella

by Rafaela

me and my friends on the beach in Banus

me and my friends on the beach in Banus

Hello, my name is Phoebe and my parents have used this site a lot when I was younger, and for my brother and sister! It has been really helpful for school information and activities in Marbella! I was writing in as when I have been in Marbella since I was a baby, but many of my friends who come to Marbella similar to my age don't know what to do. They are too old for summer camps, but too young to go out in Puerto Banus. As I know Marbella so well parents often ask me what I do, and so I thought it would be useful for me to share what I do when I'm not at school, to show them that Marbella has a lot to offer - not just for young children and over 18s!

My ideas:

When you are 15/16 living or holidaying in Marbella all you want to do is have fun - meet new friends, go to the beach, out in Puerto Banus at night and most of all stay away from your parents!

My friends parents were unsure about letting her and friends go out at night in Puerto Banus she was 15 for the first time. I had always gone out in the day, sailing, shopping and going to the beach with my friends, but due to the bad publicity and gossip they felt that it was too dangerous for 15 year olds. Many parents I know would feel the same way they did, but they needn't feel this way. My parents often go out in Puerto Banus and especially in Summer, I would say it is very safe. Its often called a 'mini Ibiza' and although the bars and clubs are just as good as those in Ibiza, Puerto Banus is safe. In the Summer I stay out with my friends until 6am, and if you go in a big group of friends and act sensibly there really is no danger, its great fun! I have never had any trouble, I would just recommend that you go out with friends, and buy your own drinks (the bars try and give you free drinks a lot just so you go into their clubs, and although they say they are 'alcoholic cocktails' they are actually just different soft drinks mixed up!. Only some clubs care how old you are but most want as many customers as possible! Once you have been out in Puerto Banus once you get to know all the bar staff and there is lots of security out every night - they are all
very friendly and helpful! We all also go out in Fuengirola, there are younger people there and its really fun!

Secondly, other good activities for older teenagers during the holidays are :

-shopping: La Canada is a really good place, it has great shops and it opens late, there is always something fun to do there. El Corte Ingles is also good, and its fun to look around Puerto Banus depending on your budget.

-Cinema: The cinema in Marina Banus is really good - there are always showings in english of all the new films, and it opens until really late so you its something to do at night!

-Beach: Mine and my friends favourite thing to do is go to the Beach. Ocean Club is the best - we go there in the day - the music is amazing and so are the cocktails, sometimes we rent a bed or just lay on the beach then go straight to the port in the evening! Plaza Beach is also amazing, its right next to the port, and the music is amazing and there are always loads of young people about. Theres also Pedros beach which is good.

Top clubs in Puerto Banus:
1) LINEKERS: especially if you are english, you meet so many amazing people, the music is great and everyone has so much fun. Lots of young people.
2) XS: Hardly any tourists know about this club but it is amazing. Everyone is under 25, and it is so much fun. the reason hardly anyone knows about it is because its so hard to find if you don't know Banus (Its near Dalis restaurant!)
3)Taco Loco: Its on the 2nd line like Linekers, mostly young people, doesn't open until quite late, really good dj.

Don't go to:
1) Mumbai Bar: Its a good bar, but not for young people - its for the older generation!
2) Sinatra Bar: Too old! My parents and even my grandparents go there!!
3) newscafe

1) Bubbles : Really amazing restaurant especially late at night
2)Picassos: You HAVE to go to Picassos if you come to Marbella.(In my opinion) The best pizzas in the world, and amazing desserts! You haven't seen quicker service, but you have to turn up early in the eveining or you will have to queue for hours! they don't take reservations!

Other activities:
1) sailing: there are different sailing clubs all over marbella where you can learn to sail on the meditternean - amazing!
2) Jet skiing

Sorry this is SO long, you can cut it down if you like!

Thanks xxx

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Jan 20, 2024
Marbella infrastructure
by: Anonymous

Do teenagers need to be driven by their parents or is there any public transportation to reach all the wonderful activities in marbella and close towns?

Jul 30, 2017
Bored teenager
by: Anonymous

Hey I'm 16 and am here with my parent's and no friends. What are some clubs or social events that I can go to meet people my age.

Feb 15, 2015
Fun places near Marbella, Old Quarter
by: Anonymous


This summer I am going to Marbella for 2 weeks. My friend and I are staying in the Old Quater of Marbella. Are there any delicious restaurants, fun clubs, fun beaches, and architectural sites that would be fun to see? If you send a list, also add the address of each of the places. If possible could they be close to the area, we don't really want to walk for an hour to places. I was also wondering if they check ID in bars or clubs? Thanks!

Nov 13, 2014
hi everybody!
by: Anonymous

Hello. I'n from Marbella.. I am 25 years old. I would like to meet new people from everywhere to can improve my english. I could help you with your spanish. I can show you Marbella as well

Jun 05, 2014
Teen chat
by: Will

I am 14 and coming to Puerto Banus this summer for 2 weeks. Would like to chat to anyone in the area for info and things to do.

Feb 18, 2013
Activities for teenagers
by: Marbella Family

How about paintball?

Or mountain biking?

Go karting at Funny Beach.

Look at the Sports page for more ideas.

Feb 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'm going to Marbella next week on a holiday, I've been there many times before but now that I'm older (16) I get a little bit bored sometimes. This is really helpful! I'm just wondering if there are also things to do around this time of the year?

Jan 23, 2012
Drama for teenagers

Hi Phoebe and friends,

I run a Youth Theatre in Estepona and wanted to let you know about the qualifications you can gain in Drama to help you with University entrance or just to help you get the job youhhave always dreamed of. LAMDA examinations are recognised worldwide and at bronze, silver and gold level they carry UCAS points equivalent to the points given for an A`level. If you are interested in preparing for the examinations please contact Julie 655607506 or email I´m sure you will enjoy this activity as well as gaining recognition for your achievement

Dec 11, 2011
Let's meet!
by: Michelle

Hi Phoebe,

I'm Michelle, 18 years old and I live in Marbella for a while now. I would love to meet new people. If would be great if you can contact me. My e-mail is:


Sep 02, 2011
a Christmas Wizard of Oz
by: julie at the studio

Come and join the Estepona Youth Theatre. We are putting on A Christmas Wizard of Oz. Rehearsals every Saturday between 2and 4 pm at The Studio Estepona.(At the equestrian centre, estepona)email- or ring julie on 655607506

Jan 23, 2011
Teenagers in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

Thank you for posting your point of view about being a teenager in Marbella. We understand the difficulty of being "in-between". i.e. too old for camps and too young for clubs. You have given a lot of "food for thought" for parents who are in this situation.

You touch upon complex decisions for any parent. However, we are not sure that Puerto Banus at late night is appropriate for teenagers nor that it is as safe as you portray. The risk of negative experiences may be too high for many parents´ comfort zone and drinking in bars may be challenging some values.

We like your recommendations on alternative activities such as shopping, sailing and going to the beach or a restaurant. We would add bowling and going to the movies.

You can also check these other two links touching on a similar topic:
Teenage activities
Teenagers in Marbella
Things to do in summer for a 17 year old girl?

We recognize that the issue of teenage independence is a topic that every family must deal with. It would be great hearing from other parents and teenagers about their own rules and experiences.

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