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This Teen Forum is exclusively for teens in Marbella and the Costa del Sol to ask questions, share answers and talk about how life really is in Europe's top playground.

Are you a teenager desperately craving your favourite food from back home? Or perhaps you’re dying to see what happens in the season finale of Game of Thrones but can’t seem to get English TV? Don’t worry too much; there are answers for almost everything!

Every teenager living in Marbella has felt the same way at some point when they move out here, it’s all about finding answers to the things which you miss, and this will make you feel much more at home. Here you can get answers from other people your age who have already learnt the tips and tricks of getting around these problems!

So if you have a question to do with life here in Marbella - no matter how silly you may think it is - post it here and I’m sure someone will be able to help you!

What's it really like to be a teen in Marbella or the Costa del Sol?

If you're between the age of 13 to 18 and have a question or specific situation you'd like to describe related to life here, let us know about it. We'll share it with other teens so you can hear their perspective as well.

What others have asked or said about Teen Life in Marbella

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Cricket for teens in marbella 
We are in the process of relocating to Marbella surrounds in the next few months. We are moving from Bucks in England and would love our son to carry …

Teen Moving to Marbella 
Hey I'm a 17 year old teen from the UK and moving to Marbella in less than 2 months, as much as I am looking forward to moving to Spain I am a bit worried …

Where can I find a guest family in Marbella? 
Hello, How can I find a spanish guest family, where my 14 year-old daughter can learn spanish for about 8 weeks in winter time? Is there a Hip Hop …

What activities are available for teens this summer in Marbella? 
I will be spending two weeks in Marbella, my sons play football, but I don't know if there are any tournaments where they can play. Please let me know …

2 teenagers in Marbella? 
Me and my best friend are both 17, who are currently on vacation here, in Marbella. We live in Puente Romano and are looking to have fun. Could you recommend …

Nightlife for Teenagers in Marbella  
Hello :) i want to spend my next holidays in Marbella , i'm a girl and i'm 16 years old . And i have some questions about the nightlife in Marbella . …

Party venues for teens 
Hi. I am looking for a party venue for my daughters 14th birthday. She would like a disco style party (Dark with neon lighting type of place)for about …

Teenagers in San Pedro/Estepona 
Hello. I would love some up to date advice on what day and evening activities are good with teenagers this year. I have read some of the older posts which …

Activites for teenagers Marbella 
Hello, my name is Phoebe and my parents have used this site a lot when I was younger, and for my brother and sister! It has been really helpful for school …

Parties in Marbella for 16 year-olds? 
My family has houses in Marbella and Im coming for the summer with friends. I don't want to die of boredom so was wondering about parties for 16-year-olds …

Self Discovery For Young People Not rated yet
"InTurnship Through Realationship" is an extracurricular programme that is open to students in years 12 and 13 who want to boost their IB ranking and A …

My Teenage Son's Visit To Marbella Not rated yet
Our son would like to visit Marbella over the Easter weekend to practise some Spanish. I was looking at tutors but I would most prefer to send him to a …

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About the Author: Melissa Garrett

Born in Colchester, Essex, Melissa spent 5 years attending an English Private school in Marbella. After leaving the English International College, she returned to the United Kingdom to continue to study her A-levels. She then went on to attend The University of Kent where she is currently studying English Language and Linguistics. She regularly returns to her family home in Marbella, and has now been here for a total of 8 years.

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