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"InTurnship Through Realationship" is an extracurricular programme that is open to students in years 12 and 13 who want to boost their IB ranking and A level profile. While learning about authenticity, they discover the joy of becoming a competent member of a cooperative group, all essential skills to lead the Human Family into the future.

I’m the Global Ambassador for the award winning, highly sought after international program called the BeLonging Project. As a psychologist and the mother of a teen age daughter, I am passionate about “InTurnship Through Realationship." This programme is currently being offered in Marbella, Spain, 09 - 10 June 2018.

"Inturnship Through Realationship" is unique as it is based on the knowledge of a dynamic, universal system. For more than 25 years, our team of academic and scientific professionals has worked to unfold why and how diversity is essential to unity. For 15 years we’ve been ‘hands on’ in the field of education.

The Belonging Project is a credible, life changing opportunity that has benefited students, families and communities for more than 15 years. I will call your office tomorrow to schedule a time to follow up in person. We appreciate your sharing this programme with your teachers, faculty, parents and students via an email blast and posting on a community board. We also welcome the opportunity to present it directly to kids in your classrooms.

The commitment I know we share is an investment in the Future, our legacy, the children. Enrolment is limited and the June experience is filling up quickly, however we are ready to open up a 2nd weekend in early July, 2018.

What will visitors love about it?:
Self Discovery for young people, unique program to develop "Realationships"

Marbella, Spain


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