La Canada Marbella Shopping Center

La Canada Marbella is the largest shopping centre on the Costa del Sol. It caters to everyones shopping needs and offers many indoor activities for the family.

You were there? Please send us your evaluation and grade. We would love to hear from your family!

With over 150 shops (fashion and accessories, electronic, furniture...), a huge Al Campo hipermarket and ample free parking space, La Canada Marbella makes shopping a pleasant experience. It also has restaurants, hairdressers, a multiplex cinema.

In addition, on the grounds of the mall, you will find a big electro-domestic store (Worten), a DIY store (Leroy Merlin), and a garage (Norauto). This shopping center is also baby friendly with baby changing tables in all restrooms, large lifts and wide aisles for even double strollers, and comfortable air-conditioned facilities.

How to get there: Coming on A-7 from Puerto Banus, take the for Ojen, "Parque Commercial" and McDonalds.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 10:00pm. La Cañada occasionally opens on Sunday during Summer, Christmas and Spanish Holidays. The cinemabowling and restaurants are open beyond these times.

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Tel: +34 952 866 134 
Shops: List of stores in La Cañada

MarbellaFamilyFun grade: 10 

Son's evaluation: I really like La Canada Marbella because there are lots of different types of stores and restaurants. They have a big cinema and a bowling center. There is also a huge supermarket called Al Campo which sells everything you need. Grade: 10 

Daughter's evaluation: I like La Canada Marbella shopping center because there are lots of shops inside it. There is also a big cinema, bowling center and an arcade for kids and adults. In this mall you can find anything you need. There is a market inside it called Alcampo where you can find toys,clothes,food etc. They even have a Claire´s and Accessories, which are my favorite stores. Grade: 10 

Mom's evaluation: I do most of my shopping at La Canada Marbella because it´s reasonably priced, has a large and varied selection of stores, is conveniently located and has a huge free parking lot. Although you can find some high fashion brands here such as Tommy Hilfiger and Pepe Jeans, most of the stores are priced mid-range such as Zara, H & M, and Bershka. 

I enjoy shopping for food at Alcampo as the selection is huge and the prices reasonable. At La Canada Marbella you will also find some boutiques that you may not find any where else around such as Accessorize and Claire´s, which my daughter absolutely loves. 

You can really make a day out of hanging out at the mall as you can do your shopping here, see a movie at the cinemas, get dry cleaning done, do your hair, repair your shoes, tailor a suit, eat at the food court, and go bowling. Outdoors there is a kiddie corner where your kids can jump on bouncy castles. 

One thing I have a hard time with is the food options here. For such a large place there are few good places to eat. Unless you feel like McDonald´s or Kentucky Fried Chicken where you know what to expect, most other places here aren´t very good. The only place I really enjoy is Terra Sana and the shwarmas at Manni´s restaurant located outdoors across from the main (west) entrance. I recently discovered another place that offers shwarmas and other middle-Eastern type food. It is a little place in the corner of the first food court on the upper level before you get to the cinemas. Not sure of the name, but there´s only one place like it there. The other place I enjoy is Ben & Jerry´s ice cream. They also make wonderful cakes for birthday parties or other occasions that are filled with ice-cream and cake pastry and topped with a layer of icing. Delicious and a nice change from traditional cakes. 

Lots of people rely heavily on La Cañada. Around Christmas time I would avoid the mall like the plague as it gets extremely crowded, because everyone gets their last minute holiday shopping done. Although the parking lot is enormous during this time you can spend hours looking for a spot. Grade: 10 

Dad's evaluation: Shopping in La Cañada is very pleasant. The mall is modern and always well maintained. You can find anything you want, including some attractions for the children (cinema). The free, convenient parking is a huge plus. Grade: 10

Kristina´s family (Switzerland) 

Girl (11 yrs): I love La Canada Marbella. It's big and has shops for everyone, from babies to grandmothers. 

Girl (13 yrs): I enjoyed the shopping there. During July and August there are lots of good sales.

Millie´s family (Marbella) grade: 8.5 

Girl (10 yrs): La Canada Marbella is a great shopping center, loads of great shops like zara h&m, pull and bear,...its full of shops and restaurant, it even has a bowling and arcade, a super market and a cinema. In the parking theres a fantastic pet store and a kids park. 

La Cañada is definatly one of the best shopping places i've been to. Grade: 8.5

Robert´s family (Kyiv, Ukraine) grade: 10 

Dad: La Canada Marbella is a super place to go for anything needed for the family. Housewares, groceries, games. strollers, children's clothes. Fnac is a nice stopover for any electronic needs and Leroy Merlin pretty much has everything needed in a DIY store. 

Only 10 minutes drive from Puerto Banus. Parking on the outside can be a bit hectic - I preferred parking in the underground area. Good access by lift and keeps the car cool. Grade: 10

Anonymous family grade: 9.0 

Evaluation: Go to La Canada Marbella mid week and you will see very few people in this spotlessly clean shopping mall. Huge choice of shops and cafes. Recommend the luna cafe near Zara for a coffee, Terra Sana near the entrance of Casa for carrot cake and Block House upstairs for a really good burger. Only problem here are no free seating areas for tired people who just want to sit eg grandparents or dads! If you want to sit you will have to buy a coffee. 

Also annoying that the supermarket trolleys are located outside the shopping mall. This is one of the main things that stops me from using the supermarket as if I want to shop for clothes/gifts I then have to go all the way outside of the mall to get a shopping trolley for the supermarket. Daft! 

Friday and Saturday evenings this place is VERY busy. Parking is free and there is a free underground car park too and underground is where the pet shop is located. Grade: 9.0

Sagrario's family (Marbella) grade: 10

Girl (10 yrs): La Canada Marbella has a lot of shops. I like the bowling and a shop called Claires. And it has a lot of good clothes. Grade: 10 

Jessica's family grade: 10

Girl (11 yrs): There are lots of shops and it's quite cheap. I love Claires. Grade: 10