Entertaining kids in Marbella

by Anne
(United Kingdom)

Hi there, may sister has sugested that both our families should visit marbella in the summer. However, we have 2 16 year old girls and 1 8 year old girl. The 2 older girls would like a little bit of freedom to wander out themselves. The 8 year old would perhaps need a shared pool on a small developement to perhaps meet another little girl. What are the chances of achieving this in Marbella? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Feb 13, 2011
Mango not Mansion
by: Amanda

This club now focuses completely on salsa and latino music. There's live music, bands, the bar staff all dance, or the dancers are all bar staff, whichever way you want to look at it. Will be serving food too. The crowd tends to be younger but it's a very friendly vibe, extremely unpretentious and quite sexy, as latino hang outs tend to be. However, it's not all south americans, lots of spanish people go there too.

Feb 12, 2011
Mansion in Marbella
by: kate

I drove by Mansion the other day and saw that it was something else...I can´t remember the name, but it looks like Mansion is gone. Does anyone know anything about this?

Feb 11, 2011
activities for 16 year olds
by: Phoebe from Marbella

I'm 16 and live in Marbella, and theres so much to do here for teenagers, and nearly everyone speaks english. In the summer Puerto Banus is amazing, some people think its dangerous, but it really isn't, there are so many young teenagers from about the age of 14 who go out in the day and night. Usually I go to the beach (ocean club/plaza beach) in the day and then all of my friends and I go out in the port in the evening. I would recommend clubs like Linekers and XS because everyone is very young and you always meet english people too. Its very safe as there is security everwhere and a taxi rank nearby - its good fun! Theres also Marbella mansion which has under 18 nights, and parties are good in Fuengirola. Definately a great holiday for 16 year olds!

Theres lots of stuff for younger children too, my brother and sister usually do summer camps in Marbella for sport and drama, and Aqualand is good fun (water park in torremolinos), theres also restaurants like Jacks in Puerto banus which is good for younger children.

Jan 24, 2011
Fun with kids in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

Your chances of finding entertainment for your girls in Marbella are very high, so don´t worry. It´s just a matter of finding out what their interests are and how much freedom you want to give your 16 year olds. We have had a couple of similar requests in the past and you can find their questions and answers here:
Teenage summer nights in Marbella

Teenage activities

If we have more similar requests you can always find them under Children´s Activities in our Family Forum here: https://www.marbellafamilyfun.com/marbella-childrens-activities.html

Regarding your 8 year old, you will pretty much find friends for her automatically on any compound you stay at. In the summer the apartment blocks are full of holiday makers. If you´re looking for company make sure you stay in an apartment or hotel as opposed to a villa where you won´t have a chance to run into others. If you´re looking for apartments or hotels we recommend the following links on our site:
Marbella Accommodation
Family Forum (Marbella Accommodation)

When you read my thoughts on Marbella Accommodation you´ll notice that I´m a bit partial to the San Pedro area, which is within Marbella district and just a few minutes from the famous Puerto Banus. I would look for an apartment in the apartment blocks in the Nueva Alcantara development such as the complex called "Noray" or "La Gavia". These are apartments that are located just a block or two away from the beach and the boardwalk, restaurants, a tennis club, boutiques and a couple of small supermarkets, so you have a lot within walking distance. The buildings are only 3 stories or so and are described as a "pueblo Andaluz", meaning that it it is in the style of a small Andalucian village.

Try googling "rental apartments Nueva Alcantara" and you´ll find some interesting properties. Avoid the big yellow buildings called "Los Jazmines". I think they will be too big and noisy and not really what you are looking for. I´d suggest something like this one here:


I hope this has been helpful. Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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