Should our family move to Marbella?

by Alina Al Hamden

Moving to Marbella with family

Moving to Marbella with family

Hi there.

My husband and I are planning on moving to Spain this year and Marbella seems like a good fit. We are currently in our 8th year as expats in Dubai, but the increasing cost of living plus very hectic and busy lifestyle is jeopardising our family life and the time we spend together.

We luckily would have a decent incoming revenue to at least cover cost of rent/utilities. Our main concerns are: which areas would be best to search long term rentals? What opportunities we can chase for income? Considering both getting jobs and opening business, but are unsure where to look for it.

We both have journalism background studies and have worked in media, advertising and marketing sectors. I am a skilled producers with 8 years experience in organising complex photography projects, but also have considerable business development skills within this industry. A creative environment would be suitable for me.

My husband works for a reputable TV show across the Arab region as a project manager overseeing logistics and being the front-man with prestigious football stars part of the show. If we were to open up a business we feel like that would be a great step. However, our little knowledge of Costa del Sol or Spain is worrying and we are trying to figure out what we can read and research to find a direction.

What businesses do well - ideally tourism oriented ones would be interesting as competition is less of a threat. What areas would be best to consider as working points, in areas that are always bustling with tourists and locals. We would have some money to invest and expect returns to cover basic living for a family of 3 - how much would that be on average?

Also, we understand Spanish, speak it beginner to medium level and with a bit of practice could quickly become proficient.

We have been exposed to probably the most multicultural environment of life having lived in Dubai for so long as expats and have a very organised and healthy attitude toward life. We are hard working but we want now that we're almost in our 30s to put our unique experience to work in an environment which will leave room for family, time for oneself and enjoying life - we know Spain is the right fit it's just finding the right tools and information to guarantee our relocation goes smooth and without un-calculated risk.

I hope you can advise me and point me in the right direction.

With advanced thanks, Alina Al Hamden

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Mar 30, 2016
Research is deffinitely my main thing to do
by: Alina

Thank you very much for the support and information. I intend on researching everything about the relocation thoroughly to be prepared for any situation i might encounter. I am sure your website will be a valuable resource and i hope in time i can have my own contributions to the community. Thank you once more for your kindness and hospitality. Alina

Mar 30, 2016
Find everything you need in Marbella and the Costa del Sol!

Hi Alina,

Thanks for your questions regarding getting settled in Marbella with your family. There's no doubt that Marbella offers a unique opportunity in Europe for families to build a harmonious work-life balance. However, there are some unique aspects about the region that could impact your long term opportunities in the area. We suggest you have a look at the following links to get some feedback directly from the community about life in Marbella and the Costa del Sol:

Real Estate Options in Marbella
Making friends in Marbella
Schools in Marbella

To find any topic related to Marbella or the Costa del Sol, simply visit any page on our website and enter what you are looking for in the search field where it says "What are you looking for?"

You'll receive a complete list of pages on our site which address your specific topic of interest. These include all the comments that thousands of families in Marbella and the Costa del Sol have placed on our portal.

If we can be of any other assistance, please let us know.

Have Fun!

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