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Professional Medical Doctors, Clinical Specialists, Nurses and Medical Staff are in high demand in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

If you want to connect with hospitals, clinics and other medical organisations looking for your specific skills, post your details to the Marbella Medical board below. This Job Board is ranked #1 for Marbella so your profile will be noticed by potential employers. Also, check out our top tips to reaching potential employers in Marbella here.

You can choose to be contacted directly or use this platform to communicate with interested parties. Good luck to your next career move on the Costa del Sol!

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Tips to make your profile stand out

Your relevant experience is important, however, rather than simply cutting and pasting your CV, we suggest that you:

• Share a bit of background about yourself
• Make sure your profile is real and authentic
• Highlight what makes you the best candidate for the role

This service is currently free, however, DO NOT FORGET to enter your email address by ticking the box "Notify me when...someone comments on my contribution" after you click the SUBMIT button. If you do not leave an email address, we will be unable to validate your submission.

Business in Marbella and the entire Costa del Sol is growing. Now is the perfect time to start looking for new opportunities!

Recently posted profiles to this Job Board

Click below to see entries from others who have posted their details on this site. Good luck on your job search!

AVAILABLE: Director of Medical Quality and Performance  
I am looking for a role as Director of Quality / Patient Safety. What makes you a great candidate: Strong leadership , communication , and presentation …

AVAILABLE: Emergency Medicine Doctor 
I am looking for a role as as a Doctor/Manager in Marbella. I have trained in Emergency Medicine in the UK where I have lived for a total of 11 years …

AVAILABE: Care assistant and nurse 
Hi. I am Magdalena from Poland. I looking for a job like care assistant, nurse assistant or nurse. I love my live. I am happy woman. I like people and …

AVAILABLE: Experienced and multilingual healthcare specialist  
I am looking for a role as a HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT on the Costa del Sol. I am a qualified health care worker, highly competent, energetic, keen and …

AVAILABLE: Psychologist/Nurse/Beautician  
I am a psychologist, nurse , beautician , I speak Estonian , Russian , English , looking for this jobs

AVAILABLE: Healthcare Assistant in Marbella 
I'm looking for work in a hospital as a healthcare assistant. To reach me, contact: DATE: April 2016

AVAILABLE: Irish Nurse With Teaching Qualifications 
Hi, I am a Nurse with 30 years continuous experience looking to work in Spain. I have community nursing experience, along with school nursing and practice …

AVAILABLE: English Registered Nurse  
Hi, I'm a 24 year old English registered nurse. Looking to relocate and practice as a nurse in Spain.hoping to move early next year. DATE: November …

Dialysis Technician Not rated yet
Type of role you are looking for: Dialysis Technician What makes you a great candidate: Hardworking, versatile, easy going Previous experience: …

Medical health assistant  Not rated yet
I am looking to relocate to Marbella as a learning disabilities assistant/Health care assistant/ Neuro rehab assistant. I am a hard working driven honest …

Nurse Not rated yet
GUIDELINES BELOW: We recommend you attach an appropriate photo of yourself at the bottom of this form. Remember the most important aspect is to be AUTHENTIC …

AVAILABLE: Nurse Not rated yet
Available Nurse Speak fluent english Previous experience: 1 year hospital OB gyne Languages you speak: English, Spanish, Tagalog Email address: …

AVAILABLE: Nurse in Marbella or Sotogrande Not rated yet
Hello! My name is Brigitta. I'm a 24-years old qualified nurse. Before i moved in Marbella i worked In Estonia private clinic Fertilitas family nursing. …

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