marbella resume: stand out from the crowd

This Marbella Resume section is for those looking to stand out from the crowd when preparing to search for a new job or career direction. As the #1 Job Board dedicated to the expat market on the Costa del Sol, we get unique insight on what gets candidates hired.

As you never get a second chance to make a first impression, our top tips are to:

  • Put together an effective 1-page CV or resume (FREE)
  • Be authentic about your skills 
  • Leverage social media
Prepare a Marbella Resume for your Job

Why a one page cv works

Keep in mind that the goal of your resume is NOT to land the job. Whether you are putting together a focused Marbella resume or one that you intend to use to reach a company in another city, the goal of your CV is to get the recruiters attention. 

Too many times we've seen people prepare long resumes with irrelevant detail that distracts the person looking for the right candidate. You're better off distilling the key information about your profile into one short but effective CV than trying to show every single award you've ever won since childhood!

be authentic about your skills

If you don't speak a language fluently, do NOT say that you do. You will only put off the interviewer when they contact you. You are far better off being authentic than you are over-stating your skill set.

The good news is that - unless you are medical practitioner, scientist or engineer - relatively few positions demand highly specific skills. For this reason, you are far better off being authentic and demonstrating an honest perspective of who you are to potential employers.

When putting together your Marbella resume, keep in mind that most employers are looking for honest, hard working candidates who understand how to take care of clients and work well in teams.

leverage social media

There's never been a greater time in history than now to connect with anyone on the planet. One of the beauties of social media is that much of the information you need to stand out from the crowd is available at your fingertips - for FREE! 

Make sure that your profile on LinkedIn is updated and corresponds to the resume you are preparing for yourself. You can also use LinkedIn to connect directly with employers as many also maintain pages on this platform.

Also, because Marbella is a very tightly knit community, you'll find that employers actively use other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, to name a few. You can use these platforms to also directly connect with potential employers. However, keep in mind that your content is also potentially available to them. If you have something on your personal pages that you wouldn't want an employer to see, make sure to edit it for appropriateness. 

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