AVAILABLE: Experienced and multilingual healthcare specialist

by Antonia
(Malaga Spain)

Antonia from Malaga

Antonia from Malaga

I am looking for a role as a HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT on the Costa del Sol.

I am a qualified health care worker, highly competent, energetic, keen and flexible person with extensive experience in nursing, teaching and social work services.

I have an outgoing personality, great communication skills and a passion for caring others.

Multi-skilled and self motivated with a dedication for providing personal and physical care on one to one basis. Having a proven ability to meet the personal care needs of service users in a way that using initiative to develop effective solutions to problems with an active dynamic approach to work and getting things done efficiently and unsupervised.

I am committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of humankind helping them in all areas.Fully committed hard worker. Have ability to work under pressure at any cost.

Quick to adapt to a new environment.
Ability to plan, organize and keep going when things get difficult.
Have excellent skills in Health Care, social Work Services and Administration.

Fluent in English

I have the ability to take responsibility, challenges and the willingness to learn profusely.

I enjoy challenges and rewards of helping people, be it in the community or health care facilities. I have ability to establish positive social relationship with all age groups. I understand and respect all religions and cultures.

-Excellent verbal and written communication skills to perform the tasks required.
-Patient Care
-Computer literacy
-Excellent inter-personal skills
-Trained in basic life support and standard,first Aid.
-Comprehensive knowledge of assessing patients
-Open minded and willing to learn and to accept mistakes.
-Able to perform jobs well with minimal supervision.
-Ability to work harmoniously with other employees and develop/maintain good employee relations and employee morale.
-Possesses good time management and organizational skills.
-Actively express compassion for residents, staff, and guests
-Engage others in fun and creative activities
-Strive for excellence in all aspects of the job
-Work with integrity in all interactions

I believe that my nursing, teaching skills and knowledge would make me a great asset to your organization

Previous experience:
I have worked in the hospital,clinic,hospice,Geriatric home,Respite camp.I also worked as a health Care Educator in private colleges training Community Health Care Workers.


• Check and record vital signs
• Measure height and weight
• Measure intake and output
• Collect specimen
• Test urine and feces
• Observe patient’s response to care given.
• Bath patients
• Provide nail and hair cares
• Give oral hygiene
• Provide dental care
• Shave male patients
• Assist with dressing

• Protect patient privacy and maintain confidentiality
• Keep call bell within patient’s reach
• Answer call bells promptly
• Provide orientation to the room/unit and to other patients and visitors.
• Assist patients with communications
• Protect patient’s possessions.
• Provide diver-sional activities
• Give back rubs
• Use side rails and restraints appropriately.
• Keep patient unit clean and clutter free
• Make beds neatly
• Clean and care for equipment
• Observe oxygen precautions
• Assists in keeping recreational and non patient areas clean and free of hazards
• Participates in fire drills and patient evaluation procedures.

• Transport patients
• Assist with special procedures

 Pulse and Respiration
 Blood Pressure
 Temperature by Mouth,Armpit,Groin and Rectal
 Wound dressing
 Aseptic Technique hand wash
 Urine Test
 Glucose –Test
 Bed Bath
 Bed Making
 Pressure Care
 Bathing a Patient in a Bathroom
 Duties after Death
 Mouth Care
 Medicine by mouth
 Sitting a Patient in a Chair
 Fluid intake and Output
 Care of Patient’s Hair
 Shaving of Patients

Languages you speak: English, Afrikaans, Shona, Xhosa, Ndebele,
Basic Spanish

Email address: tagumarega@gmail.com

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