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Marbella food stores are suppliers and stores reviewed by our in house food critic Morris Bishop.  Morris is a 20-year veteran of Marbella and he has a passion for discovering new places in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. If you have a recommendation you would like to suggest or are curious about a place you would like Morris to visit you can email us at

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The Farmacy is is a recommended healthy hang out place with awesome types of yoga and pilates lessons available. Offering massage and beauty treatments for everyone. They also have healthy fresh food for everyone's taste buds. 

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Maligayang Araw Asian Food Products 
We don't want to betray too much just drop by and let yourself be fascinated. With us you can get many Asian foods and products. The most important …

Can I buy Kefir in Marbella? 
I will be coming to Marbella and would like to be able to purchase Kefir. Is it sold in the shops? Either cows or goats milk. Thank you.

I need a whole ass turkey in Marbella 
I'm looking for a Thanksgiving turkey. Where can I buy one in Marbella?

Ready meals delivery service in Marbella?  
Hi I live in Australia but my parents live just outside of Marbella. They’ve had a rough winter so far with sickness and I’m looking for a company that …

Young Coconuts in Marbella 
I am visiting Marbella for 2 weeks and I use young coconuts to make my baby’s milk. Does anyone know where I can buy young coconuts in Marbella or …

Where to find Skyr in Marbella? 
I've been to Corte Ingles, Iceland, Mercadona, Maskom. Where can I find Skyr in Marbella?

Granier, Patisserie-bread shop-café | San Pedro de Alcantara 
Arguably the ‘all year round’ busiest shop in San Pedro, Granier is one of the 350 strong franchised bakeries that are not only in Spain, but are now reaching …

QUESTION: Where can I buy English milk or butter in Marbella? 
Hi there. Does anywhere in Nueva Andalucía sell English Cows Milk and English butter? Bringing my daughter in May but she has very specific and serious …

Halal meat in Marbella 
Where can you buy halal meat in Marbella? Does anyone know of a Halal Butcher or Supermarket? I have heard HiperCor in Corte Ingles sells halal …

No "plastic pre packed produce" here, but instead having your selections hand picked from the seasonal fruit and vegetables that mostly comes straight …

Marbella Food suppliers: Lidl Supermarket - Bel-Air  
Unlikely as it is, this months TFS review, features a company that less than a decade ago would have been categorize as ‘bottom of the market’, but not …

Marbella Food suppliers: The British Butchery 
I thought it an appropriate adjunct to my reviewing of restaurants along the coast, that I extend this to our personal experiences of food suppliers that …

Mercados de Abastos MERCADO CENTRAL 
Hello, i try to find some information about this market. Where is this market? Is it open every day? Thank you! Martina

Where can I get goat milk in Marbella? 
Where can i get fresh goat milk in Marbella? My email is Thanks

Can you buy corn bread or american biscuits near Marbella? 
I am from Texas. I was wondering if anyone knew if you could buy corn bread or American biscuits in Marbella?

Muscovado sugar 
Does anyone know where I can buy light and dark muscovado sugar and also while we are on the subject Dummerera in Marbella or Estepona area please

Any supermarkets selling ready-made tapas dishes? 
We have been to the Estepona / Casares area a few times now and always shop in the big Carrefour. Although even Tesco in the UK now has a range of ready-made …

Butcher in La Campana, San Pedro, or Nueva Andalucia.  
Where can I find tender meat, preferably grass fed, ecological?

American supermarket 
Is there a supermarket in or near Marbella which sells American products such as whole wheat eggo waffles and muffins ?

New Ukrainian Russian Food Store near Puerto Banus!  
Elit Banus is a new store featuring Ukrainian and Russian products in San Pedro. Everything from Ukrainian grains to Russian Caviar. They also host regular …

Amaretti biscuits in Marbella 
Hi its me again! I had such a great response from my liquid glucose query, I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can buy Amaretti biscuits in the Marbella …

Buying fish in Spain 
This past weekend I went shopping for fish. Lately, I´ve been on another one of my health kicks and have decided to try and eat more bio- and eco-friendly …

ICELAND Supermarket in Marbella 
Before 2011 a monthly expedition to Gibraltar became the norm for thousands of shoppers from the costa’s who just could not go without their favorite UK …

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Where can I buy grass-fed animals in Estepona? Not rated yet
Where in ESTEPONA can I buy GRASS FED COWS, SHEEP, GOATS. Thank you, Sheila

Where I can buy fresh eggs from the farm? Not rated yet
Where I can buy fresh eggs from the farm in Marbella?

Monthly Organic Street Market Arrives in Nueva Andalucia Not rated yet
UPDATE This organic street market has changed it's dates to the third Saturday of each month. Guadalhorce Ecológico is an organic farmers coop. …

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About the Author: Morris Bishop

Having been retired for 25 years, one of Morris's great pleasure in life is food and writing about experiences when dinning out. His reviews are always honest, yet informative. During his business life he has dined in more than 20 different countries so he knows good from bad and is not averse to speaking his mind when necessary.  His other great love is music and has been known to pen to paper about this as well. So when a restaurant puts on entertainment Morris Bishop is bound to enjoy.