Los Pekes Marbella nursery

by Deniz

I have had two of my kids attend Los Pekes Marbella nursery (guarderia) and am very happy with the services. My son attended for several years and now my two year old daughter goes to Los Pekes and loves it.

It is a typically Spanish nursery with Spanish speaking staff, however, since it´s located right next to EIC (English International School) there are a lot of English speaking children mixed in. I´d say maybe they are even the majority in the group.

They break up the children according to age. There is a group for babies (4 months - 1 yr), intermediate (1 yr - 3 yrs) and advanced (3 yrs- 5 yrs). The older kids have fun in a timber house located on the premises and spend a lot of time outdoors in a lovely garden. I also like the fact that the classes are not full.

The food that is served here is homemade. The girls who work here are very nice. It´s not the best of the best, but it´s great for what I need and is located nearby. It´s particularly convenient if you have children going to school at EIC.

Los Pekes is located in a refurbished home, so the facilities aren´t top notch, but it has a very cozy feeling about it. The only complaint I have at the moment is that it is a bit chilly inside, however, my children have never come home sick because of it. I just make sure to add an extra layer on them.

Los Pekes Marbella is located in Urbanización Ricmar, 12 near Elviria. You can call them at 952 832 227.

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Sep 20, 2019
Management has changed and it's now awful!!!
by: Anonymous

I totally agree on the good comments about Los Peke's as my daughter went there from 3 months old until 6 years old between 2005 and 2011 when it was also registered with the Junta de Andalucia as an infant school (escuela infantil) with official teachers. My son also went there for the past 4 years with the same management as before which was really like a family to us and they treated our kids like their own. Unfortunately, the management has been taken over by a different person early 2019 and it only took a few weeks before everybody started complaining and only a few months before all the families that were there before the change decide to leave or were "forced out" ! It has now changed name to Nuna Nursery and has become a sad and cold business with no respect for the parents and no love or care for the kids.

Mar 03, 2011
Good Aim: thinking of children
by: Marisa (Marbella)

I have been there this year, visiting the nursery school so far. I was impressed. I really like it the way they organize and plan things.
Best wishes

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