Cyberbullying is a serious issue. We at, like any other family, have children that are using internet, social networking websites and are starting to use mobile phones. We encourage our own children and other kids to learn how to use internet, a technology that will be essential to their future.

The internet is a powerful tool that opens the world to many opportunities such as networking and fun activities. However, like any technology, it can also have a dark side if not used properly. The good news is that there are tools that can help parents protect children from malicious behaviour.

Last year, our family witnessed a few examples of the improper use of internet by students from some Marbella schools. Therefore, we decided to create this space in order to raise awareness about cyber-bullying and encourage both parents and children to share their experiences and ideas on this issue. This will, hopefully, help us all learn how to avoid cyber-bullying and/or how to deal with it if we become a victim.

Cyberbullying Forum

Are you a victim of cyberbullying or know of someone who is being bullied? Are you a cyberbully or know of someone who is? It is helpful to share your stories and experiences with others. Often times it is good to just "get it out" and in the open rather than bottle things up inside.

Your story may help others cope with their own experiences of cyberbullying and may generate a useful discussion on the topic.

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cyberbully story 
One of my friends started hassling me on msn messenger; she was sending me nasty messages and text messages and this carried on at school. I told my parents, …

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This page is a resource to help educate and protect our children. Please follow the three steps below to get the most our of this page.

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3. Share this page and these resources with all of your friends who have children who use the internet, mobile phones or two way technological devices.

Cyberbullying: resources and related articles

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