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If your children have outgrown their Marbella school uniform but they are still in good shape, here is where you can donate or sell them to other families who need them. 

School is expensive as it is - tuition, clothing, class trips. Here is a resource that can help insure that your children's clothing can help families with children.

If your child could use an additional pair of pants or a new jacket - but you do not want to buy a brand-new one - scroll down to see if there is a perfect second-hand uniform available just for you!

This Marbella School Uniform Forum is designed for parents to easily request, exchange, donate or sell outgrown or unwanted uniforms. Just fill out your information or requirements below and avoid paying top money at the school shop. 

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Do you need a school uniform or have one to donate or sell?

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Available and wanted school uniforms

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Atalaya infantil uniforms wanted 
Looking for infantil uniforms for Atalaya school. Age 3-4 and 4-5 girls.

International British School of Marbella 
Hello, Looking for nearly new uniform for boy age 6/7 from the International British school of Marbella. Thanks Maria

International school Estepona uniform need 
Hello! Looking for International school estepona girl uniform. Please contact 674840621

ATALAYA Girl Uniform 12-14 years old 
Hi, I have for sell the full uniform of ATALAYA Bilingual School in very good conditions. It is size 12, but it fit perfectly to my 14 yrs old daughter. …

Laude school uniform for girl 11 years needed.  
Laude school uniform for girl 11 years needed. She us tall for her age so larger size can also fit. Please email me at Thank you …

Laude Boys Uniform Items (primary) for sale 
25 euros: Cardigan, size 4, barely used (fits age 8-11ish) Shorts, size 10 Grey trousers, size 8 2 Polo Shirts, size 2 (fit age 7-9ish)

Hi ! I have two boys starting in September 2017 and if anyone has any uniform in good condition I'd be interested! Thanks Jilly

WANTED: San Jose Uniforms for Girls 
I'm looking for SAN JOSE uniforms, girls age 6-7. Leave a comment below if you have any available.

Aloha college girls uniforms for sale  
The following uniforms are available for Aloha College , specifically for girls, 13-14 years of age. • Sports tops x2 age 12, 15€ both • Sports trousers …

Laude uniform for sale 
I have boy uniform For sale different size ( sport uniform is same For boy or girl )

Swans school uniform selling very cheap 
Clothes from.different ages all at 5 euros every piece: 10/11 years old and see bellow 4 Gym Trousers 5 euros each 1 pullover 5euros 1 gym winter …

Deutsche Schule Malaga - German School Elviria - Uniform, quite new, 4 and 12 years 
Hello, Having left the school after 6 months, I still have some school uniform for 4 years and 12 years. If you are interested, pls let me know. …

Laude School Boys Uniforms 
2 Blazers, 2 school ties. 7 Polo shirts. 6 Long sleeved cotton white shirts 3 Long grey trousers Tel Helen 633838253 DATE: Sept 2015

Wanted: Laude San Pedro uniforms 
Both my daughters are starting Laude in September so I would be interested in any suitable uniform. Please contact me if you have anything available. …

Laude uniform for sale  
Laude uniform for sale 3 Blazes aged 14 Jumpers size 5 and 6 Sports tea shirts Estepona 616569955 DATE: July 2015

Free Laude San Pedro Uniforms 
Hello, I have a lot of Laude uniform items (4 kids leaving from age 5 to 16) boys and girls. Some is nearly new so I'll charge a couple of euros …

Aloha College Sixth form jacket wanted 
I am looking for a boy's sixth form jacket. If your son is finishing school this year, is he willing to sell/donate his jacket?

FOR SALE: Uniform for 12-15 year old boy for Laude San Pedro College 

Alboran Uniform For age 8 - 10  
I have 3 red jumpers age 10 but are small. So from a big 7 to 10 years. Also 2 white polos that do have a couple of marks but sure can get out. 5 …

Mayfair Uniforms for sale 
Hi, I have for sale (in perfect condition): For the age 5/6 years 3x Polo shirt short sleeves - 2x Sweater - 2x Skirts Everything is €5 a piece. This is …

Girls Laude Uniform Age 13 
Laude Uniform needed for girl age 13 starting September. Email:

Selling Girls Laude Uniform age 14 
Selling blazers, jumper, winter school shirt and polo shirts, and tie. Generally good condition, blazer looks almost new and is size 40 (would be suitable …

Swans school Primary & secondary 
We are new at School and just moved to Marbella. I have 2 girls who are 9 years (year 5) and 12 years (year 8), If you have second hands uniform in good …

Laude Uniform wanted sizes 2 & 3 !!  
Hello! I'm looking for any Laude Uniform items sizes 1,2&3. My boys are quite slight ages 5 & 8. Please call me, Rebecca 671 95 65 54 happy to pay for …

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German School Elveria! 
hello, does anybody have used school uniform suitable 4 years old boy (deutsche schule malaga elveria) please let me know. German school!

Swans School various 
2 white Polo shirts size 12, 2 white Polo shirts size 8. Darkblue v-neck jumper size 10. PE shorts blue with white size 9/10. 2 white PE t-shirts …

Swans School uniform for girls 12 yr wanted 
Hi, I would like to buy a second hand, but very good conditions Swans School uniform, size 12yr Please, contact me 605625293 (whatsapp)

EIC uniform needed 
Need any and all EIC uniform for Girl age 4/5 Boy age 7/8 Girl age 14/15 Am happy to buy second hand uniform if anyone has?? Thanks …

MAYFAIR Girl Uniform Needed 
Hi, if anyone has girl clothes for sale for Mayfair (must be in perfect condition), size 5/6 years old, please let me know :) Thank you.

Laude Secondary Girls uniform needed please. 
My daughter is starting Y8 in September she is 160cm tall and UK size 10 - does anyone have any uniform they no longer need? …

Creations hair bands for schools 
I can make any colour hairbands - bespoke - to meet all school requirements. Please let me know your details. Contact:

Collegio Alboran Uniform wanted for 4 year old.... 
Anyone have any school uniform for a boy aged 4 from Collegio Alboran?? please let me know!!

Mayfair Academy girls uniform donated 
Free. I have a uniform for a girl age 10/11 yrs. (Year 6) My daughter only wore it for 4 months. Telephone mo on 686122339.

Colegio San Jose school uniform wanted 
Any uniforms for the age of 2 and a half?

Swans School Uniforms Boys Size 18 & 14 Girls Size 10 
We are starting at Swans in September if you have uniform items in the above sizing to offer. Thanks.

Laude uniform needed 
Does anyone have any uniform suitable for boys aged 3 years and/or 5 years old? If so please contact me by email at Thanks! x

Swans school Girl's uniform  
Hi, I have uniform for Swans school : White shirts Long sleeves size 36 and size 44 - 2 euros each One long sleeve from BTS size 16 ( good to be …

Laude school uniforms to give away 
I have 2 girl skirts for primary size 12 and 14 to give away. Also grey pair of boys trousers from el corte ingles size 10, brand new. Contact : …

School Uniforum supplier 
we are supplier school uniform in india. we provide school uniform, co prate uniform etc. our head office in delhi and one of new branch in Varanasi Laxa …

EIC, Laude, Costa Kindercare, British College, Sunnyview 
NEW AND NEARLY-NEW BOYS SCHOOL UNIFORMS. Ages 3 to 6. White polo shirts, white long sleeved shirts, grey long and short trousers. Tracksuits. Jumpers. …

Laude International school uniform 
I am looking for a size 12/14 blazer for my 12 year old son for Laude school, & would be interested in other pieces of uniform in his size. Helenwilkinson999@hotmail.c …

Marks and Spencers brand new , long navy trousers 
Aged 12 years. Unworn. Bought wrong size. 17€ in La Canada. You can have two pairs for price of one! Tel 628133270

New mum at Laude needs uniform 
hi, can anyone help me with uniform year 5 for a girl aged 10, we need a skirt aged 10 or 12 , blazer, tie ,blue cardi and winter pe kit. xx thankyou e-mail …

Swans art overall for sale brand new 
I have a Swans Babi (art overall) size two - so for early years or reception. Brand new with label on it. I want to sell it. Anyone interested can message …

Shirt and trousers for Paul Reeds School 
I have a 10-year-old boy going to Paul Reeds School. I need the following items: A white shirt Grey trousers Jumper ( any solid color preferable) …

Swans International School Uniform needed 
I would appreciate if anyone had a set girl uniform or separate items for Swans International School . Age 3-4 years. Thanks!

Laude San Pedro - boys uniforms 
Does anyone have used items suitable for 10 yr old boy (uk size 11/12), + 13 yr old boy (uk size 15/16) Does all uniform have to be purchased from Laude …

Laude San Pedro - Need uniforms 
Hello Does anyone have any used items that would be suitable for the following? Two boys (Years one and two, but both quite small) One girl (Year …

Laude uniforms 
any girls age 7 or 8 uniform yr 4 unwanted for laude san pedro.......please email me at

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Need Laude school uniform 
Looking for Laude School San Pedro uniform for tall boy aged 10 and tall girl aged 8. He normally wears a Spanish aged 12-14 and she a Spanish 10-12 years. …

I have several items of nearly-new uniform, some never used, from CIT Benalmadena, including skirt, jerseys, jacket, sports kit, pinafore etc. Different …

Sotogrande School girls' uniforms needed please! 
I have 3 girls about to start Sotogrande school and would love to know if anyone has the following please: (I have the skirts so don't need these!) …

Kings College Madrid/Sotogrande international school  
Full uniform for a 16 year old girls (size 10) at Kings College Madrid and Sotogrande international school. Many thanks x

Costaworkwear clothing supplies 
Hi , My name is David Posner, I can supply you with School uniforms at discounted prices. Call me on 697710513. Thanks.

Mum at Laude International College 
I am looking for any winter uniform for a boy wearing age 10-11 clothes and size 37 football boots. contact: thank you very …

Free Laude uniform 
I have some uniform items for Laude International San Pedro that I am willing to give away if any one needs them: 1 skirt - size 10 5 polo shirts - …

Needed - Any Laude uniform items suitable for a pre-nursery/nursery aged child. Please reply to

Aloha College Uniforms Offered Here 
PE track suit (pants + jacket) size 4 ---------35 euros PE short size 5 ------------- 8 euros PE Tee shirt size 5 --------- 10 euros Long sleeve polo …

miss fiona livingston aloha college 
I am looking for school uniform for age 10 and age 8 boys full school uniform. Would be interested to hear from anyone.

Laude P.E. kit for free 
I have a size 1 P.E. kit that is available for a Year 1 or Year 2 child for Laude International School San Pedro. This is a donation, so there is no cost …

Start-rite School Shoes 
In preparation for Back to School, we are pleased to inform you that we are offering a measuring and fitting service for Startrite School Shoes and are …

danielle marcus laude uniform  
Wanted: age 5.. any spare P.E. tshirts.. mine has gone funny colour.. anything .. socks, tights, cardigans, shirts, pinafore.. would be appreciated... …

Laude uniform 
I have some Laude shorts that I´m happy to give away. They are for foundation or year 1 (about 4 or 5 years old). I´ve got four pairs. I also have 2 ties …

Laude San Pedro 
I'm looking for a Laude skirt size 12. Let me know if you have anything available.

Costa Kinder care, - Benalmadena - for sale 
Winter uniform Jogging bottoms Sweat shirt Long sleeved t shirt

British College, Benalmadena - for sale 
Girls pinafore - age 4/5 Girls cardigan PE Kit ( T shirt and shorts)

Mum at Laude San Pedro 
Wanted: any uniform items for girl aged 4

Mom from Laude San Pedro 
I am after a blazer for a Year 7 boy, contact details are / Many thanks.

English International College Helpful-ideas 
I have a school dress for the EIC for free, great condition, for a 6 year old. Not official uniform but blue checked and accepted. I have some pe trousers, …

Mom from Laude 
I´d like to buy a winter uniform for a year 6 girl and a year 8 boy. Contact me at

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