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Best Internet in Marbella

Families are always asking which is the Best Marbella Internet and Television service. The fact is, that much depends on what your expectations are and where you are located. That's why we've created this handy blog to keep you updated on what others on the Costa del Sol are saying about their experiences with local internet and television service providers. You can check out our recommendations or browse the blogs below for details. 

If you have a tip on internet and television services on the Costa del Sol, let the community know about it by posting it below.

recommended local internet and television services

OliveNet delivers fast and reliable internet and IP television services on the Costa del Sol, from Fuengirola to Estepona. They consistently receive positive reviews for their services.

BestTV Choice provides a wide range of channels on one box, known as the Eurobox, which offers a multitude of options to satisfy multiple nationalities and entertainment tastes.

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Internet or TV Service in Marbella: COMMUNITY BLOG

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Excom for internet? 
Does anyone have experience of Excom for internet? I am looking for an unlimited package.

Avatel and 
With the combination of these two services Avatel and you have everything you could possibly want. You will be delighted with the IPTV …

Free App to watch UK TV in Spain 
Hello expats in Spain. I live in Marbella and used to be able to use the application Filmon to view UK TV but now I get the pictures but no sound. Can …

British TV in Spain 
Hi, I'm in the process of buying a holiday home in the Marbella area and have been researching how to get access to British Tv. So far, I know I should …

Installing the internet 
I am looking for a company to come and install the internet / wifi in our flat between Marbella & Puerto Banus. Can anyone recommend someone - also any …

Best TV Choice in Marbella 
Best TV Choice provides multi-European channels on one box, known as the Eurobox, which offers a multitude of options to satisfy any nationality and …

How to watch UK TV  
Download tunnelbear. Fantastically easy to use. £23 a year gives you a false UK identity on tablet or computer. Doesn't have to be UK. You can choose USA, …

How can we watch UK TV in Spain using the Internet? 
Can anyone advise us on the easiest way to watch UK TV in Spain. We have the Internet but would rather not take out any TV contracts.

TV box needed ! 
TV box needed. We currently have a IPTV box with all Freeview channels & 2 weeks catch up. We pay €15 a month for this on a rolling, cancel any time contract. …

Can I watch English Netflix in Spain?  
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can watch Netflix or any catch up TV here in Spain? There must be other people my age that are struggling …

Which is the best prepaid SIM card for mobile data? 
Dear All, I will spend two weeks in Marbella in August and plan to work from there via VPN connection to my company's network. For that I will need …

How do I get international TV stations in Marbella? 
We are moving to a new apartment in the Marbella area and are looking to find out how we can get access to English-speaking stations including possible …

What's the best way to get Sky TV in Marbella? 
What is the best option to get Sky TV in Marbella?

TV from HOME 
TV from Home UK - IRISH - SCANDINAVIAN - RUSSIAN We have Options for everyone, if you have Internet or Not. From the all singing all dancing option …

internet suppliers 
Hi can anyone recommend a good quality internet company in the San Pedro area. I only require an internet line not a phone line and am not keen on Telefonica. …

Satellite or Sky TV on the Costa del Sol 
Hola, I am moving into a new home shortly and would like to have ENGLISH CHANNELS and movies. Does anyone know how I go about this, is there Sky or …

Internet provision 
I am looking for a reasonable cost provider to give me some quotes for good wireless internet access in an apartment in La Quinta. As it is in the hills, …

Internet Service Marbella 
Hello! My wife emailed you last week about the fact that we will be moving to Marbella for the next few months. Thanks very much for your helpful website. …

is OliveNet any good for internet speed in Marbella? 
Hi All I'm looking to change my internet provider. I'm currently using Orange, but the speed is so slow and I've seen OliveNet offer Fibre Optic …

Sky Net TV 
Skynet tv is an internet based tv system, which you can receive either via your satellite dish or without. Receive the Full UK and Irish Sky package …

Do you cover La Duquessa area Not rated yet
Looking for: Wifi Internet TV package in La Duquessa

Best network for mobile phone contract in Marbella? Not rated yet
Can anyone help me ? I want to get an Iphone6 for my business use, on contract in Spain but I am unsure of the best option. Which network is best and …

Mobile Wifi - from 6-20 Meg Download without limits Not rated yet
Marbella Mac Solutions now offers mobile Internet - a new and unique product. If you don’t have coverage and can’t get an ADSL-connection, or even if …

Internet at home Not rated yet
I have just bought a holiday flat in Riviera del Sol & I'm looking to get wifi bit compared to the UK Spain seems very expensive. Can anybody recommend …

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Internet no telephone line Not rated yet
Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for Internet providers in the Los Monteros area.? We have no telephone line.

Internet Not rated yet
Which internet company to go with for best price on land line and internet? We are looking for mobile phone, land line plus internet. Please could you …

IPTV Internet Television Seminar Not rated yet
*As seen in Sur in English, Costa del Sol News, EWN and heard on the radio* BM Promotions have organised a series of IPTV (Internet Television) seminars …

IPTV Internet Television Seminar Not rated yet
*As seen in Sur in English, Costa del Sol News, EWN and heard on the radio" BM Promotions have organised a series of IPTV (Internet Television) seminars …

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