Sky Net TV

by Sally Kitchen

Skynet TV,  the only choice to watch all your favourite British channels

Skynet TV, the only choice to watch all your favourite British channels

Skynet tv is an internet based tv system, which you can receive either via your satellite dish or without.

Receive the Full UK and Irish Sky package for only 25Euros per month...

All sports plus extra channels, all movies, children, documentary and adult channels included in monthly subscription.

PLUS All pay per view sports channels available FREE of charge..

Box's from 150 Euros but for a limited period only from 120 Euros...

Choose from Basic or HD boxes.
We will NOT be losing the free view terrestrial channels when they are disconnected in Spain...

Call now on 620 353 661.
No bank account or UK address required....

The first 50 people to book a Skynet tv system before Christmas receive 20% off the box and first months subscription free...
Don't delay call today
620353661 and quote MFF21

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Aug 02, 2014
Sky net TV Needs Investment in personnel
by: Anonymous

There are constant "teething problems" with this company. They seem to be very underresourced in terms of field personnel, and appear to be trying to capture maximum market share without the abillity to service thier existing client base. When little or no TV is available to existing clients, particularly over a weekend,(which they have paid for!) because of technical problems with thier system, they need to answer phones, emails and texts rather than ignore them, keep clients informed and work on rectifying the problems rather than chasing new instalations. Ever thought how easy one email to explain a problem and notification of the steps being taken to rectify the situation to all the clients would be? The math is simple-piss off 500 existing clients who have no TV because the system is down, and get three new instalations made, or upset 3 new punters with a delay to keep the client base(and source of referals) happy by fixing the fault. As my teenage children might say. "DERRRR!" If they do not pay far more attention to existing clients and supply them with the service they have contracted for, the harm to thier reputation will be such that no new clients will want to have thier boxes installed or pay for a service which is not being delivered, and existing clients will walk. Your choice guys! Belive me, I will repost if your service improves dramatically to recomend your company, but how can any client recomed you at the moment????????????

Jun 11, 2014
mine system works great
by: Mark

Been with skynettv for 4 years and never had a problem with service for quality of picture
I know there busy and i have always got an answer
when i call

Mar 03, 2014
no signal no tv to answer
by: Anonymous

have they done a runner cant get them at all very not what to expext !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 21, 2014
Box dont work No one answering call!
by: Anonymous

Dont touch these guys. Support is 0. service is crap. System awfull

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