Which is the best prepaid SIM card for mobile data?

by Gergo
(Budapest, Hungary)

Marbella Network

Marbella Network

Dear All,

I will spend two weeks in Marbella in August and plan to work from there via VPN connection to my company's network. For that I will need a prepaid SIM card with only data (no voice calls). Could you please recommend:

- which service provider has a cheap but reliable, preferably 4G (aka LTE) network (I will use it mostly in the Calahonda area) that has prepaid data SIM cards

- where can I buy such a SIM card? Is it possible on the Malaga Airport? Or can I find such a prepaid SIM at every tobacco&newspaper store, maybe Supersol?

Kind Regards

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Jun 02, 2015
Mobile 4G Service in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

Hello Gergo,

A lot of people have been asking about rental of 4G solutions for data usage this summer. We know of one company locally that we can highly recommend for local 4G solutions:


The owner is Justin Menchen and he has a strong reputation on the Costa del Sol as a reliable local partner here for internet and data solutions.

Enjoy Marbella!

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