sports therapy marbella

Sports Therapy Marbella is brought to you by Grant Foster a highly qualified Sports Therapist since 1997. His services are mobile and he will come to you. 

Due to our lifestyles and professions we all experience aches, pains and injuries that affect our jobs and enjoyment of life.  Many don't understand how important it is to treat and eliminate small problems before they could potential become big ones. 

Grant has been qualified since 1997 and has a wealth of experience, having worked on many international UK Athletics meetings including the 2004 IAAF World Indoor Atheltics. He was also a masage therapist on the TV series Gladiators{1997-1999], in year 2000 massage therapist at Stoke City. from 2007-2009 lecturer for ITEC Sports Massage course at Naturaclass in Fuengirola.

sports massage therapy

sports therapy marbella

Sports Massage: This type of massage therapy is used by all sorts of people, from active sports person or professional athlete through to office workers and housewives. Whether you have a major problem or not it is important to take care of ones body and prevent any pains.

sports therapy marbella

Clinical Sports Massage: This a unique technique that involves manually moving the muscles to separate them and stretch the surrounding connective tissue by working between the muscles. This adds a new dimension to soft tissue manipulation as well as providing the advantages of normal sports massage. 

sports therapy marbella

Sports Massage helps:

  • Relieve: Backache, Headaches, Repetitive strain injury, Muscle spasm, Stiff joints, Stress and tension.
  • Prevent: Injuries, Muscle soreness, Poor posture,
  • Enhance, Sport and exercise recovery, Mobility, Flexibility, Exercise performance, Soft tissue rehabilitation.

Grant Foster focuses on an a athletes specific needs. He can help prevent injuries, muscle soreness and poor posture. He can also enhance sport and exercise recovery, mobility, flexibility, exercise performance and soft tissue rehabilitation.  For more information contact directly via details below.

sports therapy marbella


Tel: +34 667 862 475



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