Family fun in La Linea Gibraltar area

by Christopher
(La Linea)

I was wondering if all you family fun is in one area? My sister and brother will be joining me in La Linea and I have to plan some fun in April. maybe you could assist me with some offers?

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Mar 21, 2011
Things to do in La Linea area
by: Marbella Family

We cover mainly the Marbella area, but we also include lots of fun things to do on the outskirts of this area as well.

If I were you I would take a dolphin tour in the Gibraltar area. There is a company that is very active there called Dolphin Safari.

Also, one of my favorite places to spend the day when I have guests in town is Tarifa, a small windy beach and surfer town on the southern most tip of Spain along the Strait of Gibraltar. You can plan a trip to the sand dunes there which have magnificent views of Morocco and the sea. It should take only about 20 minutes to get there from La Linea. Later on, have lunch at Valdevaqueros Beach. There is a great self service restaurant here that is reasonably priced and offers tasty European food.

After lunch, take the family down to the center of Tarifa town for some shopping, photo opportunities, gaze at Morocco across the strait of Gibraltar and an have an ice cream. You can easily spend a whole day doing this, particularly if you take off your shoes and wade in the sea while at the sand dunes (maybe even take a picnic). For more information on what you can do there check out our page on Tarifa.

Another treat for the family is to visit Gibraltar. You can see the monkeys at the top of the rock in the Nature Reserve, explore St. Michael´s Cave, discover a moorish castle, get lost in the Great Siege tunnels, and shop on Main Street. Take a look at our page on Gibraltar for more information.

If you want to drive 20 - 25 minutes east, you can also take the family to Selwo Aventura - an open air animal safari park.

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