Health First Studio Outdoor Adventures

Health First Studio offers Outdoor Adventure tours for kids of all ages of the amazing mountains around Marbella and the Costa del Sol.  Health First founder, Emanuel "Manu" Poggio, is a professional mountain climber who has scaled some of the world's most challenging terrain.  Manu works extremely well with families and kids of all ages and has vast experience hiking the local mountains.

 Whether you are looking for a simple 2-hour hike for your family or a weekend overnight adventure in Sierra Nevada, let Health First Studio's Outdoor Adventure team plan a great experience for you!

Manu and his Team focus on developing individualised programs for adults and kids that demonstrate measurable results.  The Health First Team is among the very few in Marbella that also specialise in recuperative therapies for professional athletes.  And Health First Stuido's attention to kids offers a wide range of solutions to help teens and younger children the ability to develop skills at an early age that they can utilise throughout their lives.  

Also, check out Marbella kids training sessions at Health First Studio!

Located in La Campana, Nueva Andalucia in Marbella, Health First Studio offers high performance training, personal training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, massage and group classes for children aged 6 to 18, adults and senior citizens.

Adapting to individual goals, the professional and fully qualified instructors at this Marbella gym keep your needs, abilities and desires close at hand to motivate clients to reach the top.

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Health First Studio Outdoor Adventures

Health First Studio offers a wide range of outdoor adventure options:

  • Hiking for kids of all ages
  • Rock climbing 
  • Camping trips 
  • Weekend walks in the mountains for kids to discover the great outdoors

Other Children's Fitness Training - Group Classes

  • Boys: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm to 6:30pm 
  • Girls: Mondays 5:00pm, Wednesdays 6:00pm and Fridays at 5:00pm

Emanuel "Manu" Poggio, Founder of Health First Studio

A native Argentinian, Manu studied physical fitness at the University of La Plata in Argentina and received his diploma in physical education in 2003 (Profesor Universitario en Educacion Fisica, UNLP). He is licensed in high performance sport (UNLZ) and as a sport coach (FORUM).


Valle Inclan 40, 29660 Marbella.

Tel: +34 637 88 67 88 



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Benhamou Family (Marbella)

Mom: "The best trainer in Marbella"

My son has been training with Manu at Health First Studio for a while now and he absolutely loves it (he even wants to train at 7am before school!)...

...Manu has a very good understanding of not only the physical side of children, but the mental side as well. Manu is fully qualified in physical education and has gone beyond the call of duty to train as well as enhance his own knowledge in his field.

Manu focuses on what children need to strengthen and develop their bodies, without exceeding their limits. He understands very well that children have developing bodies and different needs than adults. I like that he stresses the importance not only about strength and cardio capabilities, but stretching. Being flexible is absolutely necessary to avoid injury as well as to improve on technique.

Manu is fantastic with children (adults and seniors too!) and goes beyond being just a trainer. He is a mentor and an excellent role model, particularly for boys who look up to him. Manu is a magnificent athlete himself who has his own impressive track record in sports. He has a love of sport and nature that permeates and touches everyone.

I have been training with Manu myself and am just starting to get my daughter into his classes. My husband also is completely motivated to train with Manu, so we both understand his style, history, experience and knowledge of sport, athletics and body mechanics. We would never leave our children in the hands of any other trainer. We completely trust Manu to encourage, motivate and train our children to the highest of their capabilities knowing that he is competent and would never over extend the abilities of our children. As an example, we recently returned from a trip to Kilimanjaro and not only did we feel completely prepared for it (and made it to the summit), but our 15 year old son did as well (and also summited!). Thank you Manu!

My husband and I managed to convince my 77 year old father-in-law, who never did a day of sport in his life, to give Health First Studio a try. Not only did he love it, but he is now training regularly twice a week and is in the best health of his life.

I just can't praise Manu enough and highly encourage anyone (both children and adults) to meet him one day. If not to train, then to meet a very nice person. (August 2013)

Dad: "Highly recommended personal trainer "

Manu is one of a kind for kids or adults! Very highly recommended. (August 2013)

Warda Family (Marbella)

Nina: "Fantastic club, fantastic trainer"

Emanuel Poggio, Manu, is an exceptional trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable , his work ethic is undescrible, respectful and above and beyond inspirational!! I was the person that could eat everything she wanted and not gain any weight, until the years started to catch up with me, ouch!!

...I was referred to Manu by a good friend and started training with him a couple of times a week. In a 10 month period , I managed to lose 8 kilos, but aside from the weight loss I was a healthier person.

He also introduced me to other forms of exercise allowing me to find a healthy balance. He stressed the importance of the outdoors, so running and hiking were a given, iyenger yoga with carola polo and the list goes on.

He is a good and kind hearted human being with a genuine concern for all his clients. But Manu aside, the rest of the staff there are just as amazing . There is a little something for everyone at Health First !!! (September 2013)

Annabel Family (Marbella)

Annabel: "Fantastic club, fantastic trainer"

Not only does Manu give 100%, he is really conscientious and just the most lovely guy EVER. (January 2013)

This is Marbella personal training at its best!

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